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How would you feel if you knew the work you did was transforming the lives of other people?
Do you have good people skills, but need a framework for creating services that help you to build a business? NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) has been a central strategy for personal empowerment and change work for over 40 years. Life Coaching (and Executive Coaching) is a framework for helping that is bases problem solving on personal strengths and helps people to move into their greatest level of potential.
There are a lot of training programs to choose from, but you can make the right choice and take this program which is approved by both the ICBCH and the Center for Credentialing and Education. This course is an online course, it is self-paced and can be completed from any location worldwide.
In addition to the hours of online audio lectures, streaming video and supplemental PDF notes, you will also be selecting academic quality textbooks you can use to personalize this program to match your own interests. When you complete this program, you will be well prepared to begin helping others through a variety of new skills and application of those skills. This course includes business and marketing ideas to help you establish yourself in an office setting, online or even on-site doing consulting and coaching within business and industry. This course requires four textbooks you can easily purchase from any location (new or used) eBooks or paperbacks at an additional cost to you. CTI is a pioneer in positioning coaching and relationship management as core leadership competencies. Explore deeply the growing body of neuroscience research which reveals that the tools of Co-Active Coaching® profoundly help clients develop positive new neural networks, respond more calmly to stress, make choices more easily, and access much more of their creativity.
Harnessing the vibrant energy of our thriving city, attendees will not only walk away from each weekend module with coaching and business development skills, they will leave recharged and inspired to make an authentic impact in the world around them.
This three-day segment thoroughly covers ICF core competencies, personal development, skill & technique development, and more. This three-day segment covers the business aspects of coaching, including: establishing an independent coaching practice, branding, marketing, pricing, packaging of services, business development, and more.
Click the button below to attend an information call where you can learn about the program, meet the Instructors and have all of your questions answered. Students are required to pay for the entire coach training program up front, unless otherwise specified. Raleigh Coaching Academy, an extension of Raleigh Coaching, LLC, reserves the right to assess each request on a case by case basis to determine legitimacy and proper handling.
Why not make your NLP Practitioner certification a holiday in Thailand?  For the first time, Michael Carroll will be coming to Bangkok to run the Business NLP Practitioner certification course.
This course is aimed at people who want to apply their NLP skills in the arena of business and professional development. Business today is full of challenges with companies competing for a market share that is getting more and more competitive. The course is led in intensive nine day format , enabling delegates time to have an in depth experience of learning NLP. After this module you will have learned key influence and persuasion processes to be highly effective in rapport building and communication in your work place. How to create states of high performance in people you are coaching, so when your clients are in the environment where they were challenged they perform at a very high level. To engage and utilise the bigger part of the client’s mind and bring off line resources to every day awareness for increased levels of performance. After this module you will have learned how to use some of the most advanced change models in NLP to create rapid and lasting change in the people you are working with. Having learned NLP core skills for influence and NLP for coaching, it’s now time to work with some specific applications of NLP in business. After the course you will be able to utilise NLP skills for effective communication, self development, leadership and negotiation. On successful completion of the evaluation at the course delegates will be awarded certification as an ‘NLP Practitioner’ through the International Trainers Academy of NLP (ITA), an organisation established by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll to ensure a high standard is maintained in the field.
Michael Carroll is a fascinating character, who makes an impact on all those he meets, and has certainly made an impact on the field of NLP. The Venue: Swissotel Le Concorde, Bangkok, is located on Ratchadapisek Road, Bangkok’s new thriving business and entertainment district. Do you need accommodation during your stay?  Contact Change Works – We will book it for you!
It is also the key to structuring skills you may already possess such as counseling, clinical hypnosis or NLP to create a larger market for your services and will all you to reach your highest level of potential. In addition to the three certifications this program offers, you will also earn 80 hours of continuing education credit, and you will know the program you are taking has been created on a foundation of what is truly effective by Dr.
You will also have the support of our many graduates, and our active internet forums with thousands of members who can answer question and help you achieve your goals in creating a business helping others.
Our comprehensive bibliography gives you over 50 affordable textbook options, and makes a great recommended reading list for continuing you professional education.

Estimated cost of textbooks will vary depending on the format and condition of the books you choose, ranging from $30 on the low end up to $100 on the higher end.
Um seminario completo sobre Lideranca e Coaching, reconhecida por uma das mais tradicionais Universidades dos Estado Unidos.
RCA alumni are also invited to the call to share their experience with prospective students.
The tools of NLP provide business people with a real edge to exploit their competitive advantage. NLP was originally developed from the work of effective change agents who were renowned for their ability to communicate and persuade. Recognising and utilising language patterns effectively by detecting different types of language structures people use and using specific language patterns to elicit and work with the hidden messages embedded in the language structures. Since the early days of NLP the formats have evolved to become one of, if not the most effective, models for coaching and creating change. When using NLP in coaching sessions your clients will find that they now have a plethora of new ways and choices of dealing with areas where previously they were challenged. Whatever your title is within the business, sales, negotiation, marketing and leadership will feature either implicitly or explicitly within your role.
This is an internationally recognised certificate and carries the ink signature of NLP co-creator John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. He is a certified Master Trainer of NLP (the highest level in the field) and a master trainer of hypnosis.
When he entered the field, Michael found the general quality of NLP and the depth of learning experiences available disappointing. The Huay Kwang MRT Station is just 2 minutes from the hotel, and provides easy access to the city of Bangkok. We have a wide selection of hotels ranging from  15 US Dollars to 300 US Dollars per night ! You will learn how to apply these patterns within the context of therapy, coaching and teaching others. Intoday’s competitive business environment, business people need a set of powerful tools to ensure people within the organisation are performing at their very best. As a successful business person it is essential for you to be an excellent communicator, so not only is your message heard clearly but people respond to your message appropriately. Your ability to lead defines how far you progress in your organisation, your ability to sell defines not only how much business you can attract but how well you sell your ideas to colleagues and managers.
Michael’s courses are profound learning experiences flowing into every outlet of your life. As part of his mission to reset the standard, he sought out John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair and has worked closely with them ever since.
Chatuchak Market, Lumpini Night Bazaar, Chinatown, and the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre are all within 10-20 minutes ride. Atendimento rapido Ligamos pra voce A Ohio UniversityFundada em 1804, a Ohio CoB, e uma das mais tradicionais universidades estadunidenses. Directors, entrepreneurs, sales people, managers and marketing professionals will learn and practice how to use NLP for business and personal excellence. The effectiveness of NLP can be seen in the results that come from the New Code NLP coaching sessions.
Your ability to negotiate defines not just your ability to get the best deal, it defines your mental strength and personal effectiveness, and your ability to market defines how you communicate abstract messages in different mediums so that people have a tangible experience of relating to what is being said.
The ongoing goal is to develop and deliver courses that accredit quality Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Trainers of NLP and offer personal and corporate excellence. For some people these skills feature explicitly in their every day work and for others they are more implicit.
Localizada na cidade de Athens, a estrutura da Universidade permite atender milhares de alunos em diferentes areas oferecendo faculdades de Artes e Ciencias, Belas Artes, Business, Educacao, Engenharia, entre outras.A parceria visa oferecer aos alunos do IBC a oportunidade da realizacao de um seminario com Certificacao Internacional.
At whatever level, they will feature in your work as they are fundamental to business success. O seminario acontece em sistema de imersao, realizado em seis dias consecutivos (domingo a sexta), no Campus Athens, da Universidade de Ohio. O objetivo e oferecer um Programa de Educacao Executiva de alta qualidade, em uma das melhores e mais tradicionais escolas de negocios do mundo, College of Business da Universidade de Ohio, unida as mais eficazes praticas e Gestao do Coaching, do IBC, em um seminario pratico e vivencial. Atendimento rapido Ligamos pra voce ObjetivoO objetivo do Coaching and Leadership Certifcation Seminar, e oferecer uma experiencia internacional aos profissionais que desejam ampliar seus conhecimentos atraves da interculturalizacao.
Proporcionando conteudo de alta qualidade agregado as mais modernas teorias e praticas de Lideranca e Coaching, em uma das mais respeitadas universidades do mundo. Alem disso, os alunos obterao conhecimentos, experiencia e formacao internacional em um programa de intenso aprendizado.A parceria visa oferecer aos alunos do IBC a oportunidade da realizacao de um seminario com Certificacao Internacional. O objetivo e oferecer um Programa de Educacao Executiva de alta qualidade, em uma das melhores e mais tradicionais escolas de negocios do mundo, College of Business da Universidade de Ohio, unida as mais eficazes praticas e Gestao do Coaching, do IBC, em um seminario pratico e vivencial.O SeminarioE um Programa de Educacao Executiva de altissima qualidade e experiencia internacional.
Unindo a excelencia de ensino em Coaching do IBC a qualidade e tradicao da Ohio CoB.MetodologiaA metodologia oferecida no Seminario, visa apresentar as mais modernas e eficazes, teorias e praticas de Lideranca e Coaching em uma visao intercultural.

Alem dos modulos serao oferecidas atividades praticas e interativas, para que os participantes possam ter contato com a cultura americana e suas peculiaridades. Uma incrivel oportunidade de ampliar conhecimento cultural, bem como sua percepcao e pertencimento de mundo!
Atendimento rapido Ligamos pra voce Cronograma Atendimento rapido Ligamos pra voce Corpo DocenteJose Roberto Marques Presidente do Instituto Brasileiro de Coaching- IBC. E o unico treinador, no Brasil, autorizado pelo Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) a ministrar o treinamento - Advanced Coach Senior (Pos Master Coach). Especialista em Linguagem Ericksoniana pela American Society of Clinical Hypnosis e Global Institute for Trauma Resolution. Criador de diversos instrumentos e ferramentas para desenvolvimento de pessoas e do Programa de Formacao e Certificacao Internacional Professional & Self Coaching - PSC, que e notadamente um grande case de sucesso noBrasil.
Alem das tecnicas e ferramentas a serem utilizadas para a implementacao de uma cultura de Coaching solida e sustentavel.
Esse modulo trata sobre gestao estrategica, fornecendo um conjunto de conceitos e ferramentas, necessarios para conduzir com exito as estrategias, incluindo Coaching e gestao de diferentes areas da organizacao. Possui mais de 20 anos de experiencia corporativa, alem da fundacao e operacao de seu proprio negocio. E um dos principais investidores em bolsas de pesquisa e de assistencias ao desenvolvimento economico de agencias, incluindo a Administracao do Desenvolvimento Economico do Departamento de Comercio dos EUA, OTP Programa de Subsidios, Escritorio de Politica Tecnologica, e da Comissao Regional Apalaciana de Ohio. Neste modulo, apresenta-se um novo ambiente competitivo, onde os lideres precisam desenvolver novas acoes. O foco esta em conceitos como vantagens competitivas transitorias, modelo de negocio da inovacao e experiencia total no cliente (menor preco, maior qualidade e funcionalidade).
Doutor em RH e Comportamento Organizacional pela Universidade Estadual de Ohio e certificado como profissional senior de Recursos Humanos (SPHR).
Professor Emerito Associado na Gestao de Recursos Humanos na Universidade de Ohio, atualmente e diretor de Pos-Graduacao de Educacao Executiva e Desenvolvimento para o College of Business (Faculdade de Negocios).
Os alunos participarao de desafios a nivel estrategico da “C Suite” com foco em resultados. Esse modulo nos leva a novas abordagens que facilitam a segmentacao do talento e arquiteturas diferenciadas de capital humano para atender aos requisitos dos cargos cruciais para apoiar a execucao das estrategias. Os participantes adquirirao uma compreensao das ferramentas e modelos que estao disponiveis para os executivos que treinador.Hendre Coetzee E um Coach Executivo Sul-Africano, Fundador e Presidente da Center for Advanced Coaching – CAC.
Hendre e o autor do 90-Day Turn System, um programa de treinamento de Coaching personalizavel, que pode ser adaptado a qualquer cultura e qualquer necessidade da organizacao. Os participantes (como agentes de mudanca) examinam e exploram atuais pesquisas de resultados em Mentoring, modelos de Mentoring e os desafios relevantes que eles enfrentam em seu local de trabalho.Kevin Smith, MBA Kevin Smith fundou e dirigiu programas no centro de Lideranca Amanda J. Cunningham, na Universidade de Ohio, centro que fornece instrucoes de lideranca para mais de 4.000 pessoas por ano, entre estudantes, professores e funcionarios. Em junho de 2012, Kevin foi contratado como diretor fundador da Faculdade do Instituto de Administracao de Empresas de Lideranca e Avanco da Universidade de Akron, onde ele supervisionou um orcamento no valor de $1 milhao de dolares para construir um programa de lideranca nacionalmente proeminente com foco em lideranca e inovacao social. Hoje, Kevin trabalha com algumas das pessoas mais influentes no mundo corporativo e no governo executivo dos Estados Unidos. O trabalho de Kevin tem sido reconhecido e utilizado como exemplo de autores em lideranca internacional de renome durante webinars e apresentacoes.
Como nos empregamos mais equipes para resolver problemas cada vez mais complexos, devemos estar preparados para liderar em todos os niveis, tornando-se um processo relacional.
No modulo, True Colors - Lideranca Relacional, os alunos participarao de uma auto avaliacao unica e trabalhar em equipe para resolver os desafios enquanto aprendem a comunicar a sua lideranca pessoal de forma mais eficaz.Tammy Reynolds, MBA Tammy Reynolds ingressou na OHIO em 2012, apos mais de 20 anos na industria.
Iniciou sua carreira na Companhia de Oleo Marathon, e mais recentemente trabalhou para a Corporacao Whirlpool em Benton Harbor, Michigan, onde liderou a Area de Recursos Humanos para toda America do Norte. Tammy e bacharel em Ciencia pela Universidade de West Liberty State, possui tambem um mestrado em Relacoes Trabalhistas e Industriais pela Universidade de West Virginia.
Esse modulo e projeto para melhorar a habilidade de consciencia e engajamento de lideres em todos os niveis, dividido em tres partes:- Como se tornar um lider envolvente- Simulacoes de Lideranca- Elevando a Equipes de Alta PerformanceTim Reynolds, MBA Tim Reynolds e o diretor executivo fundador do Centro de Lideranca Estrategica Robert D. Possui mais de 25 anos de experiencia corporativa em desenvolver lideres com companhias da Fortune 500, incluindo a Companhia de Oleo Marathon, os Laboratorios Abbott, a Corporacao Johns Manville e a Whirlpool Corporation. Tim possui ampla experiencia em desenvolvimento de lideranca e de sucessao, e estrategia de talento. Como vice-presidente de Talentos e Desenvolvimento Organizacional para a Whirlpool Corporation, desenvolveu talentos analiticos, aquisicao e avaliacao, desenvolvimento de lideranca e planejamento de sucessao, diversidade e inclusao, e construcao de capacidade organizacional para a empresa lider de aparelhos do mundo. Novas Possibilidades na Carreira Mais Qualidade na Vida Resultados Extraordinariospermita-se ir alem!

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