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Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. Minnesota Vikings' running back will be allowed to take the field for his team's next game. Autumn Ernhard, an animal pharmaceuticals sales representative, became only the second person in the game show's history to win the top prize during the episode that aired Thursday evening.
And as if winning the grand prize wasn't astounding enough, wait 'till you hear all she had to do to even have a chance at winning the million bucks: Land on the million-dollar wedge during the game, correctly solve that round's puzzle, never land on the "Bankrupt" space for the rest of her night's spins, win the entire game itself, land on the million-dollar wedge again while spinning the bonus round's prize wheel and then correctly solve that puzzle. Ernhard, 30, had already picked up $30,000 in cash and other prizes during the regular rounds.
The first million-dollar "Wheel" winner came in 2008, the same year that big prize was introduced. Harry Styles Has Wild-looking Eyes On The Set Of Dunkirk — One Direction Star Getting Into Character? While no one knew what envelope was picked up by Sarah before she attempted to solve the puzzle, it was heartening to see her confidence levels. Sarah Manchester was on the Wheel of Fortune as part of the Teacher’s week celebration that kick started the 32nd season of the game show.
In the past, the $1,000,000 top prize on the Wheel of Fortune has been awarded only three times. Sarah Manchester of Silver Spring, Maryland, solved the wining puzzle a€“ the phrase a€?Loud Laughtera€? -- on the episode that aired Wednesday during the showa€™s Teachera€™s Week. After Manchester solved the bonus puzzle, the showa€™s co-host, Pat Sajak, took a peek inside the sealed envelope that the teacher had selected at random by spinning a wheel at the beginning of the round.

The episode was filmed earlier this year and Manchester said she and her family are still deciding how to spend her winnings. Manchester teaches and coaches the math team at Takoma Park Middle School in Montgomery County, Maryland. The previous million-dollar grand prize winners are Michelle Lowenstein, who won in 2008, and Autumn Erhard, who collected her prize in 2013. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. On the episode of the Wheel of Fortune that aired on September 17, the mother of two managed to beat all odds and picked up the envelope containing the $1,000,000 note, and then answered a puzzle within the stipulated 10 seconds.
Following the correct answer, Pat Sajak went ahead and opened the envelope that that Sarah picked up. She told People magazine that she has grown up watching Wheel of Fortune with her parents and that she does the same now with her children with whom she even competes. The first person to win it was Michelle Loewenstein who managed to do it on the episode that aired October 14, 2008. When he asked her: a€?Can you use a million dollars?" Manchester covered her mouth and screamed. When she was growing up, she watched a€?Wheel of Fortunea€? with her parents and now challenges her own children with cash prizes for each puzzle theya€™re able to solve before she does. If a contestant collects the wedge, solves the puzzle and makes it to the Bonus Round without being bankrupted, the top $100,000 cash prize is replaced by $1 million on the Bonus Round wheel, according to a release from the show.
The reaction on Sarah’s face when Pat told her about she hitting the jackpot is a must watch!

In fact, Sarah even rewards her kids with cash prizes for every puzzle they solve before she does.
In May 2013, Autumn Erhard became the second person to win the top prize and now, just a year later, we have Sarah Manchester winning the grand prize.
Her husband, two children and father rushed out from the viewing audience to embrace her while confetti fell. Once these four letters were placed, the answer became relatively easier to guess – and she did get it right. Hit the jackpot on wheefl fortune, Sarah Manchester scoring the million-dollar grand prize. Now, everybody saw your big win, but when pat opened that envelo envelope, and a million dollars, what did you feel? I had -- my biggest goal, I think, I wanted to get to the bonus round and win something because I wanted to give them that chance to run out and hug and jump around and dance. So there's actually someone standing back there to go like this to make sure I knew which letter it was.

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