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Last week I was able to speak with Darel Ross and Jorge Gonzalez from LINC Community Revitalization in Grand Rapids. I am inspired to share the story of our conversation with our community since we are passionate about the LINC model of community change focused on promoting collective impact, racial justice and civic engagement. Why is LINC demonstrating important models of Leadership development? Holistic means that to establish healthy communities, LINC tackles issues such as affordable housing, community engagement, economic development, and education as well as provides personal coaching through place making activities and community activism.
Another strong emphasis is around the intentionality of bringing groups together around a goal for impact especially those that have been historically divided like African Americans and Latinos in Grand Rapids in neighborhood engagement work. We focus on systems lens- systems of race and class and a historical perspective of how these systems have impacted policy.

For example, a particular LINC community member was very instrumental in getting community and local government support which resulted in a state change for youth undocumented migrant drivers’ licenses. In 2012, the Obama administration gave temporary approval through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) so that undocumented youth could legally work and drive in the US. However, the Secretary of State in Michigan overthrew the opportunity for youth to have drivers’ licenses. Darel shared, “It’s really about the intentionality of bringing groups together and aligning around a goal for impact and then measuring the work by that impact.
By introducing them to skills [see paragraph 4 of this article] the community has owned their work.

In our programs, we are able to bridge the black brown divide and work on issues that affect both communities.

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