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The best project managers are excellent listeners, and view exchanges with the above groups as learning opportunities.
Effective project managers understand how, when, and why to deploy project management disciplines at different points in a project. Successful project managers know how to motivate people who do not work for them, and keep teams working effectively together. Project managers create structure from chaos by using specific tools such as charters, risk assessments, Gantt charts, decision matrices, and many other tools throughout the project.

Steven Covey’s quote, “The enemy of the best is the good,” applies especially well to project managers.  They understand that there are countless good things to be involved in, but there are a vital few best things that must come first each day. Successful project managers also respect their teammates’ time.  Project managers run efficient meetings, which results in good attendance by all parties over the long run.
Project managers communicate clearly, concisely, and frequently.  They know, for example, when a simple email will suffice, or when a “working document” like a project charter will better serve their purpose. Project managers spend 90% of their time communicating. These soft skills are many times ignored.

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