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At Management Systems, we define effectiveness in the management (or leadership role) as the ability to successfully influence people on your team to achieve results in the most effective and efficient manner. Role Concept – how the individual thinks about and approaches his or her role; and how the individual allocates and invests his or her time. The Inner Game of Management – the individual’s “mindset” which, in turn, involves, effectively managing one’s need for control, source of self-esteem, and need to be liked.
We have also developed a framework – the Pyramid of Management and Leadership Development – that identifies the key skills required at each level of management and leadership – from First Line Supervisor to CEO.
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These Annual Surveys help our Management Team develop specific objectives and goals to address opportunities for improvement, and support our overall commitment to Continuous improvement. We reserve the right to delete or amend any comments that do not adhere to these standards.
We administer these surveys annually, so that progress can be measured on a year over year basis— Kevin G.

Do you transfer negative feelings to the rest of the team or are you able to shoulder the burden and allow your fundraisers to flourish?
Without you, people would go hungry, animals would be treated cruelly, and forests would be destroyed. Research by the Resource Alliance into the professional development needs of fundraising middle managers found a large gap that must be filled. Making decisions, inspiring others and persuading superiors are not easy things to do when managers are not recognised as leaders by virtue of power or position. This failure to nurture enough talent which is ready to step into leadership positions is not a problem isolated to our fair shores alone.
In the US, a study of 2,700 development directors and charity heads found that more than half of those surveyed reported a shortage of well-qualified fundraising leaders. The need for effective leadership to motivate staff, maintain morale and keep them focused on the future has never been more critical.
However, while most directors and managers of fundraising teams recognise the reasons why they need to lead effectively, they don’t all necessarily know how. Some may argue this difficult economic environment is precisely the reason why investment is not taking place.

That financial constraints mean training budgets have been cut; that there is no room for such luxuries as coaching and mentoring. If more was invested in improving the leadership abilities of fundraising staff organisations may find their bottom lines improve. This includes having meaningful conversations with philanthropists who are likely to be leaders in their own fields. Surely it will make for more successful major donor fundraising if those building the relationships and making the ask are able to exercise strong leadership abilities themselves?
Some may say that there is no point in an organisation investing in leadership training for fundraisers because the revolving door phenomenon means they will only leave and some other charity will benefit.

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