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Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. See also "Bud Bundy's Rap Career?!"It's 4 on a recent Friday afternoon, and David Faustino is chillaxin' as hard as he can. Professors at the Geffen School of Medicine make $200,000 and up, according to this UC salary widget. So surely they can afford to send their kids to Harvard-Westlake, John Thomas Dye or even (gasp) Crossroads? Two other standout points in the show had nothing to do with guests, which bodes well for the Foos' upcoming tour. Keep your thumb on the local music scene each week with music news, trends, artist interviews and concert listings. Audiences arrive at Independent Shakespeare Company's summer shows in much the same way they might arrive at the beach.
The actor was David Melville, who until his moment of extreme paralysis on the Saturday night of opening weekend was doing a bang-up job of bringing copious amounts of comic energy to the role of King Leontes, a terribly unsympathetic character who acts like a man-child at best, a shortsighted lunatic at worst. Update: In addition to the Leyva promotion, WitnessLA (who follows Sheriff's Department operations like a hawk) has laid out a number of subtle yet telling command shifts by Baca. The multibillionaire, who already has his name affixed to a medical school, a playhouse and a museum of contemporary art, has lately gone on a philanthropic naming-rights spree. And if not, wouldn't it be cheaper for Geffen to just pay their private school tuition, rather than spend $70 million to construct a brand-new new school (plus $30 million for an endowment and operating costs)?It would, but there would be at least two problems with that. David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, Perry Farrell, Lemmy Kilmister, Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Slash, Zakk Wylde, Trombone Shorty and Paul Stanley all joined in for Grohl’s surprise soiree, playing an assortment of classic rock anthems in what ended up being a voracious.
Each member was giving it everything, while simultaneously not taking it all too seriously. Flip-flops abound, picnic baskets dot the barely delineated aisles, and children order up frozen treats from a roaming ice cream vendor.Before the shows, there's plenty of time to wander the lawn that doubles as a seating area, and to explore the empty animal enclosures that Griffith Park's Old Zoo critters formerly called home.
Melville seemed to be totally inhabiting the prattling character's skin as he raved on and on about the imagined sins of his entirely innocent wife.But then he froze and summer turned to winter for me when I realized he was not going to wing it and move forward. Denial, denial, denial.)Our sources have also gotten word that Assistant Sheriff Cecil Rhambo is being demoted, and that Assistant Sheriff Marvin Cavanaugh will be retiring.
The sheriff "really doesn't know who he can trust right now," one source tells the online paper.
With Children star sits on a beach chair in his West Hollywood garage, just off the Sunset Strip. Earlier this year, he paid $100 million to put his name on Avery Fisher David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center in New York.Now he's coughing up another $100 million to create the Geffen Academy at UCLA, a private school primarily for the children of UCLA faculty. First, admission to private school is not guaranteed, so UCLA faculty would have to actually go to the trouble of applying and getting their kids into these schools.
But the Foo Fighters were never going to be Nirvana, and in many ways it makes sense that they aren’t. Grohl was able to achieve success doing something decidedly more optimistic and accessible than his previous band, channeling his arena rock influences loudly and proudly into sweet but still ballsy, hook-filled music. Sadly, the final guest to join, Lemmy, could not live up to the joyful vibes of DLR, but that had as much to do with what appears to be the Motorhead singer’s ailing health as it did with any musical chemistry or lack thereof. It's summertime, the living is easy, and major line blunders from principal actors are not only forgiven but applauded.Yup, that's right.
He was gone from the stage for about one minute, during which time the audience remained mostly silent, save a few titters and whispers. If the rumors are true, this will mean that Baca's entire three-person executive staff will be replaced.Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore denies the allegations in full. It's quitting time somewhere, and between pot-smoking sessions, he and his buddies are sipping vodka-and-sodas and smoking cigarettes.On the iconic show, Faustino played Bud Bundy, Christina Applegate's horny younger brother.
It made for some dramatic entrances when the likes of Cooper, Farrell, Black, Slash and the rest emerged. Even with everyone re-joining the band on stage, the closing number was off and Lemmy looked frail. It separates the big-leaguers from the small-time players, and the legends from everyone else. When he arrived back onstage, however, applause and cheers broke out.I was initially dumbfounded by the gaffe, and still am a bit. There are rumors that Tanaka will be replaced by Chief William McSweeney, a hard-boiled detective and gentle, respected leader who has shown more nuanced concern, in the past, for the public's perception of the department. He still hangs with other kid actors of his generation, such as Seth Green, for whom he's often mistaken.
Times, the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA sometimes has a hard time attracting top faculty "because of the costs of educating their children."It's taken as a given that medical school faculty won't put their children in public school, which is free. And second, Geffen wouldn't have his name on a shiny new building.But what about that price tag? Saturday’s celebration proved that at 46 years young, Dave Grohl (along with his band) is definitely on his way to legendary status. But Melville bounced back and his performance never wavered thereafter, so in my review I gave the show a "Go." I guess even nitpicking critics can be enchanted if the season's right. With Children theme song, as another driver did."I'm addicted to the fame," Faustino admits. Seventy million dollars seems like an awful lot to build one school, serving just 600 students. I wasn't particularly panicked, just a bit chagrined that it had come off the rails when it had been going so well.
Eli Broad is currently talking about spending $490 million to build 260 new charter schools.

I think I said, "Oh no, I lost it." Or maybe even, "Shit, I lost it" -- not very Shakespearean! Maybe we’ve just reviewed too many Ozzfests, but we much preferred the insane extended jazz-jam moment Grohl had with Trombone Shorty to the shredding he did with Wylde. Which was pretty much what happened.When a part is going well it feels a bit like being possessed, or rather inhabited by someone else. But he's charming, and his friends attest to his ever-sunny disposition, which extends to discussions of his vanity. As he explains, he usually wears sunglasses in public, except when he needs an ego boost and wants to be recognized.
It can be a bit alarming, but once you learn to trust it and go with it, [it] is an amazing experience -- it's like someone else is doing all the work. His boutique record label, Old Scratch, has signed Oregon rapper Patience Price, and Faustino and his partner are dead serious about pushing his career, enlisting a lawyer and even a marketing guy for the task. That night was the first night that I really felt Leontes coming alive and then I tripped on a line, the illusion was gone, and it all vanished. He's actually an influential figure in the history of West Coast rap, as responsible as anyone for bringing a then-niche genre to the masses here. At least Broad is concerned with the quality of education delivered to the mass of public school students. There are lots of irregular lines, enjambed lines, crazy verse structure -- it is very challenging. Geffen looks at the same problem, and then tries to find a way for a handful of well-to-do UCLA faculty to never have to worry about it.Even so, if it were primarily about delivering a high-quality education to those students, then you could at least say that his heart was sort of in the right place.
It's about making sure the Geffen School of Medicine can compete for talent with Harvard and Johns Hopkins.This is a mindless pursuit of prestige. It is a hard part and I have not had a happy rehearsal period, as I've been required to do a lot more on the production side this year than others.
It fundamentally does not matter whether the Geffen School of Medicine is ranked the third-best medical school in the country or the 13th. It must have been frustrating for the director, dealing with an actor who has to stop rehearsal to figure out how the actors' bathroom holding tanks are going to get pumped etc., etc. He credits his first record contract to his freestyle battle rap performances there.Faustino has been through a lot since his Bud Bundy years. The sad irony of the whole thing is that this is happening inside UCLA, which is supposed to stand as a symbol of excellence in public education, not as a country club that doles out elite-level perks to its well-paid faculty. Literally dealing with people's shit!No, that night was the result of a touch of heatstroke and a dash of fatigue due to several months working flat out on the festival with no days off (and not enough time concentrating on my part).Do you feel like your fellow actors onstage should have given you a cue, or that you could have improvised for a moment and gotten back on track? He opened and closed a marijuana dispensary, spent a night in a Florida jail after a pot arrest and endured the death of his father, who keeled over while having sex. Although he longs to star in a hit series, Faustino's career has seen a recent boom, doing voice-over work for cartoons and T-Mobile commercials.But hip-hop remains his great passion, and on the 20th anniversary of Balistyx's launch, he and the party's other denizens took a stroll down memory lane. Two decades after the fact, folks can't contain their reverence for this event, which, they say, helped bring hip-hop into the mainstream.
It was the golden age where you could be whoever you wanted, and it didn't matter."Balistyx was originally held at Whisky a Go Go, the glam-metal outpost owned by Sunset Strip magnate and Grammy-winning producer Lou Adler. Adler helped throw the Monterey Pop Festival, and he sits next to Jack Nicholson at Lakers games. It was going nicely, but I got to the end of one of Benedick's speeches and hadn't a clue what to say next.
I knew Beatrice was supposed to come on, but I couldn't remember her cue, so I said, "Beatrice, love. It's no use, you'll have to come on, I can't remember my line!" The audience laughed, Beatrice came on and we got on with it.When you left the stage, what happened behind the scenes? It was a teenage male's fantasy from top to bottom.Thirteen bucks got you in the door, and the line went down the street as far as the Roxy. The guys rocked high-tops, silk shirts and even backward duds a la Atlanta child rappers Kris Kross. I started to explain that all was not well, but by then I had regained my presence of mind so I got back onstage and got on with it.The crowd was really supportive and perhaps even a bit thrilled at your ability to come back strong -- do you think that's owing to the spirit of summer (free, outdoor) theater? The young ladies sported leotards and K-Swiss, or overalls with one strap down and their underwear showing. We are always conscious that we are actors creating an illusion and that illusion only works if the audience willingly participates.
With our budget and our circumstances, there will always be rough edges, but we invite the audience to piece out those imperfections with their minds.So we don't pretend we have a million dollars when we don't and we don't pretend we are going to be perfect, but we will always try to be entertaining. Kids came from Orange County, Ventura County and beyond, and celebrities swarmed the place as well.
We give ourselves permission to fail, and in doing so I think we give ourselves the freedom to go a bit further -- sometimes we come unstuck, but the audience is always there with us and we love them. A pre-megafame Leonardo DiCaprio attended seemingly every week, his buddy Tobey Maguire in tow. In all honesty they should save their money -- I have no idea what I'm doing.One of the few useful things I do have to impart is this. Ignoring the parking signs, he parked next to the red curb and dared the authorities to ticket him. While at drama school he was on the Underground and spotted a famous old theater actor and asked him what made him a great actor. The result for me was a total release -- it was the worst thing that could happen and it really wasn't that bad.

But when he wasn't improvising rhymes off the top of his head, he was networking with people like Stacy Ferguson, a child actor herself, who later helped propel the Black Eyed Peas into the stratosphere under her stage name, Fergie.How the hell did all of this come together? Adler met Faustino through their mutual friend Eisenstein, who played a member of Screech's nerd crew in Saved by the Bell.
Saturday night was quite horrible and will go alongside my Benedick and Henry V war stories, but it doesn't really bother me. These four wealthy white kids were all voracious consumers of hip-hop.It was a budding genre but, a year before Dr. The four teenagers found themselves unsatisfied with the scene at the Alphy's Soda Pop Club parties, which were private soirees catering to young celebs. And they were tired of depending on Faustino's star power to get them past the velvet ropes at 21-and-older hip-hop clubs. In the waning months of the 1991 high school year, when Faustino was 17, they quickly laid out the blueprints for Balistyx, though it's fair to say their business plan was not particularly thought out."I wanted to throw the greatest party, not necessarily to make a budget work," says Nic Adler, who did Balistyx's booking.
With Children, Grandmaster B, who wore a backward ball cap, shades and a black Starter jacket?Meanwhile, revered rappers like Nas and Ice Cube were psyched to see their posters lining Bud Bundy's walls. He later acted in prune commercials and won minor roles on shows such as Little House on the Prairie and Family Ties.
Fox's first prime-time series, which ran from 1987 to 1997, was fairly shocking for its lowbrow humor and cynicism. The wholesome family life portrayed on Leave It to Beaver had morphed into a suffocating hellhole, where your neighbors were irritating and your own family was after your money. Bud Bundy was the runt of the litter, a sardonic one-man Greek chorus (often wearing a mullet) who could only survive by his wits alone, whatever they were.In real life, however, the experience was blissful. His posse included budding celebrities, children of famous actors and ridiculously pretty lady friends, including Fergie and Stefanie Ridel, her groupmate in pop act Wild Orchid, who was dating Faustino at the time.
Some low-level partying would commence, although the crowd was more focused on flirting than getting high.
By the wee hours, they had finally crashed, on floors, all over the house; how Lou Adler permitted these shenanigans remains a mystery to his son. Faustino would rouse himself for his Friday taping, and the group would subsequently hit L.A.
Money was not an issue, and the stifling rules dictating normal teenage life simply did not apply. With Nic Adler assisting with the producing and writing, the crew released a 1992 album called Balistyx on the Lou Adler–founded Ode Records.
Featuring tracks with names like "Music Hears No Color" and the single "I Told Ya," Faustino preached their inclusive message under the name D' Lil.The work didn't take off.
And when it didn't go over big, I just put the whole rap-artist thing on the back burner."Balistyx itself wouldn't last much longer.
The death of Balistyx coincided with West Coast rap's golden age, and talents who performed at the party went on to dominate the industry. It's a tough time to run a label, but Faustino recently established his own, Old Scratch Records.
The imprint is focused mainly on promoting Patience Price, a Portland native whom Faustino initially recruited to help run his weed dispensary. They poured their energy into the shop but shuttered it in 2007, when it became clear that the legality of such dispensaries wouldn't be resolved anytime soon. It didn't help that another partner in the business accused Faustino of cutting him out of it. They don't sound like radio hits, but it's easy to see how the album could be a favorite of true-school hip-hop fans like Faustino, who fairly gushes when describing Price's sound.
As a rapper, his skills don't approach that of the greats he's worked with, but he has his moments.
Faustino plans to spit a few bars of his own at the show, and the crew amasses at his pad before heading over.
On hand is their friend Todd Bringewatt, a co-owner of Old Scratch, who also worked on Star-ving. Spirits deflate a bit upon arrival at the festival, however, which seems poorly attended and chaotic.
Finally it is time for Price's set, and a quite-lubricated Bringewatt takes the stage to introduce Faustino. With Children?" he asks, before Faustino and then Price take the stage, performing together on a song called "Wait a Minute." Faustino raps confidently before moving to the side and playing hypeman while Price does his verses. Later, he reflects on the long odds of creating a profitable rap act in today's climate, a quixotic challenge even for someone as connected as he is."It could be a Herculean task, but everything is," he says.
I feel we're going to have a fun ride."Indeed, what Faustino's second go-around in the rap world has in common with his first is that it does seem like fun.
For every hour the guys spend in the studio, they seem to spend another one shooting the shit in the garage over cocktails, waiting for the next batch of gawking tourists to roll by.
Even if Bud Bundy is never given the credit he deserves, the real players in the scene will always know what's what.

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