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If you are in a homebased business, you have to learn to develop your Leadership Characteristics but first you must identify them. My favorite quote on this subject is by my friend Dr Reverend Michael Beckwith out of the Agape Church in LA. Awesome, now you could have let that signup ruin your day but you are too powerful for that aren’t you?? As far as forgiveness goes, I use a process I learned from Louise Hay all the time and it is the most liberating thing to be free of negative emotions quickly like holding a grudge.
I was at your webinar last week, and I was amazed and surprised at how developed you are as a prosperous leader who is generous to give what he knows for sure will produce results. You really seem to be full of love and abundance, beyond your SO FOCUSED DISCIPLINE I admire about you & would like to develop for my business.
One of the things you taught us is to be consistent in “crushing it” every day by commenting on at least 10 blogs, correct? Thank you so much Mike, I am so glad I got to hear your feedback on this as I know you had some computer problems. Agree with you Ray, if we truly care about the people around us our leadership skills will improve automatically. Besides our race and where we come from we are no different and if we all just embraced love and took care of one another we would truly all be Rich! Tipping point Leadership  – find the glass is one of our Antidotes to Austerity workshops. Tipping point leadership characteristics are a timely response  and counter-weight to the negative effects of a recession. Turn the tables on deficit thinking and find the tipping points in your business.  Find the antidotes to Austerity!
About Apex Leadership.Apex Leadership Limited was founded by Anthony Sturgess and Phil Higson. They are both experienced management educators and developers, and former business school department heads.
David, after being anointed and considered a war hero, served the menial tasks for the King in the palace. 1Sam 24:8-15 David could have killed Saul many times; as Saul was pursuing him with 3000 men and trying to take his life - (which, by the way, the "Cave" season of David's life is a must study)!

The sense of entire nothingness, which comes when we see how truly God is all, and in which we make God to be all. When I feel pride creeping up in my life, it's because I think I have rights - I think I deserve something and I should be able to have it!
I can tell you with absolute certainty that you will never grow a huge team without focusing on developing YOU first. One of the most powerful Leadership Characteristics you can possess is the attitude of abundance. If you think that you have to be more liked by a founder or leader than someone else to be important, it means that you believe there is a lack and only so much attention, care, love to go around. To become a more powerful person that people want to follow, learn to develop Leadership Characteristics of love. It has been said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, truer words have never been spoken. I can see how people can fall into that trap because it seems logical, but the truth is rich people live rich. I just got paid, and almost my whole paycheck got eaten up by a huge overdraft fee in my checking account — leaving me with only $50 to carry me over to next payday, and I needed at least $400 dollars to pay my bills! But, I honestly believe that in order to become a true leader, you have to learn to become a better YOU.
One little known but crucial set of characteristics  are those of tipping point leadership. Tipping points have been popularised by the work of Malcolm Gladwell in his book of the same name exploring how small things can have a big impact.
Find the glass is a reference to a model we will introduce to challenge you to hold on to competing tensions rather than to let go of one and compromise. Pride is demanding honor, not volunteering to serve in front of people or in the secret place. Choices of how he would respond to all the testing, promotions, desert, and fleshly desires.
Having this attitude prevents you from looking at lack and I will tell you, some will be surprised at some of the lack attitudes that you thought may have been good to have! This does not mean I am saying not to be competitive, no, in a healthy way, competition is awesome, however, some do this out of the belief that one’s success means anothers demise and that is NOT one of the Leadership Characteristics.

You know we blame our parents a lot of times but forget to remember how bad of decisions we made when we were younger. Focus on developing all of your Leadership Characteristics but if you master the art of loving others, all others Leadership Characteristics will improve at the same time. Throughout the day, I unknowingly experience a lack of something through my actions without realizing it, and I constantly have to shift my thinking pattern back into perspective. Love is truly the key…we have to remember that we are all Gods people who were once little babies. In the context of a recession the idea of leaders finding tipping points in their business has extra significance.
In this blog post I will help you with this process the way that I have, and continue to, develop myself. If you believe in abundance, you can shrug off when others present you their lack attitude.
The you of today is better than the you of yesterday as you have learned more lessons and they have prepared you to become a more powerful you.
People with regular jobs usually just accept the fact that this is who they are and never desire to want to be any better.
When resources are under pressure finding the small changes that can have a big impact  makes sense. Those in your team, those in your family, all did what they did perfectly to make you who you are. If we learn to improve ourselves, others will take notice & start following, hopefully for the better. The amazing thing is when you clear up your past and learn to forgive, your future opens to a whole new world.
According to Kim and  Mauborgyne in their Harvard article on the subject a tipping point is when the energy and belief in an organisation reaches a point where change can happen quickly. In this workshop we’ll explore how tipping points can make a significant impact in a recession.

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