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The San Francisco 49ers will be bringing in a new special teams coordinator, per a report out Friday morning from the Sacramento Bee. As 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula continues to fill out his staff, he is using what connections he has to bring in assistants.
DSIL offers opportunities for high school or college students who need Community Service Hours or Seniors who are retired but would still like to work in the community in a meaningful capacity.A  We are always looking for help with our basic office and administrativeA duties, regardless of your age, skill level or experience. During the course of the year, DSIL applies for grants in order to build ramps for people who would like access to the outside world and without these ramps would not otherwise have that access.A  WhenA  we build these ramps, we are always looking for bothA  experienced contractors and construction laborers as well as non experienced people who are willing to get dirty and learn a new skill, while having a life changing experience for both themselves and the person receiving the ramp.
The Question:I am in my early twenties with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a full-time job, but I am not happy with my current career path and am not sure of the steps I should be taking to get on the right track.
The Answer:First I want to acknowledge you for being willing to reflect on your career and ask the questions.
A John Jay High School program geared toward preparing special needs students to join the workforce is growing, thanks in large part to partnerships forged with local businesses, according to Patrick Chiappetta, a job coach with the JJHS Life Skills program.
Job coach Patrick Chiappetta works with John Jay High School student Thomas Devittorio at DeCicco’s grocery store in Cross River as part of the school’s special education department’s vocational training program.
The vocational program is very flexible and aims to match students with work experience according to their abilities and, most importantly, their interests, said Chris Hoyt, a teacher’s assistant and school district employee for more than 10 years.
Last year one student was able to pursue his interest in radio by working at a local station in Danbury, Conn., Ms. Gossett’s Nursery in South Salem and DeCicco’s grocery store in Cross River have been working with the Life Skills program over the last few years and were highlighted by Mr. DeCicco’s has been the greatest supporter, he said, working with students up to five days a week and as many as two separate two-hour shifts per day.
The students are a particular pleasure on account of the relationships they build with employees and customers, he said. Tom Gossett, owner of Gossett’s Nursery, said it has been great working with the Life Skills students. Richard, a student who works at the nursery, has virtually become a member of staff, he said. The majority of the time students have excellent relationships and experiences as they gain familiarity with workplace environments, and they often receive excellent praise for their efforts, Mr. The educators credited the JJHS student body in particular as kind, considerate and respectful of the special needs students, but they were surprised to find that in public it is often adults, not children, who do the gawking and show impatience. Although the students in the Life Skills program suffer from cognitive and physical disabilities, Ms.
Such situations can be transformed into lessons about the workplace and how to deal with confrontation and negative workplace feedback, Mr.
Despite the program continuing to add businesses to its running list (most recently Kellogg and Lawrence hardware store in Katonah and Visions hair salon in Cross River), the program has no specific businesses targeted for its expanded offerings and will leave that up to the community to decide, Mr. But the value these students can provide to local businesses and the life experience businesses can return to them is a particularly heart-warming experience to be a part of, Mr. This year SAIL (Supports to Achieve Independent Living) continued our ongoing partnership with Rowan University.

SAIL members have met a variety of Rowan students including members of AEPHi, the ABA Club, and incoming freshman. This June the SAILORS softball team went to The College of New Jersey for a tournament weekend at the Special Olympics Summer Games. The SAIL Soccer Team just finished their season with a big win!  They were a Division 1 team and won the Silver Medal at the Special Olympics Fall Festival Tournament on Sunday, October 23.
All Special Olympics coaches are volunteers and devote every Monday night to practice and weekend games. For the first time, SAIL families planned a Yard Sale at Cherry Hill East to benefit the SAIL program. SAIL participants took charge of the food and beverage tent and helped sell bagels, pretzels, baked goods and water bottles.
Save the date!  Next year's Yard Sale will be at Cherry Hill East at the end of September. A special thank you goes to Donna Felker and Michaelle Hall for their tireless efforts and devotion to making this event so successful! Other planned Life Long Learning Series seminars include: photography classes, Building Healthy Relationships workshops and creative arts courses.
Once again JFCS honored those employees and employers who have done an outstanding job at their places of work. More Topic: Thomas McGaughey Posted by Kirk Larrabee Jets Special Teams Coach Campaigns For U. As I’ve said to many others, our work-lives are marathons not sprints; we are in it for the long haul. Republication or redistribution of Thomson Reuters content, including by framing or similar means, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Thomson Reuters. Chiappetta is among the six to seven educators at JJHS who work with special needs students in an effort to develop the basic, necessary skills for independent adulthood. Chiappetta has worked in the Katonah-Lewisboro school district for six years and joined the special education department in the position of job coach last year.
The program teaches a bevy of activities for daily living, ranging from cooking, cleaning and laundry to tasks ordinarily taken for granted, such as counting money, crossing the street and using the Internet for email and information, she said.
The students are challenged by varying degrees of learning and physical disabilities and there is a variety of job experiences for students to choose from.
Hoyt said, an interest the student discovered was not the right fit for him but nonetheless one the student had the opportunity to explore. Chiappetta often chaperones students at their jobs and attests to the excitement and unique character students bring to a work environment. Chiappetta said, one that more local businesses could benefit from and in turn would benefit the students with a wider variety of job experiences to choose from.
He has had students from the program working at his nursery for the last few years, helping with a number of tasks, including tagging Christmas trees and helping clean and even closing the store. Gossett said he could see a number of students possibly becoming employees as they become familiar faces around the store.

But the goal of the program is not to directly employ students where they train; in fact, the program shies away from advocating direct employment so as not to create a conflict of interest and to keep fresh faces experiencing new workplaces, Mr. Thomson Reuters is not liable for any errors or delays in Thomson Reuters content, or for any actions taken in reliance on such content.
Over the last two years he has helped grow the vocational training program within the Life Skills program and has witnessed a flourishing relationship between the community and his students, he said.
A large aspect of his job is to be a facilitator between employers and students and foster a positive learning experience that teaches, if not introduces his students to, the basic skills necessary to function in the workforce. Students may choose to gain work experience on or off campus, with an ever-growing list of local businesses, such as animal shelters, farms, pharmacies, nurseries, and retail stores.
Students are always accompanied by faculty from the program in a one- or two-students-per-faculty-member ratio. He was glad to have been asked to participate in the program and said it was a great way to feel closer to the community.
And while the educators acknowledge that their students are different and may not be capable of doing everything, they will undoubtedly excel at something, and that is the whole focus of the vocational training program, she said. More Topic: Jalen Saunders Posted by Kirk Larrabee Are Jalen Saunders' Punt Return Duties In Jeopardy? A mentor is someone who shares a particular kind of experience you might value – perhaps in the area of work or industry you are interested in pursuing.In contrast, a coach may or may not necessarily have the industry-specific experience but brings a specialized approach (yes, the coaching approach is distinct) that recognizes your expertise and elicits your most creative, resourceful self in the process. A coach will draw out your wisdom and help you discover and clarify your strengths and assets, values, priorities, interests, passions and options.
Often people assume it is better to work face-to-face, and then discover phone or Skype can be equally powerful and more convenient.Resources to find a coachThe International Coach Federation (ICF) website is a great resource to identify the right questions to ask a prospective coach. Note the difference between an ICF member coach and an ICF-credentialed coach – the former may not yet be trained or certified.Seek referrals from friends and peers who have worked with a coach.
Find out about their experiences and talk to their coaches to see if they would fit with your needs.Beyond one-on-one coaching you might also consider career group coaching and workshops.
These can be valuable ways of learning, networking and at a more affordable price.Consider test driving a career of interest. This sounds like an interesting blend of mentoring and coaching and terrific for people who are curious about a career path but may want to test the waters before investing heavily in a new direction.Finally, if your budget is tight you might consider trying to source a coach who is in training and looking for “intern clients” and might charge more modest fees. As long as you are aware of where these coaches are in their learning path, it could be worthwhile. Some of the coaching schools, listed on the ICF website, may be able to provide details on interns.I encourage you to “hire smart” and do your homework in finding the right coach and program for you. It will be an investment that will pay off in dividends for both the near and long termEileen Chadnick is a work-life coach and principal of Big Cheese Coaching in Toronto.Have a question about careers, labour law or management?

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