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Increasing capacity in leadership and learning holds the greatest potential return on investment for any organization. Mindshift Consulting offers custom leadership programs that deliver a balance of assessment, skills, insights, strategy, and experiential learning.
One of our key approaches to leadership development is the Centaur Model of Management and Leadership.
Insync is the only organisation able to deliver these transformational leadership and personal development programmes outside of a business school setting. We blend Centaur (where appropriate) with other proven development methods such as coaching, action learning, multi-rater feedback (360), and career planning tools to achieve the right approach for each client's Talent Management Strategy.
Due to their seniority executives often find it problematic to find trusted confidants to discuss sensitive business issues and personal development needs. Executive Team coaching is particularly effective when based on observations of the team operating day to day, optionally coupled with 360 degree feedback and targeted interviews. Finally Insync coaches have extensive experience of organising and supporting a€?awaydaysa€™; crucial time for the team to reflect on strategic issues and and make decisions on operational challenges.
Around 70% of UK organisations use coaching as a major component of its learning and development strategy due to its proven effectiveness. The exceptional salesperson keeps a good balance between meeting the needs of their clients (consultative) and advancing the business of their own organization (strategic). Those who seek fulfillment and deliver exceptional work can't help being noticed by those around them. We can help you set up the framework for success that engages committed employees, retains loyal customers and produces healthy profits. Working with our international offices, Strategic Enhancement Group provides solutions, facilitators and materials in culturally adapted and appropriate languages, while maintaining consistency in the content and program delivery for our clients.
We are a group of professionals who are passionate about our work: helping our clients to enhance what they already do well to attain greater results. Since 1984 Strategic Enhancement Group has worked with organizations large and small, domestic and global, across diverse industries to accomplish amazing results by helping them attract, develop and retain their best talent. We are committed to offering superior programs and services, using tools from the best resources available. As we work with you to Bridge the Gap between Learning and Results™ we help you design solutions to achieve your definition of success. Clearly it pays to have the long-standing relationship that we’ve enjoyed over the years with your company. The Procentus Leadership Academy focuses on all aspects of leadership, and uses the body of work of Professor John Adair to harmonise the complex issues of leadership into an easily applied discipline which is of great practical use in any organisation.
John Adair's Action Centred Leadership Model is a powerful learning experience for leaders within all organisations and his works have been instrumental in overturning the 'Great Man' theories of leadership. Although John Adair is best known for his Three Circles Model, his work taken as a whole, offers you a comprehensive, coherent and essentially practical philosophy of leadership and leadership development. That philosophy revolves around the concept that there is such a thing as a generic role of leader.

We are also the accreditation body for for trainers wishing to gain certification as Adair accredited trainers in the Middle East and India.
We bring strategic learning and development expertise to both small and large organisations. InSynca€™s coaching and methodologies have transformed my work-life balance and brought peace back into my world, both personally and professionally. For information on our upcoming events and new research articles, please enter your details. Ron Cacioppe’s integrated approach to planning leadership development (1998) which is printed on page 3, is an effective model to help plan your approach. It’s also worth considering how to deliver your leadership development programme in the most time-effective way for managers. Do your homework and start by articulating your strategic objectives, before you decide what activities to include in the programme. To succeed, leaders navigate uncertainty while making difficult decisions in the face of constant change.
Programs typically include some level of executive coaching as part of the overall development strategy.
We believe that the basis of successful leadership is how well each leader handles relationships, politics and ethical decision making.
This is a simple and pragmatic guide to understanding personality, it provides a route to understanding ourselves and others and the key to inspiring and motivating individuals and teams.
Insync coaches, with their extensive organisational and behavioural expertise help equip executives with insights and skills to lead more effectively.
With these insights our coaches can help the team understand what is hindering them working effectively. Your goal maybe to introduce coaching as an individual or team performance development technique or as an integral part of the way your organisation manages its people and conducts business - Insync can help you achieve your objective on an a€?organisational readiness assessmenta€™. For over 26 years, our sales development programs have stood the test of time garnering success all over the world.
Over 150,000 people from 600 companies and organizations in 37 states and 33 countries have benefitted from development opportunities that helped them increase their personal effectiveness, not only on the job but in life as well. We tap a network of world class consultants and facilitators with strong business backgrounds to address our clients’ needs. We help you focus, identify, evaluate, develop, reinforce and measure to achieve your desired results. The training activity absolutely ‘hit the mark’ with our North American Sales organization. It’s association with Professor John Adair and Adair International means that it has a formidable consultancy network from which to develop Leadership programmes and engage in the leadership debate. Our Leadership Strategy services identify the management and leadership skills and capabilities needed to achieve business growth. Before deciding what elements a programme needs to include, he suggests articulating the key strategic objectives that are vital to the survival, success and growth of the organisation (Stage 1), and then setting the objectives for a leadership development programme directly from those key strategic objectives (Stage 2).

We are increasingly being asked to provide leadership development for busy managers who can’t be away from their desks for blocks of time.
That way you will ensure your leadership development programme contributes to the business objectives of your organisation.
Good consultants will be able to advise you on the sort of activities that can help you achieve your objectives.
And still, they must find the time to continually update their knowledge and skills and increase their insights, on the fly. We have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals, realize your potential and become a true master. SEG is also a proud partner of Wilson Learning Worldwide, Get Control™, Celemi, Mercer, Oxicon, the Innovator Company and Learning Solutions. I was told over and over again by our Account Managers and Sales Directors how impressed they were with the quality of the material and delivery by the instructors. If you were thinking of getting some straight forward advice on how to develop the leadership capabilities in your organisation, you might wonder where to start or which way is best. The emphasis has changed from management to leadership with a change in what we expect from the people who lead our organisations today. Only when that has been done should you think about what activities to include in the programme (Stage 3).
Integration of the programme with management and HR systems will help development continue after the formal programme elements have finished. Technology offers many creative ways to deliver activities to manager’s desks so they can be completed in the most time-economic way. On occasion we have helped clients save money by advising them against costly activities that were unlikely to contribute to their goals. Working with these fine organizations, we bring planning, training, development, coaching and assessments that challenge people to think and perform in ways that lead to greater job satisfaction. What changes with level is the degree and extent of complexity, but not the underlying nature and role of leadership. Clearly there is a lot expected of leaders now with leadership behaviour being expected further down the organisation.
Strategic Enhancement Group's distinguished leadership and management development offerings provide inspiring solutions that challenge your organization to improve.
At the other end of the programme, Cacioppe talks about giving proper time and thought to evaluation (step 7). Evaluation can be difficult and is often overlooked, but it’s vital to know how well the programme has worked before moving on.

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