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Coach Karen is going to talk about her upcoming Evolution of the Law of Attraction Webinar. LOACA focuses on real transformation, not the regurgitated fluff often seen in so many coach training courses. The next class will be held on Saturday, July 27, 2013, from 9am to 5:30pm at 404 Waterton City Place in Long Beach.
Coach, Energy Coach, Personal Performance Coaching, Law of Attraction Coach, and EFT Coach (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Before becoming a certified life coach, law of attraction coach, or EFT coach, I assisted individuals and small business owners in growing their businesses and achieving greater success for over 20 years through strategic marketing and business services.
Life Coaching, Energy Coaching, and Personal Performance Consulting was beginning to make a dynamic impact on both professional and personal levels.
In addition to coaching women in business, I found myself drawn to helping women dealing with divorce. I discovered that using EFT and using Quantum-Touch® are wonderful energy techniques to releive stress, relive anger, release resentment, and other negative emotions. Being of a strong religious background, it was important to me that this so called law was not part of something that would go against my beliefs.
It was through my quest to prove or disprove the validity of this law that I began to uncover its simplicity and truth.
As I continued with my life coach training, I decided to extend my studies to include the Law of Attraction and became a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner as well as a certified life coach.
So for me, it was only natural to include life coaching, Law of Attraction coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Quantum Touch as additional services in my business practice.
Energy techniques have proved extremely valuable in allowing my clients to more rapidly achieve goals and obtain greater business success. Whether I am doing one on one coaching sessions, spiritual life coaching, EFT coaching, Quantum Touch, business coaching, teleclasses, law of attraction coaching, webinars, or speaking before a large group, helping people to have the higher quality life or business they desire is what I love to do and do very well.

Educating, liberating, and empowering people by teaching EFT, a powerful, easy to learn energy technique, enables them to quickly transform the quality of their life or business, often sky rocketing them to achieving goals or greater business success. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This slide show will help you understand what the Law of Attraction is and give you the steps to utilize it.
The Law of Attraction: I attract to my life and business whatever I give my attention, energy or focus to . The Law of Attraction: And at every moment the Law of Attraction is responding to me by giving me more of the same, whether positive or negative.
In fact, Newsweek magazine says the need for life coaches will dramatically increase over the next decade.
There is also an online version of the course for those who cannot travel to the live location.
My website design work was very rewarding and I also enjoyed creating and designing full color postcards and other marketing materials. Having experienced my parents divorce, then in later years the divorce of my brother, my sister's divorce and many of my friends, I found myself tuned into the multitude of emotions and issues connected with this life altering event.
It was during my life coaching courses that I was introduced to the Law of Attraction and energy techniques such as using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniqes) and Quantum Touch. Since I was becoming a spiritual life coach, it was time for me to do a little investigating to see if there was actually anything to this. The more I learned about the Law of Attraction, the greater my passion and motivation grew. Adding the law of attraction to the mix makes for a dynamic blend of empowerment that my clients love. It’s not mandatory in order to be a practicing life coach in most states, but here are 3 great reasons to get one if you are in the life coach.

Because certified life coaches will get chosen over uncertified life coaches 9 times out of 10 by potential new clients. Because certified coaches tend to be better and more confident life coaches than those uncertified.
Long Beach based Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy (LOALCA) is helping meet that need by offering a cutting-edge one-day training and certification course in life coaching that is unlike any other. I also found myself drawn into energy techniqes such as using EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and Quantum Touch.
It is this passion that drives me to share the Law of Attraction with all who are ready to hear. Attention to how you are feeling is necessary in order to understand everything that is happening to you. Coaches willing to invest in a life coach certificate, know that they have a lot of value to offer clients – and have no problems demanding higher fees. Just think about it, in order to get certified you must first go through some kind of life coach training.
Everytime I help someone using EFT to blast through an emotional block or obstacle and achieve their goal, I thank God for this gift he has blessed me with. Those unwilling to invest in certification, often tend to believe that their services aren’t valuable and end up coaching for little or no money.
And an advanced training course can literally double your life coach confidence and abilities in just 1 day. You experience the effect of the sun when you are facing it, but if you turn away, you will no longer receive its life-giving effects.

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