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A mother who tried for a baby for nine years discovered she was pregnant the day she was due to start IVF treatment – despite doctors telling her it wouldn’t be possible. Amber Worth, 26, was told she would never have a natural birth after she suffered a miscarriage and was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries at the age of 19. But after giving up trying to have a baby naturally, Amber and husband Simon decided to turn to IVF –  but on the same day she was due to go to her first consultation meeting, Amber was left stunned when she took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.
With baby Luca celebrating his first birthday next month, Amber’s now been told that her miracle baby boy was made a reality because of the three stone she managed to lose to get in her wedding dress. Amber started putting on weight when she was 16 after she left school and got a job in a bakery but she dropped from 14st 7lb to 11st 7lbbetween January and March 2014. She suffered a miscarriage when she was 19 and was then diagnosed with polycystic ovaries – a condition where cysts develop in the ovaries meaning they fail to release eggs regularly. Amber and her then partner Simon, a 36-year-old retail assistant, set a date for their wedding and a honeymoon in Thailand before they intended to start fertility treatment in 2014. However, in March 2014, just seven weeks before her treatment was due to begin, Amber discovered she was pregnant after dropping two dress sizes and shedding 3st.

Amber lost the weight by following Slimming World’s food optimising plan – a diet that encourages lots of fruit and vegetables and restricts unhealthier foods to occasional treats.
A beautiful boffin whose rare condition lead her to vomit more than a hundred times a day has finally been cured. An Essex mum has shed four stone in just over three months - after being inspired by TOWIE star Lauren Goodger's new slimline look.
Meet the woman who lives off a diet of pancakes all because of a condition which leaves her throat covered in AGONISING BLISTERS. While Global IVF focuses on traveling abroad as an inexpensive alternative to egg donation, it’s hard to not to gush over happy birthing news.
Just such news is the source of today’s post with TWO sets of identical twins being born in Utah.
But after trying naturally and also with artificial insemination, the couple sought out IVF treatments. Like thousands of other childless couples, Natalie and Danny Hollands turned to IVF treatment in a desperate bid to have a baby.

It was a stressful process which tested their relationship to the limit – hormone pills left Natalie an emotional wreck and their love life was frustrated after doctors imposed a three-month sex ban. But the night before Valentine’s Day, following a romantic dinner, the loved-up couple let passion get the better of them. The very next day, two embryos were implanted into her womb – and the successful IVF transfer meant the wife of football star Danny was now pregnant with triplets. Their miracle daughters – Sofia, Annabella and Mia – were born by caesarean last September, the perfect hat-trick for Charlton Athletic midfielder Danny and his school sweetheart. Natalie, 26, explained: “I was absolutely thrilled when I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks after the embryos were implanted. Like many couples, they experienced a lot of disappointment and bewilderment about their dreams of a family being shattered.

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