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KIPP Teachers have access to KIPP Share, an online platform that enables teachers to share their curriculum, connect with teachers across the network, and explore popular classroom resources. Every summer, KIPP teachers have the opportunity to come together for an entire week of learning and community-building at the KIPP School Summit (KSS). Every year, KIPP Foundation hosts a variety of weekend-long community retreats throughout the country.
For teachers interested in pursuing school leadership, KIPP School Leadership Programs run nationally-recognized programs over the summer and during the school year to support the development of teacher leaders, deans and individuals selected to lead KIPP schools.
In Workshop 2 last week, we continued our journey towards developing a heightened level of self awareness by focusing attention on what’s most important to you from work – My Work Values. Knowing what you value from your career enables you to create the conditions in which to flourish.
As we continue to explore the 1st Principle that underpins leadership effectiveness – Learning about leadership is at it’s heart, learning about self – it’s about developing a heightened level of self awareness next week we will turn our attention to what you recognise as your Strengths. Work through the attached self reflection template and share your thoughts and insights from working through the exercise.
About the Author: As a leadership coach, mentor, practitioner and scholar, my purpose is to help others realise their leadership potential by facilitating lasting positive behavioural change. Position your organization for optimal growth and change with the Inroads Action Learning Program.
The Inroads Action Learning Program is designed specifically for organizations who want to further develop proven leaders to take the next step toward building a pool of individuals who are ready for future leadership roles.

Your organization will receive the maximum investment from the Inroads Action Learning Program because participants work on critical organizational problems while immersed in leadership competency development. Action Learning involves working with business owners, colleagues, and peers in focused teams to achieve successful learning outcomes, as well as recommendations for organizational problems and issues that have not been solved by the usual methods.
What effect would an automated and customized marketing message delivered by the field sales force to our customers have on our business?
The Inroads Action Learning Program is a 10 -day program that runs over a period of six months. The three-day program kickoff session introduces and prepares the participant for the leadership development experience. The final two days of the Inroads Action Learning Program include a review and reflection of the two dimensions of action learning—solving organizational problems and developing team and individual leadership competencies. This network-wide event offers learning experiences with high quality presenters in all academic content areas and effective and culturally relevant pedagogy. These retreats provide attendees an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with other teachers and leaders throughout the network.
These leadership development programs include classroom learning, collaborative projects and residencies in KIPP schools around the country. KIPP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin. I invite you to take the time to reflect on your career values – recognise that this may change over time so it’s important to do this exercise at least annually.

Throughout this process, participants reflect on their actions, results, and their overall development as a leader. They build on each other’s work so KIPPsters benefit from the collective wisdom of a network.
While maximizing opportunities for sharing and collaborating with colleagues, KSS also ensures that teachers walk back into their classrooms each fall armed with best practices and tools that they can implement immediately. Work through the attached template – My Career Values and once you’ve completed it ask yourself – do my present circumstances enable me to best live out and realise my career values?
If not, then ask yourself, what do I need to change to ensure I am better able to realise my career values?
By doing so, you’ll be better able to influence situations so that your career options and choices are more aligned with what’s most important to you.
Once you’ve thought about this for yourself, invite your team members give it some thought. It’s only with this knowledge that you will be best positioned to facilitate their career path and succeed in retaining talent in your business.

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