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In 546 BC a noble named Peisistratus (py-SIS-truht-uhs) overthrew the oligarchy and ruled as a tyrant (a leader who held power by force). The United States has representative democracy - where we elect representatives to vote for us. Read Section 1, pages 228-233.A  Complete the Vocabulary worksheet and participate in our class discussion.
In the 330a€™s BC Athens was conquered by the Macedonians from the north.A  The Macedonian king limited and then ended Athens democratic government by the 320a€™s BC. Read Section 3, pages 242-249.A  Complete the Vocabulary worksheet and participate in our class discussion. PE International, SolidWorks, PwC and WSP Environment & Energy are among the companies poised to benefit from growth in the lifecycle assessment (LCA) software sector, according to a report by analysts Verdantix.
A flood of new software in the product LCA category will help firms improve their environmental impact, with demand picking up in 2012, Verdantix said – but the sector will remain a niche market, the analysts said. The study, Smart Innovators Product LCA Software, identifies 18 innovators now active in the market. More than a dozen suppliers have rushed into the product LCA software market in the past two years, Verdantix analyst and report author Emilie Beauchamp said. Beauchamp said that so far demand for the software has been patchy, the market has lacked direction and price points have been low, as little as $85 per month.
Europe leads the world in setting standards for product sustainability, Verdantix said, with regulations such as REACH and the French government’s Bilan Carbone, which requires Scope 3 emissions data reporting by the end of 2012. Supply chain “power players”, such as global food retailers and public procurement agencies, will put a particular emphasis on improving the sustainability and cutting the cost of their purchasing decisions, the report said. Many companies are using LCA applications in an attempt to differentiate their products, the report added. DS SolidWorks sustainability product manager Asheen Phansey says manufacturers must use the most rigorous lifecycle assessment tools they can afford as soon as possible, rather than waiting to carry out more robust exercises.
To see the reasons why who comes out first, I guess we’ll gave to purchase the report.
With shareholders and customers increasingly demanding sustainability and non-financial operational data, large organizations are realizing that such information needs to be easily available, standardized and consistent across their multiple operations in locations around the globe.

A simple, low-cost e-tool, the ISO 50001 is designed to help companies enhance their use of energy-consuming assets, evaluate and prioritize the implementation of energy-efficient technology, and promote efficiency throughout the supply chain. The judges like UL DQS’s model, with one saying that “for companies that are interested in ISO certification, or those that set goals based on the new standard, this product provides the tools necessary to successfully evaluate your program, uncover opportunities for improvement, and use solid baselines and criteria for measuring performance. The ISO 50001 is a great solution to improve on energy efficiency, create employee awareness, and adhere to legal requirements. Researchers at Colorado State University have been awarded a $600,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop measurement and assessment tools that architects and others can use to measure greenhouse gases produced by construction activity in real time. The reasoning behind the project is that if GHG can not be measured, it can not be managed.
CSU researchers will focus on comprehensive life cycle assessments, from design through construction, of three progressively more complex buildings: a cutting-edge modular residential building designed by Living Homes in Los Angeles, a CSU classroom and laboratory building in Fort Collins designed by Neenan, and an industrial building — the New Belgium brewery in Asheville, NC.
The metrics system will allow those working in the architecture, engineering and construction industries to create an integrated design for a built environment with net-zero GHG. In July, the US and China agreed on five initiatives to cut GHG emissions including reducing vehicle pollution, increasing carbon capture projects and improving buildings’ energy efficiency. LDAC - or the Leader Development and Assessment Course - began June 13 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. A cadet searches a killed enemy for weapons and intelligence after a firefight during a squad training exercise. In 2010 investors put more than $20 million into new ventures and growth capital for existing players. But Verdantix expects demand to pick up next year due to new regulations on Scope 3 emissions reporting, as well as a growing focus on green procurement and evidence of the business value of LCA projects. For example, Unilever has been performing product LCA studies on margarine, tea and ice cream.
Michelin has used the software in the design of its Green X tires, which help reduce fuel consumption. The founder, Mark Goedkoep, helped create SimaPro software, which next to Gabi is the most widely used platform globally. The standard aims to help organizations establish the systems and processes to improve their energy performance, including efficiency and consumption.

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The concept for the metrics was proposed by a CSU construction management graduate student, Peter  Means.
CSU says the project has been endorsed by the American Institute of Architects, the US Green Building Council, the National Institute for Building Science, the Rocky Mountain Institute and Architecture 2030. A tool to help building professionals measure greenhouse gases produced by construction activity sounds like a great idea, as this will enable architects and others to assess building sustainability through life cycle assessment (LCA) like tools to better understand a structure’s environmental impact.
Such investments will flow upstream to encourage sustainable agriculture practices, Verdantix said.
Flooring manufacturer Shaw Industries drew upon product LCA studies to design its Shaw Nylon 6 products, which can be recycled into new carpets and rugs after use. It is strange that they are not mentioned at all as they are among the first and best positioned for this shift. The EnMS is applicable to all types of organizations and is based on the ISO approach for quality (ISO 9001) and the environment (ISO 14001) using the familiar plan-do-act-check model. Students and faculty from the inter-disciplinary School of Global Environmental Sustainability then submitted the proposal to the science foundation. While scientists have discovered a lot of information about the carbon footprint of buildings, this knowledge has yet to reach the hands of building professionals who could take action to lower the footprint, researchers say. It’s easy to claim a building is “green,” but substantiating those claims is best done in a holistic way – including greenhouse gases produced during construction – and through LCA of the building products that constitute that structure. It would be great if the author could provide a definitive reason for this blatant omission.

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