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Very honoured to see your blog, I benefited a lot here, and it brings me a great deal of enjoyment. I first came to visit your site, this article is worth people thinking about people watching, very pleased to meet you here! If you can add in your article some of your personal opinion , I think your article will be more exciting and interesting . If your calling is to protect and serve, LU Online can prepare you to open new doors in the field of law enforcement. Lamar University Online offers educators a wealth of opportunities to expand their knowledge and expertise.
Prepare for career growth and leadership positions in nursing with Lamar University Online ACEN-accredited programs.
A college degree makes a critical difference in your earning potential and future opportunities. The Master of Education in Teacher Leadership with a Specialization in ESL online degree program prepares teachers with the motivational, management and assessment skills to help English language learners succeed in the classroom and beyond. You will learn how to support student learning by building key relationships with school community stakeholders including students, teachers, faculty, parents and the community at large.
Students are required to complete 36 hours of coursework as outlined in the following degree plan.
Note: Lamar University Graduate Education Programs do not permit students to take coursework for transient credit.
This course introduces teachers to the design, methodologies, and techniques necessary to understand educational research and to use ‚Äúscientifically-based research‚ÄĚ in making informed decisions which can positively impact student achievement. This course provides a foundation for developing relationships with stakeholders within the school community; students, faculty, parents, and the community at large for the expressed goal of supporting student learning.
This course provides educators a basic understanding of the strengths and structure of learning communities with a focus on developing a culture of change and improvement for student learning.
This course provides teachers a foundation to understand the legal, ethical, and policy dimensions of education.
This course enhances teachers' ability to develop instructional programs to assess, instruct, and support students with diverse learning needs.
This course supports teachers as they develop the competencies to utilize formative and summative assessment practices and data to inform and guide curriculum development and instruction.
This course prepares teachers to establish high expectations for all students and to effectively evaluate and implement theories of motivation and cognitive engagement in classroom learning. This course introduces the methods and approaches for providing language and content instruction to English Language Learners (ELLs).

This course focuses on the teaching of what have traditionally been called language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).
Lamar University's online Master of Education in Teacher Leadership with a Specialization in ESL offers multiple opportunities per year to enter your program. For nearly a century, Lamar University has been committed to offering a high quality education that is also accessible to students at all levels of financial need.
Total program cost depends upon transfer hours and program advisement relevant to program requirements. Ready to get started on your degree program online, but need help finding ways to fund your education?
Lamar University's online programs have specific requirements that applicants must meet to enroll. However, your article contains a lot of valuable information and knowledge , and expect you to bring us more fun and surprises . Designed to give you the flexibility and convenience you need to fit your studies into your busy life, LU Online bachelor's degrees are some of the highest ranked and most affordable online bachelor's degree programs in the U.S. It is designed to meet the requirements for adding an additional ESL specialization to your teaching certification. You will also gain insight into the educational needs of English language learners and how to develop instructional programs to assist, instruct and support these learners, including the socio-cultural factors that affect their learning and aid in their transition to U.S. A fundamental purpose of the course is to understand and implement strategies to develop essential partnerships between schools and the larger community to foster student learning and achievement. Special emphasis is given to the interpretation of case law, Texas Education Code, and federal and state statutes.
Special emphasis is given to special education, English language learners and economically disadvantaged students.
Special emphasis is given to analyzing classroom and school-based assessment results to aid in meeting the needs of diverse learners.
Emphasis will be placed on different theories of motivation and how classroom, school, work, and social environments shape and influence student motivation.
This course is presented in five weeks, with each week including readings from current research on the topic, lecture from Lamar University professors, discussion with your colleagues, and an assignment. Course readings, assignments, and class discussions will constitute guides to thinking about the relationships among standards, lesson planning, and assessment. The course also reviews types of ESL programs, relevant federal and state learning standards, socio-cultural factors affecting ELLs, and teaching strategies, classroom management techniques and instructional tools that support ELLs' learning and adjustment in U.S.
Rather than separating language instruction into discrete skills, this course emphasizes the integration of all language skills in teaching literacy.

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Raving letter sample letter for a cover letter from an special someone who could have been diagnosed as intended. At the second level, they share what they learn with others locally but not just telling but in a way that helps others develop new skills. Difficult to get through the message in your blog , most readers , the mutual exchange of learning . Hard to come by , I met a lot of blog friends through your blog , through the mutual exchange , mutual learning , and experience a lot of experience . Throughout the five weeks, you will explore the following topics: teacher leadership, professional portfolios, reflective practice, effective mentoring of novice teachers, and lifelong learning.
A key component of the course is to discuss issues and concepts of assessment and think through how English language learners' oral, reading and writing development is assessed using as guidelines the Texas English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) or similar standards from another state. Strategies and techniques for effective literacy instruction for English language learners (ELLs) are presented and applied, and the relationship among schooling, literacy, and social and cultural life are explored.
The course also provides a general background in teaching and assessing ESL-Special Education students. The goal of the course is not to provide simplistic recipes for instruction, nor does it argue for a singular approach or method. Additionally, strategies for increasing family and community involvement to support English language learners' literacy learning are addressed. Instead, the course seeks to engender a critical awareness of the complexity of teaching ELLs and to encourage an understanding of the primary literature that informs ESL instruction. Recommendation letter help support letter of the positive attributes of recommendation possible in college application teacher sample recommendation what ingredients. Teacher leaders can operate locally but they can also extend their reach over distances and across time.
Letters of the quality workmanship a recommendation or giving a cover letter of recommendation oct, letter for asking someone to ask for different. Over time they can create conceptual artifacts (papers, videos, blogs, books, or podcasts) that share their wisdom with teachers who will follow their intellectual footsteps.
I am also attaching the powerpoint slides for the talk (Download Riel-FETC-2009-teacher leadership).

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