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My youngest son came home from school the other day with a packet of information from one of his coaches.
And don’t be surprised to find that you’re at a different stage of leadership depending on the team.
What drives us is the excitement of seeing an individual or an organisation achieve their potential. LEA Group uses action oriented, reflective learning leadership development methods, focused on transference of learning effectively into the workplace. Recent research suggests that by understanding the function of the brain, learning styles and preferences, we can be more effective in all communication, change management, performance management and in coaching and mentoring.
Analysis of current team effectiveness with practical steps to overcome five common dysfunctions and enhance team performance. Contemporary organisations require leaders who foster collaboration, build trust, and engage teams in an environment of shared performance goals – Becoming a Coaching Leader provides practical skills to GROW the human potential of your team. Identifying current communication strengths, building on these with five proven communication skills that ensure improved collaboration and stronger relationships, including developing assertiveness and self reflection.
Applying proven approaches to achieve emotional balance, manage stress, and improve motivation of self and others through autonomy, mastery and purpose. We have revamped our Student Leadership program at Transit, you’ll have a chance to become a part of it!
If you are reading this as a follower of Christ, you are a spiritual leader on some level.  So the question becomes: what are the characteristics of a spiritual leader and more specifically, what is the one defining quality that embodies the most effective spiritual leaders?
I conducted brief “interviews” via texts, emails, and phone conversations with many friends and colleagues in the ministry. I took an impromptu poll on Facebook putting the question public.  I received over 70 different words describing spiritual leadership.
Finally, I asked those who have had the greatest influence on me (not just men in ministry, but those I have close relationships with). You see, anything less than Christ is a letdown, and anything more than Christ is an impossibility.  Therefore, as spiritual leaders we must strive to walk with the feet of Jesus, speak with the mouth of Jesus, love with the heart of Jesus, and live with the life of Jesus. This entry was posted on Monday, July 7th, 2014 at 8:28 amand is filed under Uncategorized. But beyond that example, I like that you are able to identify yourself as someone who developed their leadership qualities overtime. The difference between a leader and a boss is very similar to leader versus manager mentality that I have studied in another class.
Included in the packet was a sheet of paper titled “The Leadership Continuum.” It outlines five levels of leadership and what is necessary to demonstrate each.
Be responsible for “victory.” This is the step at which your leadership moves from personal to team-oriented.

You might be on a team where being a level 1 or 2 leader is how you can best contribute, while on another team you might need to step up and be a level 4 or 5. How great your son and his team is getting early exposure to this content as future leaders!
Student Leadership is part of the journey at Transit that enables you to go deeper in your walk with God and serve at the highest levels as a student at Transit!
To simply put it, manager development is about making one person better, most likely themselves, and leadership development is about one person making everyone around him united as a whole and a stronger body. I hadn’t seen this before, but in reading it, I thought it was certainly applicable not just to team sports but also to the team environment in the workplace. This fifth level of leadership, the highest on the continuum, requires you to find your “leadership voice.” It’s not always enough to lead by example or feel responsible for the team’s results. Good leaders understand the nuances of the various teams they’re a part of and can adapt to the circumstances.
Student Leaders will be held to the highest standards and allowed to be influential in what happens at Transit and how it happens.
Lots of individuals have those traits, yet they are not leaders and clearly you have developed into a leader.
Not only does a leader have the same pressure to accomplish a task that a boss has, but the leader has the added expectation of bringing people together and forming a strong identity as a group. All it took was one class to put your hard work and effort into perspective so that you could realize that you really are a leader.
The leadership development strategy aims to create a network of individuals who work more consistently and effectively than one managing them and telling them how to do something (Zaleznik 2004). In my book, that includes the types of choices you’re making in your personal and work life. In fact, our student leaders will be the ones really working in various positions before, during, and after services as well as being representatives of Christ to their schools! A great leader will make their followers feel as if they belong and they have a purpose in the group that they are in. Great leaders don’t stop with themselves—they believe their actions, their performance, and their leadership can and will influence the rest of the team.
That may be saying something that must be said, being the voice of the team in difficult circumstances, or even demanding performance out of others on the team. Knowing when to take on the various stages of leadership as the circumstances dictate is a key part of leadership. It’s really impossible to succeed in a leadership position if you don’t do these two things. This can occur only if you’re holding yourself to a high standard of performance and conducting yourself in a way that others aspire to achieve.

An individual who reaches this level of leadership accepts the responsibility of the team’s outcome, not just his or her own. Some situations demand more than action—and having a leader who can lend a voice to that situation is necessary. In your case, a boss is content with the status quo while a leader looks for areas to improve.
A good leader is accountable and is willing to take responsibility for the outcome regardless of what it might be. I’m a believer that actions speak louder than words, and leading by example requires actions that are worthy of imitation. And there’s a reason this one is the highest level on the continuum—it’s not easy to know when to speak up or know the right words and tone for the situation. Knowledge or technical skills tend to be over-looked as an important factor in leadership; in fact, the text treats it as the least important of the three personal skills (Northouse, 2013, p.
His responsibility is to ensure that his employees do their jobs sufficiently and that he is able to meet quotas set for his branch.
The true importance of acknowledging your strengths as a leader is so you can be aware of your weaknesses and work 0n improving them. I consider this passing the “mom test.” Do you behave in a way that would make your mother proud? Whether you’re at a stage where you’re leading yourself or whether you’re at a level 4 or 5, every team needs leaders who can contribute in various ways. He has no expectation to make his employees feel that their office is anything more than a work environment. There will never be the perfect balance or a perfect leader, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop working for it though. However, in most situations, you cannot be an effective leader if you don’t possess technical skills.
Whereas, in the same situation, a leader would motivate his employees to feel as if their work is important and that they are making a difference. It sounds like you have a good understanding of your own traits, and building off of what you already have can only make you a stronger leader.
Rather than just doing their jobs for 8 hours a day, a leader will make an employee feel as if they’re accomplishing something more than just making a paycheck.

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