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The Benefits Of Bridging All Mind Layers Meditation unleashes the incredible potential of our untapped mind layers. Meditation is a very powerful tool to use for reducing and releasing the stress of the day as well as for healing and bringing enlightenment into your being.
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Each meditation includes an introduction, followed by a time in which to meditate in whatever way is easy and natural to you.
You are then guided through a visualisation enabling you to focus on living your ideal life.

Please note that the meditation and visualisation are pre-recorded to ensure sound quality however participation with other people from across the world is live. Meditation 101 Live works best with the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Do you want to feel good and improve the quality of your life, meeting likeminded people in the process?
The Law of Attraction Centre is the largest and most talked about Law of Attraction community of its kind in Europe which was first established in 2003. Leading Law of Attraction teachers, Michael James and Tracy Friend run regular workshops where there is the opportunity to deepen your understanding and experience with the Law of Attraction. They are pleased to share with you real-life success stories from the groups and workshops of how the Law of Attraction, the groups and the processes are working for people.
For further inspiration we have the Law of Attraction Centre Blog and inspirational articles that have been in the media.
Join us to experience for yourself how good your life can be- meeting fun, friendly and inspirational people along the way. Others utilize the breath to create a sense of timelessness by focusing on a single sensation or point and letting all other distractions go. By the end of the session I was filled with so much love - love for myself, for others, and love coming from Source. Whether you're a beginner or have more experience with the Law of Attraction philosophy, the Law of Attraction Centre is perfect for you.
This article will be focused on another type of meditation, that of the energetic healing form where the energies of the body and surrounding life force energies are focused for dynamic and accelerated healing. The incorporation of colors and their corresponding stones can dramatically increase the effectiveness of the time that is spent in this activity.
There are several times during the day that this activity can be most effective, in the morning when you first awaken, midday at your lunch break, after coming home from work, or before bed. Meditation does not have to take hours, and if you are able to even spend 10 or 15 minutes once or twice a day you will discover amazing results that may prompt you to spend even more time in this activity.
Younger people with no physical disabilities will use a form that may be different than elders or people with physical limitations.
The key is to get the blood pumping, the respiratory system increased, and the energy stagnation of the body changed to a more dynamic state of being. This is also a good color to use for energizing the digestive and elimination systems, as well as helping to stimulate creative and mental functions of the mind.
For those people that may have extreme physical limitations or very low energy due to situations such as prescribed chemotherapy or radiation therapies, energization can come through the meditation itself.
Concentrating this color around the head and spinal area can greatly form an energized state of being that is geared towards positive outlooks towards life. The focus will be on the colors that correspond to the body’s chakras as well as the color gold that is also very useful.

There are many stones and variations of colors available to each of us, so feel free to explore and utilize those stones and colors that you tend to resonate to the most.
To optimize these techniques, a stone held in the hands or ideally one stone in each hand works best. Most teachers advocate that the back be straight, but this may also be modified for those with physical or energetic limitations. Sitting in a lotus posture, on a bench, meditation cushion, or a flat backed chair tends to work best. But modifications of these techniques can assuredly be used, and are of course encouraged, for those that are in hospital beds or wheelchairs. Green should never be used in cancerous or tumerous situations as green promotes growth, and that is the last thing that is needed in those circumstances.
Some in and out through the mouth, and others in through the nose and out through the mouth. It helps to bring healing to emotional turmoil, especially in situations of anger and loneliness. To incorporate the colors into your meditation, you can do so with the breath or visualization. Using the breath, bring the color in through the top of your head and envision it spreading throughout your whole body. Another technique using the breath is to breathe the color in, and exhaling gray as you release the stress and toxins within your body. If using visualization, see with your mind the color coming into the body, surrounding it and enveloping all aspects of your being.
This color can also be very useful when working on healing from cancer and the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. White is very highly vibrational and can be used for protection and attaining upper levels of enlightenment.
White can be used in any circumstance, especially if you are unsure as to what color to use during your session.
Golden energy meditations can greatly increase the overall well being of a person, improve mental attitude, and strongly balance all aspects of a person’s being, physical, emotional and spiritual. It can help to amplify the body’s own healing resources, bringing them to action for whatever is needed.
Incorporating these techniques can greatly enhance your overall well being, as well as help the body draw on it’s own natural resources. If you happen to be a person that uses techniques such as Reiki, healing touch, or other forms of energy healing, use of stones and crystals during these sessions can greatly improve the outcome.

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