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National Grid has continued its support of the United Way of Central Massachusetts this year with a generous corporate gift of $365,000.
Gifts such as National Grid’s allow United Way of Central Massachusetts to fund programs that ensure the most vulnerable members of our community have a safety net.
Part of National Grid’s gift - $210,000 - will go toward the United Way’s Community Impact Pool, where it will be used to create lasting change in our local community. Don’t miss out on Bullying in a Digital Age: The Impact on School Culture - a free anti-bullying conference! The work we do responding to the needs of the many individuals and families in our community is critical to the vitality of central Massachusetts. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to United Way of Central Massachusetts today and help us make a difference in the lives of so many.
Burncoat Street Prep has improved its state accountability score and moved from a Level 4 school to a Level 3 school. United Way of Central Massachusetts President and CEO, Tim Garvin, served on the restructuring committee for Burncoat Street Prep. United Way of Central Massachusetts is issuing a request for safety net and Women’s Initiative funding proposals. COMMUNITY SAFETY NET funding supports programs that stabilize those of us who are unable to meet basic needs due to conditions that create vulnerability.
Through its annual grant awards, the Women’s Initiative of the United Way of Central Massachusetts focuses on building, strengthening, and supporting the development of confident and safe girls. We LIVE UNITED when we all give a little bit extra, uniting together to make a difference and create a better life for all in central Massachusetts.
Our Women’s Initiative is looking for volunteers to mentor 8th grade girls in financial literacy.
Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to mentor middle-school girls at our Dollar $cholar conferences November 23 & 24, 2015!
WI funded program Just Us Girls was created 12 years ago by Dianne Young, mother of program participant Kerianne Young.
Because of your generosity, Just Us Girls has just begun its fourth year of funding from the Women’s Initiative. We are seeking short-term, fun, and interesting volunteer opportunities from mid November through January 2016. Pamela and Maurice Boisvert will lead the United Way of Central Massachusetts 2015-2016 Campaign. United Way of Central Massachusetts’ Summer Youth Volunteer Program has wrapped up its sixth successful year.
United Way Central Massachusetts invites you to our annual Day of Caring on September 17, 2015.
Each year, the Volunteer Center at United Way of Central Massachusetts coordinates many events to promote volunteerism and leadership. This unique community-wide event engages volunteer teams from across Worcester County to complete one-day service projects that benefit local non-profit organizations and the clients they serve. United Way of Central Massachusetts is committed to supporting programs that improve the health of our community.
Congratulations to all of our partners who are doing great things to improve the health of our community! Four students applied and were accepted into two Worcester Polytechnic Institute summer camps. Both camps have high academic standards to be accepted, and require teacher recommendations and at least one essay. The Community Relationship Manager position is a new position that was created to blend fundraising and community impact. The Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Worcester Community Foundation have announced the selection of 25 talented professionals who will comprise the class of Leadership Worcester 2016.
Selected from more than 50 applicants, the class includes a diverse group of women and men from Central Massachusetts representing the communities of Auburn, Bolton, Holden, Leominster, Paxton, Shrewsbury, and Uxbridge with 16 from Worcester, representing two-thirds of the class.
The Leadership Worcester Class of 2016 represents a variety of industry sectors, cultural backgrounds, and diverse educational experiences. The class will get underway on September 18, 2015, with an overnight retreat at the Beechwood Hotel offering participants an opportunity to get to know one another, determine individual leadership strengths, and begin to explore the Worcester community and the emerging leadership needs.
Monthly sessions will explore topics critical to the Worcester region beginning with Medicine and Population Health. Here at United Way of Central Massachusetts, we are excited to see so many of our partner companies and agencies being represented in this year’s class. The Women’s Initiative of United Way of Central Massachusetts recently awarded more than $287,000.00 to fund 11 programs in central Massachusetts that directly impact the lives of middle school girls in the area. The 11 funded programs are focused on reducing the incidence of violence affecting girls through the strategy of building, strengthening and supporting the development of healthy, safe, and confident girls. The grants include an innovative partnership between the Women’s Initiative and UMass Memorial Health Care to fund the Southeast Asian Coalition’s Young Women – Healthy Choices program.
In addition to funding programs and events, Women’s Initiative continues to offer free community-wide financial literacy conferences, called “Dollar $cholar,” for eighth-grade girls in Worcester and surrounding towns.
Students will visit one or two sites every week and participate in a leadership training program called Bounce!
In addition, the Women’s Initiative of United Way of Central Massachusetts recently awarded more than $287,000.00 to fund 11 programs in central Massachusetts that directly impact the lives of middle school girls in the area. United Way of Central Massachusetts President and CEO, Timothy Garvin, says of the grants, “I am so proud that the United Way continues to make strategic investments into programs at agencies doing great work. Located at a site in the greater Worcester area, each project will be completed in one day. United Way of Central Massachusetts’ Volunteer Center coordinates many volunteer opportunities throughout the year to encourage community involvement. Risky behaviors have a negative impact on a girl’s ability to grow and develop into an independent, self-sufficient woman. Girls CHOICE is a Women’s Initiative funded program and the YWCA Central Massachusetts is the fiscal sponsor of the Girls CHOICE program.
United Way of Central Massachusetts hosted their Annual Business Meeting and Celebration on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at Mechanics Hall. The Women’s Initiative of United Way of Central Massachusetts is now accepting nominations for the 2015 Lois B. As part of National Volunteer Week, United Way of Central Massachusetts will honor the outstanding work of volunteers with Inspire by Example Awards.
National Volunteer Week, April 12-18, 2015, is a time to celebrate people doing extraordinary things through service. United Way of Central Massachusetts is excited to once again take part in National Volunteer week April 12-18, 2015!
We need volunteers to help with projects that range from gardening, to packaging meals, to even building a food pantry!
To find out how you can advocate for food justice during National Volunteer Week CLICK HERE! SMARTGirlsPlus is a prevention and education program offered by The Boys and Girls Club of Worcester, which engages inner-city girls ages 10-14 in a wide variety of programming, including fitness, yoga, self-defense, dance, music, drama, and leadership skills. SMARTGirlsPlus provides a safe environment that opens doors to young women experiencing difficulty finishing their education, addresses concerns about their safety and the rise in violence, and responds to the need for greater access to sexual health education—while supporting healthy relationships. According to Liz, one of the best things about seeing Rosa be all she can be is watching how she now helps other girls feel good about themselves without seeking the approval of boys involved in gangs. The Relationship Manager will work within a team of 5 people to organize and execute fundraising campaigns with our central Massachusetts partner corporations. In 2002, The Women’s Initiative of United Way of Central Massachusetts was founded by two local philanthropists, Lois Green and Meridith Wesby. In 2015, the 95th year of our existance, United Way of Central Massachusetts still serves as a pivitol partner in the central Massachusetts community, working to improve lives for all through a strategic focus on EDUCATION, HEALTH, and FAMILY STABILITY.
To celebrate, United Way of Central Massachusetts is asking you to participate in 95 random acts of kindness through-out the day on January 23, 2015. For some great ideas on how to celebrate UWCM’s 95th Anniversary, download this flyer! Through the EITC Coalition, United Way of Central Massachusetts is making this tax credit more accessible to those who need it most.
The event on January 23 will feature Congressman James McGovern, City Manager Edward Augustus, and United Way of Central Massachusetts CEO, Timothy Garvin, along with local private and public business leaders. United Way’s involvement in the Worcester EITC Coalition supports the Family Stability goal to reduce the child poverty rate in central Massachusetts by 10% by 2020. The Licensing Program has formally disapproved the international medical schools listed below. If a medical school is not on this list of disapproved schools, it is either a recognized or an unrecognized medical school. The California State Legislature is considering legislation that would allow the state to once again regulate higher education providers.
A person shall not with the intent to deceive buy, sell, make or alter, give, issue, obtain or attempt to obtain any diploma or other document purporting to confer any academic degree, or which certifies the completion in whole or in part of any course of study in any institution of higher education. A person or other legal entity shall not use, or attempt to use, in connection with any business, trade, profession or occupation any academic degree or certification of degree or degree credit, including but not limited to a transcript of course work, which has been fraudulently issued, obtained, forged or altered. A person shall not append to his name any letters in the same form designated by the Commission on Higher Education as entitled to the protection accorded to an academic degree unless the person has received from a duly authorized institution of higher education the degree or certificate for which the letters are registered. In states without a licensing requirement for institutions of higher education, a duly authorized institution of higher education is one that is regionally accredited or accredited by the appropriate accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Accreditation is voluntary in that the process of accreditation requires the full cooperation with and complete participation in the process of accreditation by the college or university seeking accreditation. September 23, 2004 hearing: Are Current Safeguards Protecting Taxpayers Against Diploma Mills?
The Australian Government does not legally or otherwise recognise the so-called 'Hutt River Province'.
The Tax Office has identified a situation where non-residents of Australia have been offered the chance to purchase international business companies and other entities purportedly incorporated or registered in the 'Hutt River Province'. We are concerned that the companies and other entities may be sold as part of a tax avoidance or evasion arrangement.
People should avoid any arrangements involving 'Hutt River Province' international business companies and any other entities as well as any associated international dealings because they have no legal basis and could be illegal. Below is a list of higher education institutions at different stages of the recognition process with the Higher Education Commission as of 16 April 2015.

Alleged victims of an online diploma mill filed suit in San Diego Superior Court on January 11. According to the suit, the victims paid big bucks for online courses and got nothing remotely useful. The head of the operation, Brett Loebel, a defendant, used a number of pseudonyms, including Richard Smith, Paul Bell, and Brett Howard. Hur stor industrin med falska och vardelosa examina ar internationellt sett ar svart att veta.
Att manniskor anstalls med icke godkanda utbildningar ar vanligt, sager en av varldens ledande experter pa bluffuniversitet, George Gollin som ar professor pa University of Illinois. Det finns en valdigt stor marknad for de har titlarna och industrin borjar bli alltmer sofistikerad, sager professor George Gollin. Nyligen avslojade tidningen New York Times att ett mjukvaruforetag i Pakistan med over 2000 anstallda i sjalva verket agnade storre delen av sin verksamhet at att salja falska akademiska titlar till manniskor runtom i varlden.
It is hard to believe that the Pakistani government was unaware of a major scam orchestrated by Axact, a software company based in Karachi that operates a global network of fake online schools that sell bogus diplomas.
The problem of bogus degrees and predatory schools goes well beyond one company in Pakistan. According to The Times's account, Axact's bogus empire consists basically of the online descriptions of elegantly named and beautifully depicted schools with names that sound very much like those of respected American colleges -- Columbiana, Barkley and Mount Lincoln.
This is, in fact, an elaborate online confection; behind these names there are no professors, no courses and no campuses that offer degrees with real accreditation. Some customers are essentially complicit in the scam, reaching out to Axact for the express purpose of buying fake degrees.
The websites linked to Axact provide everything from high school diplomas for about $350, to doctoral degrees for $4,000 and above.
Congress, which has paid only glancing attention to this problem, needs to focus on it in a sustained way. KARACHI, Pakistan -- Pakistani investigators arrested the chief executive of Axact, a software company accused of running a global diploma mill, early Wednesday after discovering a storage room filled with blank fake degrees.
The chief executive, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, and four other Axact executives were initially charged with fraud, forgery and illegal electronic money transfers, law enforcement officials said.
The arrests were a sharp blow to a company that claimed to be Pakistan's biggest software exporter and that was on the cusp of starting a major television network. But his legal move proved unsuccessful, and late Tuesday, after hours of questioning, he led investigators to a building next to the Axact headquarters in the upscale Karachi neighborhood of Defence. Inside, they found a room filled with blank certificates bearing the letterheads of dozens of fake universities and high schools operated by Axact under names like Bay View, Cambell State, Oxdell and Nixon. The EGSC Women’s Softball Team will hold a skills camp for ages 7-12 on June 2nd and 3rd. EGSC partners with the Altamaha Chess Foundation to offer a scholastic chess pilot program. The following students have been named to the Dean’s Honor and Merit Lists for Spring 2016. On Thursday, April 21, 2016, East Georgia State College held their annual Spring Honors Night in the auditorium of the Luck Flanders Gambrell Building.
Members of EGSC’s Phi Beta Lambda Chapter of FBLA attended state competition in Atlanta.
David Strickland recently presented at the Annual Teaching Academic Survival and Success Skills Conference.
Lindsey Howell has been awarded a grant from the National Sciences Foundation for undergraduate research.
Hearing Impaired callers may access our campus phone numbers by utilizing your state relay service (such as the Georgia Relay Service) or by utilizing Video Remote Services. The remainder - $155,000 – will be designated for fuel assistance to ensure that all families in central Massachusetts have heat during the winter.
United Way of Central Massachusetts is currently reviewing grant proposals in an open and competitive process for their Safety Net funding. United Way of Central Massachusetts is proud of all the students, teachers, parents, staff, and committee members who worked hard to make this happen.
He also served on the restructuring committees for 2 other Worcester Public Schools who were previously given the Level 4 designation. This request for proposals (RFP) is aligned with our strategic vision to LIVE UNITED by investing in educational opportunities, supporting strong families and building healthy communities.
Programs that address basic needs within our 30-town service area, including food, shelter, protective services, and crisis intervention are invited to apply for this funding. Specifically, the programs must have a primary goal to prevent and reduce violence in the lives of girls ages 10-14 within our 30-town service area.
As the holidays approach and we reflect on the blessings we have received during the last year, our minds and hearts turn to those most in need in our community. Don’t miss this opportunity to have fun and make a difference in the lives of middle-school girls! We can’t thank you enough for helping us to make this valuable programming happen for girls in our community!
We invite you to be a part of our annual Holiday Wish List, which provides agencies and programs with a widely distributed, professionally published means of volunteer recruitment. Please allow your creative spirit to influence the development of these holiday volunteer activities. Garvin, says of their appointment, “I am absolutely delighted that we have leaders as strong as Moe and Pam to co-chair our campaign.
Volunteers completed 16 projects at 10 different agencies for a combined total of 468 hours of service! For those of you who I haven’t had the chance to meet, I would like to introduce myself. Sue has personally inspired me as someone who has taken a difficult situation in her life and used it as motivation to help others.
Volunteers have the chance to give back to their community by teaming up to complete service projects for local agencies. In September, we host our Annual Day of Caring, the largest one-day volunteer drive in the entire region, where more than 1,000 people take to the streets of central Massachusetts to volunteer at dozens of locations for the day.
The Main South market operated by the Regional Environmental Council also offers matching coupons SNAP and WIC and Senior Discount coupons.
Low-income neighborhoods are often disproportionately affected by food insecurity and food deserts, leading to increases in health issues such as diabetes.
In addition to supporting the Regional Environmental Council, UWCM also funds community garden programs embedded within high-quality early education centers. The Express Yourself Program is funded by the Women’s Initiative of United Way of Central Massachusetts. One girl will be attending WPI’s Camp Reach for Girls with a full scholarship, and three will attend the tuition-free WPI Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp.
Tracy Baldelli, a recent graduate of Assumption College, as Community Relationship Manager. The rigorous application process included an online application, a video, and recommendations. Monthly daylong sessions will be held from October through April, culminating with a graduation in May 2016. We are eager to forge these new relationships and enable the members to participate in leadership roles to strengthen our community,” said Ann T.
Since 2006, almost 3000 girls from central Massachusetts were introduced to the basics of finance and budgeting, setting the stage for future independence and confidence around personal finance.
Depending on the time of the project, United Way will provide either lunch or a snack for all volunteers in addition to a FREE T-shirt.
Volunteerism is experiencing a surge across our country and United Way of Central Massachusetts is poised to help residents find volunteer opportunities to match their time and interest. Research shows that when young people achieve academic success, have significant relationships with caring adults, and are involved in community service and extracurricular activities, they are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.
The meeting will take place from 6pm-8pm at the YWCA of Central Massachusetts, 1 Salem Square, Worcester, MA. Sleeper, who is the recipient of the Telegram & Gazette Visions 2015 Isaiah Thomas Award!
Community volunteers who demonstrate a commitment to community service will be selected to receive special recognition for the valuable work that they do to strengthen the community.
Community volunteers who demonstrate a commitment to community service will be selected to receive special recognition. Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week focuses national attention on the impact and power of volunteerism and service as an integral aspect of our civic leadership. National Volunteer week is an annual celebration of service to others that spans across the country dating back to 1974. Worcester County, MA has been allocated $411,466 to supplement emergency food and shelter programs in the county. The program has been instrumental in helping girls to realize their full potential academically, emotionally, and physically. On January 23, 1920, community leaders in Worcester established the Welfare Federation of Worcester, Massachusetts. With twenty-five founding members, the mission was to promote women’s leadership and philanthropy to create positive and measurable change for women and children. Workers who qualify for the EITC and file an income tax return can receive a refund, even if they had no income tax liability for the given year. Sponsors for this event and the work of EITC include: Bank of America, Commerce Bank and Trust, Internal Revenue Service, Santander, Southbridge Savings Bank, Spencer Bank, UniBank, and Worcester Credit Union. Each year, the EITC lifts more families out of poverty than any other federal aid program, providing families an opportunity to increase savings, reduce debt, and finance education or training programs. Please check California's Recognized Medical School list to determine if your school is recognized by California. A person shall not, with intent to deceive, falsely represent himself as having received any such degree or credential. For the purposes of this section, a duly authorized institution of higher education means an in-State institution licensed by the Commission on Higher Education or an out-of-State institution licensed by the appropriate state agency and regionally accredited or seeking accreditation by the appropriate accrediting body recognized by the Council on Postsecondary Education or the United States Department of Education. At the heart of the accreditation process is a self-study prepared by the college or university demonstrating its commitment to the standards of accreditation. Hearings Before the Committee On Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Eighth Congress, Second Session, May 11 and 12, 2004, Washington, DC.

The defendants include so-called Coronado Pacific University, at one time based in downtown San Diego. The parent of the enterprise was originally based in Pakistan and exposed by the New York Times last year. It said it was registered by the California Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, and recognized by the United States Distance Learning Association.
Loebel owned and controlled several so-called institutions, including Almeda University, based on the Caribbean tax and secrecy haven of Nevis. But ignorant or not, the government, which raided Axact's offices on Tuesday, had little choice but to act after a report by Declan Walsh in The Times disclosed clear connections between Axact and at least 370 education websites, many of which claimed to represent online universities and high schools based in the United States.
Still, the startling revelations that one outfit could cast such a wide net of duplicity give Congress and federal regulators the incentive they need to become much more aggressive at exposing fraudulent companies that pose as legitimate schools for the purpose of selling bogus degrees or luring people into costly but useless courses that lead nowhere. The sites added a further patina of legitimacy by referencing recruitment agencies, language schools, fake accreditation organizations.
But people seeking a legitimate education have been seduced into enrolling in online courses that never materialized or cajoled into believing that their life experiences were sufficient to earn a diploma. Salesmen sometimes impersonate American government officials, then bully customers in buying forged or falsely acquired State Department certification documents for thousands of dollars. The fact that fake medical degrees seem particularly easy to come by raises obvious safety concerns. That means getting federal agencies to devise a coherent plan for curbing these kinds of abuses.
The charges were later expanded to include money laundering and violating Pakistan's electronic crimes act. Axact has been under investigation since May 19, after an article in The New York Times described how the company had made millions of dollars by running hundreds of fake online education websites.
Shaikh, wearing a black polo shirt with the Axact logo, being led to a car waiting outside the office. Attempts by a reporter to contact sales agents at 221 of the company's websites in recent days produced no response.
Lee Cheek’s scholarship included in the international bibliography of research on the American South.
This portion of the donation will be administered to the Worcester Community Action Council’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Organizations that meet the qualifications specified in the funding guidance document are invited to submit applications. As has been the tradition for many years, the Community Services Program at United Way of Central Massachusetts is proud to present our 2015 Holiday Wishlist! It is our goal to reach many potential volunteers: youth, working professionals, families, and other groups from our community. She has been actively involved in United Way for many years, and most recently served as the chairperson of the United Way of Central Massachusetts’ Women’s Initiative Leadership Council. Not only does she have a great story behind the work she does, but she also has an amazing program to support busy individuals in eating well and feeling better.
There are a variety of projects that need to be completed on Day of Caring such as painting, cleaning, gardening, and more! Through these programs, children learn about positive nutritional habits from an early age.
It focuses on assisting African refugee and immigrant girls aged 10-14 in achieving educational and social stability through access to academic support, leadership development, and cultural expression. The selection committee sought motivated individuals who aspire to take an active leadership role in Worcester and the surrounding towns and who want to learn and hone new leadership skills.
Eight programs of the 49 funded received increased funding for the purposes of expansion of services. The program’s calendar currently includes service opportunities at the AIDS project, the Big Dipper Ice Cream Festival, Community Harvest Project, and more.
United Way of Central Massachusetts connects people and resources to improve the community by focusing on the building blocks for a good life: education, family stability, and health. If you want to provide a positive impact on a girl’s ability to improve her self-expectation and resilience, become a Girls Choice mentor!
Garvin, said of the event, “I am absolutely thrilled that the community always comes together with and through United Way.
Sleeper promotes and fosters a culture of community service that permeates the entire organization.
Winning volunteers and the nominating organizations will be recognized at United Way’s annual meeting on May 12, 2015. Volunteers will be recognized for the valuable work that they do to strengthen the community. The week draws the support and endorsement of the president and Congress, governors, mayors, and municipal leaders, as well as corporate and community groups across the country. Initially a time of appreciation for those who give their time and energy to others, the week has now evolved into a vast communal effort to volunteer in solidarity with local communities across the country. They make their own decisions, become more confident, negotiate with others without anger and violence, and develop their own problem-solving skills.
She recounts a personal story about how SMARTGirlsPlus has directly impacted one of its participants. More than $3.5 million has been raised since its inception and used to further the Women’s Initiative focus of building, strengthening, and supporting the development of healthy, confident, and safe adolescent girls. In addition, the work United Way has participated in has lead to innovative partnerships such as Main South Promise Neighborhoods, One City One Library, and Working for Worcester. The EITC credits that go unclaimed by low-income workers represent millions of dollars of lost revenue that would otherwise boost local economies. If a school is not on either the recognized or disapproved list, it may be a school that has not requested recognition by the Medical Board of California. Among the charges are consumer fraud and violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (otherwise known as "RICO").
It was closed down in Pakistan, but the Pakistani Federal Investigation Agency has not returned the hundreds of millions of dollars taken from victims, says the suit. In one instance, a woman who called to inquire about a high school diploma was surprised to receive a diploma in the mail after taking a 20-question test online. Shaikh sought to defend himself in a series of television interviews and video appeals, and asked the courts to halt the investigation.
Several of the fake accreditation bodies set up by the company, in a bid to bestow legitimacy on the universities, have gone offline. At this annual event, individuals, businesses, and corporate teams will be recognized and celebrated for their extraordinary work assisting United Way in carrying out its mission. Although there will be pre-proposal information sessions on December 15 (Safety Net) and December 17 (WI) accompanying the release of this RFP, attendance is not mandatory for those interested in submitting an application. Don’t miss your chance to buy Saint-Gobain products at a discounted price while supporting your community!
Boisvert has served on numerous boards and committees, including the United Way of Central Massachusetts Board of Directors. Baldelli performed a variety of jobs, including planning special events at Assumption and interning in the Office of Development at UMass Medical School. For the past five years, youth in the Worcester area have been volunteering their time, making new friends, and making a difference within the community. Imperial Distributors’ annual golf tournament to benefit United Way has raised more than $539,000 for the community, and their Annual United Way employee campaign has exceeded the $1 million mark! Nominating organizations will be notified in advance of National Volunteer Week if their submission has been selected. This is the perfect opportunity for organizations and volunteers to seize the moment and share the national spotlight that National Volunteer Week deservedly receives. Last year, the Worcester EITC processed more than 1,900 tax returns for free and returned nearly $3.6 million to low- and moderate-income families in central Massachusetts.
Please be aware education obtained at a disapproved school is not acceptable for licensure in California.
The purported university said it had "top-flight" scholars on the faculty, but it "did not have any faculty," according to the suit.
In accepting this assignment they said, “We are honored to have the opportunity to LIVE UNITED and play a role in building a strong Greater Worcester community. The Local Board is responsible for recommending agencies to receive these funds and any additional funds made available under this phase of the program. Even though she was well aware of the ramifications of joining a gang, Rosa was looking for attention, especially from boys. Investigators had said earlier that they would seek to extend his detention by 14 days while they examined the Axact network, which spans a number of countries and includes several offshore companies. As lifelong residents of the Worcester area, we, as well as our children and grandchildren, have benefited from our community.
We are looking for an energetic, can-do candidate who wants to work in a fast-paced and flexible environment.
McGovern, FDIC, Internal Revenue Service, Main South CDC, Quinsigamond Community College, Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts, Unum, United Way of Central Massachusetts, WCCA TV-13, Worcester Community Action Council Inc, and Worcester State University.
Advocacy is a singular voice speaking for those who cannot or the joining of many voices to call attention to an issue.
Therefore, it is easy to want to support the United Way, which serves so many of our fellow citizens ”.
It is proudly wearing your LIVE UNITED shirt or discussing your actions for a better community over dinner. These agencies are responsible for providing meals, shelter, and fuel assistance throughout Worcester County, MA.
Public or private voluntary agencies interested in applying for Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds must contact Jim Pepin at The United Way of Central Massachusetts, 484 Main Street Suite 300, Worcester, MA 01608 or call 508-757-5631 ext. They are the first non-profit executives to serve in this role, a testament to the valuable collaboration between United Way and its partner agencies.
241, or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for application instructions.
Once she was more familiar and able to trust both staff and other girls, she tried more programs.

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