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You’ve worked hard to get to this point in your career and you’ve surely had some success along the way.
Post leadership coaching, you’ll see a significant rise in your productivity, your happiness and your ability to lead. Other HR Services like our Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Management Training, and Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI),  the DISC and Strengthsfinder Behavioral Assessments can help you help your supervisors, directors, or managers overcome many leadership challenges. The coach and client collaborate to create an individualized plan based on the client’s stated goals and from assessment results and shadowing information. The LifeRhythm training program is designed to help outline ways to be a more effective leader in todaya€™s world.
We maintain that an excellent head for business or a keen eye on the bottom line are no doubt admirable qualities, more importantly, motivating people to perform at their best, creating an atmosphere of trust in the team and making the right choices for the company are traits that make a great leader. Maintain focus and commitment by defining and redefining, day after day, organizational goals.
Conduct and attitudes that symbolize and relate to humanity are the critical factors for effective leadership. Do explore all the programs we offer covering corporate wellbeing as well as general wellbeing and find out more about the value we can add to your organization.
Today’s leaders and managers must maximize their most important resources – HUMAN RESOURCES.
The fully customizable 5-module executive training and development program teaches the leadership skills that will support participants in responding effectively to the pressure to get more done with fewer assets and in less time. Whether you learn best by doing, seeing or hearing our program blends audio and visual learning platforms with interactive eLearning to ensure that participants move forward quickly.

We offer Leader-As-Coach in an online eLearning environment as well as a traditional in-person workshop training options. LEADERSHIP TIPHow do you inspire cooperation, resiliency, and vision while staying true to your own style and ensuring results? In addition to the commercial, strategic, financial, economic, political and interpersonal demands, leaders are also likely to face personal challenges in their roles. The support of a psychologist with experience in this field can be exceptionally helpful in providing the self insight, support, frameworks and strategies to enable you to excel and embrace your own leadership challenge.
Ainsley Salsbury is a psychologist with a breadth and depth of experience in addressing psychological issues including executive coaching, leadership and managerial development, work stress, performance management, bullying and interpersonal conflict. In addition to her credentials as a psychologist, she has a Bachelor in Human Resource Management, and has worked in specialist capacities within large organisations, and consulted extensively as a Corporate Psychologist.
She has spent 12 years of her professional life working with clients from a wide range of backgrounds from Corporate Executives, lawyers and accountants to those in manufacturing, correctional services, health, government, school children and recent humanitarian (refugee) entrants to Australia. Her work in the field of stress and workplace issues is enriched by her largely Cognitive-Behavioural therapeutic orientation, extensive insight into Organisational Dynamics and Behaviours, knowledge and application of a wide variety of Management and Leadership Models, and a fierce commitment to achieving practical outcomes for her clients. Even established business leaders face challenges that make them feel incompetent as leaders. We can help you identify which characteristics are not strengths and then tailor a program to the ones that are. Your leader’s individual development plan documents goals and objectives that will be met during the coaching experience. People follow leaders for the trust and respect they command, and not merely for their skills.

The LifeRhythm leadership training program is comprehensive; designed to achieve a realistic balance between operational and leadership responsibilities. Leader-As-Coach program is a corporate leadership and executive training and development program that gives participants the confidence, practical tools and support they need to lead with impact. This form of business management organizational development consulting bridges the gap for both new and experienced managers and leaders.
The audio portion, which includes sample executive coaching sessions and real-life examples of how leaders have advanced or sabotaged their success. What is the best way for you to make sense of it all and apply these principles in manner which helps you achieve results, cultivate a sense of professional satisfaction and reward for you as a leader, and engender a culture and attitude from your staff which is best aligned with continued future success? At AdvantEdge Success Coaching we can help you develop a plan that plays to your strengths to address these challenges and improve your overall effectiveness. Manager level staff and above will learn to unlock their own potential and that of employees. Our 5-step process sharpens leadership skills with practical tools and confidence they need to nurture the talents and skills of those they manage.
Definitely this has become possible by the revolution brought about by science and technology.

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