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We are bringing a few quick exercises here that can immediately raise your vibrations and change the quality of your thoughts so that you can have better days every week. From many of the law of attraction exercises available, these are among those that you can perform anywhere and anytime to immediately shift the direction of your thinking. Rampage of appreciation is a simple method to shift our focus to better thoughts instantly, it comes from the teachings of Abraham Hicks based book “Ask and It Is Given”.
When you feel that your thoughts have started to move in the wrong direction or even when you want to increase the good feeling of any particular moment- Choose an object around you which makes you to feel good. This method could be used whenever you get out of the box to take new steps, this can be used in group meetings also. It is taken from a story given in the book “Chicken Soup for The Soul” (you can read the whole story in the post “The 333 Story”). Initially, for some people the above processes will make no sense which may also kill their interest (an exercise that is not fun can never help), if this happens to you then the “Wild Horse Method” will help you. Initially it would be a bit tough to try any such thing when you are feeling low, but, later it completely removes your focus from that thought to this funny imagination.
We know auto suggestions are very powerful to change our perspective about something immediately.

So “I am in the process of” tool can be used when you feel bad and find out the negative thought patterns behind that feeling.
In her Love or Above  course, Christie Marie Sheldon mentions that she found out that blessing people or things by saying mentally(with real emotions) “I bless you with pure love and light, I bless you with purified source energy” helps to raise the vibrations. You can bless anything, a cute kid in the street, the cup of coffee that you are drinking, your pet,etc whatever you would like to bless, blessing raises the vibration of the person who blesses.
What we do here is to declare our intention at any particular good going segment about how our next segment is going to be.
This exercise with practice makes everyday better with combinations of all these small segments. Tell us which one you liked the most by commenting and also share with us if you have any other favorite exercise that shifts your energy towards better thoughts instantly. If this post was helpful to you then please spread the word by sharing it on your online social networks. This entry was posted in Infinitude and tagged law of attraction techniques on April 30, 2014 by HARI S NAIR. Get to learn the ancient 5000 year old Tantra secrets from celebrity Tantra master in this Mindvalley's Latest free webinar.

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Like “brushing your teeth” was a segment and you are entering into a new one when you finish it and go to the balcony for some fresh air. For example, suppose if you are having a good time while having your breakfast, you set the intention of how the next segment that is getting the car out of the garage is going to be.
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