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Management of Amrut team includes veterans who have joined the company and have been sailing alongwith the Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Whether you’re in the process of identifying or implementing a vendor management solution (VMS), taking a best practices approach to contingent workforce management can help organizations better manage their temporary, consultative and professional services workforce. Partnering with a vendor that understands your business goals, company culture and what you’re trying to achieve is as important as having the right technology in place to measure and optimize results.
Show support from executive leadership – Communicate to vendors that executive leadership is driving the program and where it fits into business goals.
Define the scope of implementation to create shared understanding – Whether you’re proceeding with a phased approach or taking an accelerated path to implementation, make sure the vendor community knows your intent. Make it known that compliance is not optional – Communicate that the program is mandatory and that all vendors must comply. Discuss measurable program objectives – Share with vendors the strategic optimization quality improvements you’re looking for, such as how you plan to achieve risk mitigation or what your objective is from a cost containment or rationalization perspective. Standardize contracts by primary service segment – Terms and conditions will differ between an administrative and technical provider. Determine a clear pricing strategy – Decide if the pricing strategy will be based on a set mark-up or geographic rate card. Institute consistent funding and vendor payment terms – Whether you choose to fund your program as a percentage of spend, share the burden with the vendor community or fully fund the program, be consistent. Get a rate commitment from vendors– If you don’t define terms upfront, you may experience vendors stating they misunderstood the engagement or have another reason they need to raise your rate. Put performance guarantees in place – If a one week performance guarantee is built into the contract, be sure to also define what happens when it doesn’t work out. Establish an NPC – A National Primary Contract centralizes control and eliminates finger-pointing or work requirements “falling through the cracks”.
The contingent workforce’s role in many enterprises has evolved significantly in recent years, with subcontractors, specialty firms and just-in-time solutions for both commoditized and highly skilled labor playing a larger role in day-to-day enterprise activities.
The opinions expressed by guest authors do not necessarily reflect the positions of Staffing Industry Analysts.
We’re an experienced IT partner that can take care of your technology while you focus on business initiatives. Single Point of Contact's technical team has been instrumental in the help desk support department.
Our manufacturing firm has expanded in size and geographic range, Single Point of Contact has carefully managed the growth of our IT infrastructure to meet our increasingly complex IT demands.
The biggest benefit of partnering with Single Point of Contact is that they take ownership of the network.
Since NOLA Marketing started in 1999, Single Point of Contact has addressed all of our IT challenges and implemented a pro-active strategy to eliminate downtime and ensure optimization of all systems.  This allowed us to grow the business and focus on clients. Use Project team communication plan, open this template on your Excel 2003 or newer for Project Management templates.
Currently we have more than 425+ Presentation Designs and Project Management templates ready to download, and more new templates will be added periodically!

Last week’s Calgary APLN meeting was on Team Collaboration and afterwards an attendee volunteered a really neat and useful team assessment questionnaire. I have known Jean since her facilitation work with DSDM in the mid 90’s and she really knows about teams, motivation and working effectively with people. Not only is the spreadsheet an effective team diagnostic, but a good lesson in Excel spreadsheet formatting and validation. Jagdale Group, which is one of the oldest industrial groups of India based in the South Indian city of Bangalore (known as the silicon valley of India).
Radhakrishna Jagdale in 1948, the group initially started as a small liquor blending and bottling unit.
Neelakanta Rao Jagdale, who has shown himself as an astute manager, a connoisseur of liquors and a man with an uncanny feel for the market demands. This includes implementing technology and communicating expectations on how vendors should work with the technology and operational processes to meet your business objectives. Whether that’s cost control, mitigating risk or achieving compliance, improving operational efficiencies can help organizations leverage the contingent and services procurement workforce as a strategic component of the overall human capital management strategy and allows organizations to better manage spend, compliance, risk and efficiency.
This boosts adoption and engagement because vendors understand the organization’s commitment to the program. If you don’t communicate that it’s a mandated program, some vendors will perceive it as optional, making it harder to get to a steady-state. By setting expectations at the forefront, you’ll eliminate back channel conversations, rogue spending and work-around processes. As you work with vendors, have some basic agreements that ask them to execute based on the segment of business.
Geographic-based rate cards are the best way to measure competitive pricing strategy, but mark-ups are sometimes necessary if you don’t have data or full visibility into rates.
Information gets shared between vendors and not having consistency can create additional challenges. Put a stake in the ground and enforce that vendors live with the rates they committed to at the time of engagement.
This is especially helpful when working with a vendor organization that has multiple branches. Effectively managing this growing number of workers – who have many advantages from a management standpoint but also unique challenges and reporting needs – requires an in-depth and consistent approach.
Thanks to Single Point of Contact, we have a reliable technical team which gives our staff technical support for computer issues and peripherals.
Since Single Point of Contact has installed and serviced our network more than 3 years ago it has run extremely well. They've identified problems we hadn't noticed, made recommendations for improvement and filled the gaps found in our network. In addition, Single Point of Contact helps us save money by finding the best solutions at the lowest cost as well as provides ready access to high-quality IT staff to support the business. Gerard Meszaros (author of XUnit Test Patterns) who also has strong project management and team collaboration knowledge, presented on “Using Collaboration to Build Team Commitment”.

The collective team score is shown on the left hand radar chart (indicating a weakness in the “Consensus Driven” field) and the individual scores are shown on the right hand radar diagram.
Thanks Edgardo for agreeing to make this available to everyone and to Gerard and Jean for their work in this important field.
The pioneering spirit and enterprise of Mr Jagdale saw the group quickly diversify into nutrition supplements for sportsmen and animals, and aquatic infrastructure services. If you do proceed with mark-ups, reserve the right to implement geographic rate cards at some point in the future.
Likewise, when establishing insurance obligations, make sure everyone has the same requirement. A single point of contact increases accountability and puts the onus on the NPC to manage their organization. Single Point of Contact's staff address our challenges as they surface, and has recommended solutions to minimize future issues with the end users computer.
With regular monthly maintenance and occasional software upgrades the network has run flawlessly with virtually no disruption to our business or lost data. You can use Excel 2003 or newer Microsoft office software to open and edit Project team communication plan. It was a great presentation and referenced some of the Jean Tabaka’s work from the book “Collaboration Explained”. After the presentation, Edgardo Gonzalez sent me a spreadsheet based on these criteria that allows quick and easy team assessments.
Colour coding flags areas as “Red” for concern, “Yellow” for warning (“Trust…” in the example), and “Green” for good. Turnover and assets increased until it became firmly established as one of the leading industrial houses of Karnataka.
Their staff is patient, courteous, have gone out of their way to be helpful and always professional.
Add to that growing list, they're very responsive and display a sense of urgency we have never seen with other IT firms.
Irene Adamopoulou have both gained significant experience in large scope IT projects, and have extensive background in financial IT applications. More importantly, over the decades, the group has acquired a name for reliability, corporate honesty and as a caring and a much sought-after employer.
Single Point of Contact has effectively relieved me from my IT management duties, and I couldn't be happier.

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