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Enjoy free ground shipping with no minimum order within the continental US until 4pm cst today only! Be one of the first to see our new inspirational movies and also receive inspirational stories from Simple Truths. Great leaders help others stay focused on their goals in part by staying focused themselves. Building trust and learning to trust others shows that you’re on the same team and are all working for the same goal.
A lot of different things make up great leaders, and these are just some qualities that we’ve noticed in leaders we know. The qualities I love most in a leader are: FAITH IN GOD, love to their family, GENUINE HUMILITY and GRATITUDE . I have been blessed to play at the Collegiate level for two coaches that I consider to be great leaders! The highest form of leadership is to have the knowledge and generosity of spirit to magnify the effectiveness of others.
If you don’t have passion for what you do, you won’t have compassion for those with whom you do it!!

There was a time not long ago when headphones were a way of listening to music privately–at least in public settings. What better way to kick off the beginning of another new year than to get in touch with your creative side?
In order to start the New Year fresh, I’ve searched far and wide for some free, well reviewed PC optimization tools that will help keep your computer running smoothly and (hopefully) frustration-free. As we all know, many of the students who attend Bellevue University have families and work full-time. The leadership qualities we admire in others are the same qualities we try to portray and build on in our own lives.
When you love what you do, it shows through your actions, which helps inspire those around you.
In all areas of life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out by all the little things and lose sight of the big picture.
We can easily feel that they have no doubt that we are all children of God, as it is recorded in Psalms chapter 82 verse 6. Leaders are constantly striving to go further than they have gone but more importantly they know instinctively, that they cannot go alone. These days, it’s not uncommon to need to tell library patrons to turn the volume they are channeling to their headphones down. Online classes enable you to select the days of the week and times on a 24-hour clock that best fit your lifestyle to complete classroom and group assignments.

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Great leaders know how to keep everyone focused by keeping priorities top of mind and adjusting as new things pop up. But great leaders know how to stay positive and keep everyone on track, even when problems arise. They must take others with them, since they understand that an intergrel part of their role and function is to train others for leadership!!
The idea behind International Creativity Month is that at the beginning of the year, instead of making resolutions that probably won’t last, you focus on boosting your creative abilities and then continuing to be creative throughout the year. A boss at work, a president, a coach you had in high school, a parent or sibling; leadership emerges in all areas of our lives.
If you’re having fun and feel like you’re making a difference, other people in your life will be inspired to follow in your footsteps. If we always focused on every small issue, we wouldn’t have enough time to spend on the important things. Great leaders know this—whether it’s volunteering once a week at a soup kitchen or leading a country through the Great Depression, passion always inspires others to act.

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