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Saturday is for Seminars: American Association of Christian CounselorsThis year's AACC World Conference is being held here in Nashville, TN. Our mission is to help you more effectively offer the love of God and wise counsel to those who come to you for help, hope and direction. On Thursday at the conference, I am taking the time to meet with a number of people and interview them for my weekly TV show, The Exchange. Later on Thursday night, I am privileged to be attending ConnectU, where I'll get to connect with a number of students and young professionals. Many individuals who suffer from mental health issues are within our churches and seeking God’s grace in their lives. Amplifying Evangelism—A Call to Share the FaithIn a pluralistic world the need to evangelize is greater than ever.

Weekend Edition—May 20, 2016The Black Church, Sharing Our Faith, Church Signs, and more!
The Comparison Game: How You Can Win It and Live Shame FreeComparison is an extremely destructive thing.
The Armageddon Code—An End Times Interview with Billy HallowellThe return of Christ remains, as ever, a topic of great interest. As a valued AACC colleague, I want to encourage you to register for the conference and make your Opryland Hotel reservations NOW.
People are hurting and the church is tasked with counseling so that people might be healed and God might be glorified. Consider seeing these individuals as perfectly positioned to display God’s power through their weakness.

We are a powerful network of workingwomen seeking to advance career goals, earn higher salaries, build stronger businesses, and achieve pay equity and equal opportunities. You can anticipate enjoying some of the world’s best praise and worship, dynamic plenary addresses, and more than 220 cutting-edge workshops.
In this talk, I will share the current research and statistics on the church and mental health.

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