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Our belief at Filigree Consulting is that thought leadership should be about delivering value to customers through mutually relevant and beneficial knowledge. As a first step, companies need to pull together their best and brightest and have discussions regarding what “knowledge” their customers need from them or would benefit from. In 2012 SMART Technologies approached Filigree Consulting with a knowledge area that they believed was critical to their business customers strategic business issues, could be transformative in nature and was focused on best practices.
Within this context, SMART Technologies commissioned Filigree Consulting to conduct a broad global research study of collaboration solutions implementations in business environments. In 2012 SMART Technologies announced the global research results which demonstrated a correlation between optimized use of collaboration technologies and better business outcomes. The research results have been published in a white paper entitled Visual Collaboration Solutions Best Practices: Global Report and Recommendations.
The SMART Collaboration Maturity Assessment consists of a 20-minute online questionnaire that can be taken by any member of an organization and will produce comparative results based on industry standards. As of September 2013 more than 500 organizations globally have taken the assessment and participated in this ongoing research study.
I wanted to refine my approach to building my financial advisory and business consulting practice. Sandra is a dedicated and highly skilled individual capable of leading complex teams to achieve critical goals for any organization.
Sandra May Greefkes is one of the strongest operational marketing people I have ever known. I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra early in our careers and again, reporting directly to her. Join our communityEnter your email address to join our community and receive notifications of new posts or other relevant insights by email. Il raggiungimento del successo delle organizzazioni oggi richiede doti eccezionali di lavoro di gruppo e cooperazione.
L’efficacia degli interventi e percorsi formativi e misurata da come i partecipanti memorizzano cio che apprendono e da come applicheranno quanto appreso, nelle loro attivita quotidiane. InfoKnowledge studia e concepisce gli interventi formativi come elemento di piu ampi percorsi di crescita personale ed organizzativa. Le attivita formative si possono svolgere nei classici ambienti d’aula cosi come in outdoor.
InfoKnowledge aiuta a sviluppare ed ottimizzare competenze e caratteristiche personali per mettere in atto performance efficaci e competitive, aiuta a liberare le potenzialita di una persona, perche riesca a portare al massimo il proprio rendimento, aiutandola ad apprendere piuttosto che impartendole insegnamenti. In developing leaders and leadership capability, it helps to be clear on what we mean by those terms. Leadership: the capacity and will to rally people to a common purpose, together with the character that inspires confidence and trust.
Leader: a person responsible for achieving organizational objectives through the work of others by creating the conditions in which they may be successful, and for building and maintaining the team that he or she is part of. Creation, promotion and maintenance of the desire to learn and develop (at both the individual and organizational levels). Davies Consulting blog: our utility industry experts comment on critical issues in risk management, asset strategy, and emergency management. November 2015: Davies Consulting independent review of SCE underground network outages and response. September 2015 article by Davies Consulting and LGE-KU highlights one utility success story.
Davies Consulting offers guidance and assistance to utilities exploring leading edge solutions to all kinds of emergency management challenges. Supporting utility asset management decisions that effectively mitigate risks, maintain reliable service, and meet budgetary requirements. Supporting sound strategic planning and regulatory strategies with strong business consulting expertise, real world utility experience, and proven analytics.
Enhancing utility operational and communications effectiveness before, during, and after emergency events.

Davies Consulting is an international strategy and management consulting firm with more than 20 years of energy industry experience.
Davies Consulting offers business strategy, process consulting, and utility-specific subject matter and best practices expertise. Our goal is to serve as a resource and ultimately supply our clients with the necessary tools and in-house knowledge to produce sustainable, positive results! With a myriad of academic models and writings from millennia of study, leadership as a defined quality is broad. However its purpose or essence can be reduced to a single cause: inspiring others to achieve a common goal. While your organization may not be responsible for people’s lives, getting the right information to the right people at the right time is still a critical component to your business’s long-term success. Knowing who knows what, who needs to know what, and how to transfer that knowledge is critical — especially when so much of a company’s worth consists of information. For organizations that have effectively transferred knowledge to others, these situations present opportunities for employees to put their knowledge into practice and build their confidence.
For any of these practices to make a real difference in your business, you have to communicate the importance of knowledge transfer, explain how it will be done, and, most importantly, practice it yourself.
If you can do that, knowledge transfer will be a key resource and differentiator for your organization. On top of that, your employees will be more engaged in their work and have a more in-depth understanding of the systems around them. Increasing capacity in leadership and learning holds the greatest potential return on investment for any organization. Mindshift Consulting offers custom leadership programs that deliver a balance of assessment, skills, insights, strategy, and experiential learning. Their preliminary research showed that leaders of all types of organizations around the world, from school districts to multinational corporations, were increasingly focused on effective collaboration as an opportunity to drive new value. The study focused on understanding the types of investments being made in collaboration solutions – in the form of technology tools and collaboration practices – and the value received from those investments. The research concluded that 71 percent of businesses are not effective at using collaboration to drive business value throughout their organizations. These results supply decision makers with relevant information to assist in determining the optimal means of incorporating collaborative technology and process into their organization. SMART Technologies leverages the broad insight from these 500 organizations to further develop content for speaking engagements, marketing communication deliverables, customer events and sales and customer engagements. I recommend Filigree if you need help developing a strong thought leadership initiative and for research based content if you already have one” said Jeff Lowe, VP Sales and Marketing, Enterprise at SMART Technologies. She knows exactly what she wants, she briefs clearly and concisely and her feedback is always incisive and to the point.
IT Directors and their reports who could be implementing various IT projects, HR executives implementing PeopleSoft, etc.
Specializing in Utility Asset Management, Emergency Management, and Regulatory Support, we deliver expert advice to forward-thinking companies leading the energy industry today. Our team’s collective energy IQ is complimented by a set of analytic tools that help enable client success and continuous improvement.
That’s what a medical chart is for, and it could mean the difference between life and death. Loriann Hoffman, vice president of talent and organization development for the New York City Transit Authority, shared with me that her organization is implementing several knowledge transfer initiatives. What if the marketing and engineering teams aren’t talking to each other except casually in the cafeteria? Investing in developing an effective way to transfer knowledge may, in the least, save you some headaches and, at the most, save your business. By continuously spot-checking to make sure the right knowledge is being captured and shared, your organization can leap ahead of competitors and seamlessly transition during the departure of key personnel.
When your employees feel confident in their ability to step in and help, the different parts of your organization will move together effortlessly.

To succeed, leaders navigate uncertainty while making difficult decisions in the face of constant change.
Programs typically include some level of executive coaching as part of the overall development strategy. Companies that want to be thought leaders need to determine what “knowledge” will help their customers transform their business and take ownership of that knowledge area. We are recommending that organizations reach beyond their borders and consider their customer’s key strategic business issues, best practices or transformative opportunities. In fact, IBM’s latest global CEO study* ranked collaboration as the number one trait that CEO’s seek in new employees as part of their efforts to create a more effective culture.
The study included participants from North America, Europe, India and Asia and gathered input from multiple industries and government and included various company sizes and job functions. Safely moving more than 8 million (yes, million) people by bus or subway every weekday is no small feat, after all.
While water-cooler banter is better than nothing, you need consistent, clear processes and tools. This increases the confidence of the team members who know that they’re not expected to just “figure it out” when the time comes.
I’m not suggesting that you need two people for every job, but you do need to plan for the worst.
By providing your team members with formal training opportunities, you ensure that you have duplication of skills in the system. Set up informal gatherings where team members can exchange information and develop networks organically. While a consultant can be a valuable asset, keep in mind that they’ll leave after the work is through.
With effective knowledge transfer, your organization will be healthier and happier overall. And still, they must find the time to continually update their knowledge and skills and increase their insights, on the fly.
Of course, the “knowledge” area that companies choose needs to be mutually beneficial to their own business objectives as well as those of their clients.
Un gruppo di lavoro diventa un team efficace a seconda delle capacita di comunicazione e di leadership di ogni membro, sia nello staff che nel management. Even something as simple as taking notes during meetings and sharing them will keep your employees in the loop. Cross-training can mitigate the risk of a key person leaving with a head full of knowledge. However, if you don’t have the resources for formal training, you can try this simulation: Remove a key person from the system temporarily so the team can see what happens.
Develop communities of practice so employees can work together to find and share information. Make sure you plan to have their knowledge transferred to internal personnel so you can carry on once they’ve departed.
Many organizations that choose to create knowledge rather than curate information rely on the creation of intellectual property (IP) through market research. If things fall apart quickly, people will be eager to figure out how to prevent that failure from happening in the future. By standing on the shoulders of those who have come before, newcomers can take the ball and run with it rather than spinning their wheels rehashing the same ground that’s already been covered.
This IP becomes the foundation of their thought leadership initiative and content strategy, in some cases for many years.

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