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The Law of Success in my opinion is a book that should be used as a text book in our children’s schools. These 15 lessons lay the ground work to leading a successful life as we were all meant to do.
The Law of Success was inspired by Andrew Carnegie whom at the time was the second wealthiest person to ever live. The Law of Success was understood and practiced by these individuals in their everyday life and ascended to great heights in their personal and business lives because of the lessons learned from scholars before them. I will tell you the most valuable lesson that I learned from these great teachings is undoubtedly the practice of auto-suggestion.
All of the lessons in The Law of Success are wonderful lessons standing alone, but to bring it all together and to integrate in to our lives you absolutely must learn this practice of auto-suggestion.
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While all graduate programs are challenging, law school demands that students embark on a new learning style. The valued lessons inside this wonderful book is something that I wish I would have been taught when I was just a young boy.
Napoleon Hill’s illustration of these principles of life are explained in very simple terms in ways that will trigger you to contemplate your life.
Now, I’m not a political person but it seems to me in my humble opinion that if our youth were exposed to the teachings in the Law of Success that our world today and the future would be a much better world for us all.
Through this endorsement, Napoleon Hill was able to have access to some of the most knowledgeable, wealthiest, and influential people of the twentieth century.
The tools used to acquire success have changed through out time but the rules are still the same. The Academic Success Program assists students to make the adjustment to law school learning through several workshops and one-on-one counseling. How you live and treat others as well as how you take on your challenges at work and conduct your business with others.
These 15 simple little lessons that were used by our greatest scholars of the past and present.

However, we’ve never been taught these very simple rules to live by, or if we have then they have been clouded by negativity that was intended as protection by our parents. I will tell you that since reading this great book that I have implemented this great strategy in my own life and I have to tell you this has enhanced my focus and my will to attack the definite purpose I set for myself.
More specifically, students are encouraged to develop legal writing and analytical skills that are vital for success in law school and on the Bar exam. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Alexander Graham Bell, are just a few of the hundreds of other unique individuals he was able to interview and study.
It is a bit weird at first, but through diligence and intentional effort I have come to make it a daily habit.
Assisting students to develop these skills early on often proves to enhance their confidence, ability and law school achievement.

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