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This is a common question we usually ask ourselves and to which there isn't a specific answer. Plan any exposure to situations that involve danger It's important that you have a strategy and achievable defined goals.
To restore harmony into a relationship, focus on what you appreciate about the other person, and not your complaints. When you exist in the great state of gratitude, you become a person who only wants to give.
As a business owner, it goes against all instincts to turn away business and making money, but what happens at an energetic level is not something to ignore. When things go sour, often our entrepreneurial instincts kick into high gear and we work harder at making the client happy, focus more on them to help turn things around, and then lose sleep over it anyway.
All of that expended energy results in complete frustration that nothing seems to work and you have lost other business because you couldn’t focus on other clients as much as they needed or have time to get new business with your ideal client.
Energetically, when you focus on a negative situation, it keeps your business stuck in that negativity causing your business to have no opportunity for expansion. But for whatever the reason, you end up putting forth a lot of extra effort to make them happy.  And often at no charge, adversely affecting your bottom line. You can’t work miracles if they are not following your instructions, thwarting your efforts with them second-guessing you (and themselves) or not doing their part to make the project successful. These people tend to jump from one resource to another, thinking their failures are always someone else’s fault instead of looking at what they are doing (or not doing) to create these situations. Sometimes they try to make you feel guilty by sharing their ‘temporary’ financial problems with you and promise they’ll pay you once they get the big  break that’s ‘just around the corner’. Ideal clients will respect the time needed and allow a deadline that let’s you do your best work for them. Or they will get your opinion and then go ask their friends, assistants and others in related industries to see if your suggestion is what they should do or not.
Everyone has an opinion and many times the other people asked are not at all qualified to provide expert advice. If they want to hire an expert, they should be “coachable” and ready to implement your advice and strategies with confidence in your abilities.
Working with clients that cause you undue stress and anxiety while trying your best to make them happy are simply not worth the effort. If you succumb to them, you’ll wind up in a world of trouble spending hours trying to do something, making mistakes, and not getting the desired results. After many years in the business, we’ve had all kinds of crazy situations that clearly taught me what we don’t want in a client.
As business owners we have a right to work with clients who bring us extreme joy and satisfaction.  That way we can do our best work. Here’s to finding high-end ideal clients who are ready to work with you, have the money to hire you, understand the value of your work.
Susan Friesen is the founder of eVision Media, a boutique web development and Digital Marketing firm of over 15 years that specializes in designing, building and marketing professional, unique websites for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations. Do you remind yourself about the law of attraction when you attract good things in your life?
And when ‘bad’ things come your way are you convinced that had to do with someone else and not you? Many entrepreneurs love to celebrate all the awesome abundance that comes into their life whether it’s money, fabulous clients, better relationships, travel, great career, sunny skies, etc. But often when something negative comes into their life they are confused why they attracted it and probably don’t give another thought to the role the law of attraction is playing in their life. You can set your Law of Attraction control valve Set Point to ‘ON’ by being aware of every thought you are thinking or saying. So naturally if your control valve is turned ‘OFF’ you are not doing any ‘deliberate’ attracting.
You also might be someone who flips back and forth with your Law of Attraction control valve so you haven’t really established the ‘norm’ set point for yourself. With a little more attention to using the Law of Attraction deliberately and mindfully you can change this. Positive thinking plays a role in the Law of Attraction but a positive thought on its own won’t manifest what you want unless you believe it to be true. To see how well you are manifesting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want, look for ‘evidence’ in your life.
When you realize that things just keep happening to you and you don’t like them then reset your Set Point control valve to where you want it to be! She offers a variety of programs and she invites you to join her Google+ Community and sign up for her eNewsletter and FREE ebook 'The POWER of your WORDS' at Empowered Women in Business. For example if you want to have an abundant business you must act as if you already have that.
If you are someone who thinks about what you want but haven’t taken the time to get really clear on what it is you want. The Law of Attraction cannot give you what you want if you don’t know what it is you want. If you flip-flop back and forth about believing what you want is possible, the amount of doubt you have will directly effects how much you manifest what you want. Always put what you want out there and let the Law of Attraction bring it to you and remember to be OPEN and say that this would be good OR MORE! Think even BIGGER THOUGHTS once you see the evidence and remember always to express gratitude for what you are attracting. If this is the case for you I congratulate you because your high-positive-vibrations permeate your world and the entire universe.
So it makes sense that if you are putting your energy into doing something that you love and it’s a business that is needed then you are probably feeling fabulous about your success.
Now if this isn’t the case for you and something feels out of alignment for you it may be because you have not yet recognized that it takes more than just being competent or even excellent at what you do – you must be passionate about it.

You know you are in the right business for you when you are passionate about what you are doing! You really don’t have the skills to learn how to do something and need to let someone with the skills do this work! Solopreneurs wear many different hats and they may not be even competent in the skills they need to create, start, run and profit in their business.
And I also knew that I was incompetent in bookkeeping, competent in some of the administration involved with the my work, excellent at the services I offered and totally passionate about my ‘why’. You might be surprised to learn that when you are using the principles and tools from the ‘Law of Attraction’ we think of abundance as a feeling and not a thing! That piece of information may just be the missing piece that allows you to attract more abundance in your business. And when you attract things, people, situations and circumstances to you – you always want to observe how you feel about what you are attracting.
Your energy gives off a mood or a feeling or as we call it in the Law of Attraction a ‘vibration’.
You might be someone who when they think about ‘abundance’ you immediately think that ‘abundance = money’ this is actually not entirely true. You can get all caught up in thinking that they only way you will ever feel abundant is by having more money and while we all love more money. Super excited that I completed that last project and I’ve prioritized what I need to do next – feeling good! So this is where the attraction starts – by you paying attention to ’what makes you feel abundant’. Start looking for people, situations, things, circumstances that make you feel abundant and you will start attracting more of the same! Look at everything you have in your life right now and start thanking the Law of Attraction for all that you have already attracted.
Find your way of attracting more abundance and do it deliberately and you will attract more!
Not long ago I saw a discussion thread on Facebook that left me feeling shocked and disheartened.
There were over a hundred responses, all ranging from not having enough time to do everything, not having enough money, not having enough knowledge to not having enough clients… and on it went. I shared what I saw with Law of Attraction expert, Dana Smithers and we immediately decided to see how we could help. If overwhelming thoughts are happening for you too, then watch our 45 minute conversation that shares some great tips for you to start using right away. If you’re overwhelmed with not enough time, money, clients etc, reset your vibe #LOA. So let’s make the assumption that you are passionate about your business, you love the actual doing of it but sometimes the business part of it just drags you down. You get overwhelmed with how much there is to do – the daily running of the business, the administration, marketing, deciding on the best prices and packages to offer, social media, taking care of your family, trying to do everything yourself to save money and when all is said and done you are exhausted just thinking about the next day and everything you didn’t get done today! When you think you don’t have enough time, money or energy you start spiraling downwards heading to major overwhelm.  And the job description of the Law of Attraction is to ‘Match Vibrations’. While I can’t give you more time, money or energy in this article I can SHIFT your thinking from fear-based lack thoughts into more abundant-positive thoughts. Your first step is to become aware of what you are thinking and also who you are sharing that with. If you keep telling people about your problems and how busy you are and you are not getting the results you want – at some point they will get tired of hearing that. While the most important area to work on to’ get rid of overwhelm’ is your mindset, you still need to have clarity around what a profitable business model looks like for you.
That will quickly get you a new result because you have changed your words, your thoughts and most importantly how you now feel! Here are some examples of comments that I hear from women entrepreneurs that I am coaching and also what I see on many social media sites.
If you keep focusing on these negative comments, remember the Law of Attraction will just bring you more of the same!
I am in the process of determining where I make the most money in the quickest amount of time. Everything costs so much and I never seem to get any price breaks on anything I buy for my business. I’m going to take some personal breaks today because I know everything that needs to get done today will get done.
Remember the more you are aware of your words, thoughts and feelings the more you can deliberately attract what you want using the Law of Attraction. You attract to your life whatever you put your attention, energy or focus on whether wanted to unwanted so focus on what you want and watch your business grow! PS: Join Susan Friesen, Karen Laskey of Laskey Therapy and I for a free Google Hangout where we talk about overcoming overwhelm as a busy entrepreneur. Perhaps what you are resisting is something that keeps niggling at you yet you are not sure you really need to do it.
I remember reading a post by a colleague of mine, Susan Friesen of eVision Media, where she talked about how for years she had resisted getting a new photo taken for her business.
She feels better about her look and that has translated into all areas of her life where she spends just a little bit more time feeling proud of how she looks! At first some clients might seem like “the bomb” but after working together on a closer basis you may notice some signs to make you think again about keeping them as a client. There are some super picky clients where no matter how hard you try to please them will never be happy. When you offer a service, you can’t guarantee the success of the client.  No matter what you’ve been asked to do, the role of the client is paramount to a successful outcome. Everyone’s favourite client is the one who pays an invoice immediately upon receipt.  But when a client is continually late in paying their invoices or worst yet, gets behind in payments, it’s hard to give them your best service.

Keeping them on as a client is enabling their bad behaviours and telling them it’s OK not to pay you on time.
You know the kind, when they constantly complain about how much this is costing them, asking for discounts and feeling they deserve price breaks. More keeps getting added to your plate with the assumption it should all be included in the original cost. When a client doesn’t value the quality of service you provide, then you’re not being valued.
These types of clients want everything done quickly and at the last minute, causing you to set aside other, just as important work, so they can be made happy. If they insist on giving you projects with no notice, charge a hefty rush fee.  If these quick turnaround demands continue, you may consider dropping them as a client. This second-guessing only wastes time and effort and is a sure-sign of the clients’ self-uncertainty on being able to make clear decisions. If that confidence is not there, they need to find someone else they can be confident with. I had a client years ago who literally threatened me when his email wasn’t working the way he thought it should. A prime indicator of this type of client is when you see they are calling on the phone and your heart sinks, anxiety kicks in and you don’t want to answer.
When clients want you to be an expert in something you’re not and demand you do the work anyway is setting you up  for failure. Instead, refer them to someone else who is much better equipped for that particular request. Law of Attraction just responds to it by matching the vibration whether it’s positive or negative.
When you believe it to be true you will also feel positive – ‘feelings’ being more important than words here.
If you find you dislike what you are attracting then deliberately focus on something positive that makes you feel good. If you are fed up with how your business is going or your ideal clients just aren’t ‘ideal’ then you need to change that.
When you are feeling passionate your ‘why’ you got into business in the first place is being satisfied in a big way.
Is it time to delegate and let someone else shine who is not only excellent but also passionate about their purpose? In fact most entrepreneurs would say they would like to have a whole lot more abundance than what they have right now.
Do you feel in lack, or do you have feelings of abundance where you are grateful for what you already have in your life? And since abundance is a feeling think of what makes you feel good, start expressing gratitude for that. If it’s helpful then you might want to keep a journal and write down what you are grateful for daily, for some people taking a picture of something you love or would love to have on your iPhone and looking at it whenever you need a smile. The question was posted to a group of women entrepreneurs asking them what overwhelmed them the most. So we conducted a Google hangout and invited Karen Laskey to join us where we discussed how entrepreneurs can get out of that overwhelm mode and become more clear on what it is they want. That’s all it does – negative or positive – it matches your vibrations and gives you more of the same.
You need to ask for support where you need it and you need to celebrate every success you have along the way. When you find yourself thinking or saying a negative thought, quickly do what’s called ‘RESET your VIBRATION’ and ask yourself “So what do I want”.
I’m going to acknowledge all my successes to date and keep a gratitude journal to stay positive.
By resetting your vibe and focusing on what you want, you feel better and by feeling better you get rid of overwhelm! Those things that you are attracting in your conscious mind are going to pop up and annoy you until you make a decision what to do about them. Face the fear-based limiting belief and make a list of all the ‘benefits’ that you will attract by just doing it! His misunderstanding of how email works resulted in him blaming me for his frustrations, treating me with disrespect and bullying me terribly. It happens.  Respect yourself enough not to put up with clients that aren’t a JOY to serve. You change that by resetting your Set Point to be more positive and focus on what you want. Her mission is to educate, inspire and empower women entrepreneurs to help them grow their business. When you look around at your business ask yourself how you feel about what you have going on.
It’s happened to me at different phases of my 12+ year solopreneur career and I have learned how to manage this ‘overwhelm feeling’ using the Law of Attraction.
Those fear-based thoughts and emotions have a lack mindset that is polar opposite to a positive-abundant mindset.
You will be grateful that you did and that gratitude rates a high-vibe in the law of attraction world. They suck up all your joy and energy and you are literally exhausted after working with them. She is a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer & Business coach and she recently created a 4 Module Online Recorded Law of Attraction Business Abundance program so that entrepreneurs could learn 'how to' use the Law of Attraction in their daily lives.

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