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Why do companies continue to fall into the trap of promoting “the best X”, rather than the most qualified leader? So how do organizations break the cycle of promoting based on past performance and track record? As a Principal at Leadership Alliance, David has been helping organizations in a wide array of industries with the selection and development of high-caliber employees for over 20 years.
I wouldn’t think of hiring anyone without the input of Leadership Alliance.  Their assessment tests coupled with the expertise and insights of Karen and David Weller are unmatched and help me hire the right people. The psychologists at Leadership Alliance make executives so comfortable that they wind up sharing sensitive data that our diligence team could never have captured. We are consistently surprised by the information Leadership Alliance is able to capture. We would never buy a company or make a key hire for a portfolio company without Leadership Alliance’s review. In the process of developing the Human Capital Planning System at my company, I needed a competency-based set of tools to help us determine the success factors for people in our organization and a means to align individual performance with overall company strategy and goals.
We partner with Leadership Alliance to provide our leaders with the objective information required to make effective selection and development decisions. We have been working with Leadership Alliance for several years and as partners they have dramatically enhanced our talent evaluation processes.
With the help of Leadership Alliance, we implemented a mentoring program to prepare talented employees to become high performing contributors to our organization.
The clear-cut identification of development needs, the focus on critical competencies, and the customized feedback and coaching provided by Leadership Alliance have enabled us to concentrate our development efforts and accelerate the talent development process.
Leadership Alliance partnered with us to shape the foundation of our talent management, succession and leadership development strategies. Much of our success is due to the exceptional managers we’ve successfully hired with your assistance. Serving the global Fortune 500, our multilingual team aids in the selection and talent development of employees around the world. Building on his national bestseller, Total Leadership, and on decades of research, teaching, and practice as both consultant and senior executive, Friedman identifies the critical skills for creating harmony between work and the rest of life. Each of these admirable (though surely imperfect) people exemplifies a specific set of skills—for being real, being whole, and being innovative—that reduce conflict and produce a sense of purpose, coherence, and optimism. Based on in-depth interviews and research, their stories paint a vivid picture of the ways these very different leaders use specific skills to act with authenticity, integrity, and creativity—and they prove that significant professional or public success is accomplished not at the expense of the rest of life, but as the result of meaningful attachments to all its parts. With dozens of engaging exercises for practicing these skills, curated from research in organizational psychology and related fields, this book will inspire you, inform you, and instruct you on how to take realistic steps now toward leading the life you truly want. The definition of Leadership is as diverse as the vast variety of personal and professional style. 1) A List of Core Leadership Attributes, 2) a List of Technical and Professional Skills that need to be achieved to receive the distinction of mastery required for Leadership and 3) a List of Required Advanced Interpersonal Skills that equip Leadership Teams with the Interpersonal Skills that allow leaders to motivate, manage and move the organization into a leadership position.

Once you define what Leadership means for your organization, you then have to go about assessing your capability to build and maintain leadership within your organization. Create a Leadership Plan that looks forward only one-year and clearly defines: 1) What Leadership Is, 2) What Skills and Abilities are going to be focused on and Developed and 3) What tangible actions will be measured and monitored to show how the organization and individual professionals within it have grown and changed. Team leadership skills and leadership skills for manager are critical to a highly efficient and successful business. Effective leadership skills can be built, molded, and improved through leadership skills training.
The capacity to influence others and guide them in a particular direction is a very important leadership skill. How persuasive you can be is directly related to how much you are trusted and how good your communication skills are. Integrity is based on your own internal principles that guide you and that cannot be compromised. As a leader you have a clear vision of where the company is going and where your team is headed in terms of dollars, sales, budgets, clients, etc.
The ability to network and develop relationships requires good communication skills, but it requires so much more.
Being flexible and adaptable is key to a strong leader, who must be able to move from one situation to the next, from one plan to the next, and to take the unexpected in stride and embrace it. As a leader you must be able to coach and guide others and you must not feel threatened if others possess skills that are equal or superior to yours.
Knowing how to develop leadership skills for managers is paramount to creating good leaders. The best salesperson becomes the sales manager, the best accountant becomes the accounting manager and so on. As we found our ability to distinguish higher-caliber employees evolve, so did the opportunity to have Leadership Alliance implement ongoing talent development. This information clarifies our understanding of what is really going on strategically and operationally inside the company, allowing us to develop deal terms that better align incentives and protect our interests.
Their evaluation is a standard practice of our due diligence process, and our entire firm is convinced that making decisions without Norma’s insight is analogous to flying blind. Leadership Alliance introduced me to the Lominger system, and I have been thrilled ever since!
We have been pleased with our experience working with their seasoned and highly capable staff in identifying those individuals with the highest likelihood to meet or exceed expectations. We would not dream of hiring a key executive in our company without a thorough assessment and analysis from Leadership Alliance. I see this as a very cost-effective investment that has boosted us towards the expansion of our presence in the world area.

They brought tools and methodologies to the table in a way that worked for our team and our culture. According to Friedman, the idea that “work” competes with “life” ignores the more nuanced reality of our humanity—the intersection and interaction of four central domains: work, home, community, and the private self. In order to create effective Leadership in your organization, you have to first define what it means in and for your organization.
Strong Point Strategy helps companies define and develop their own components of Leadership. Relationship building has little to do with position power and everything to do with personal power. Leaders must be able to communicate clearly and concisely with an open dialogue between their team and themselves.
This leads to having an organization staffed with leaders who are great at the individual contributor skills, but not so good at the leadership skills.  You also end up losing top performers in exchange for mediocre managers.
They took the time to know our core values and guiding principles and help us hire the team players and leaders we need as we grow.  They are simply The Best!
As a result, their assessment and coaching techniques have provided our executives and managers the ability to grow as company leaders. I attended training at Leadership Alliance and found the facilitators to be proficient in their knowledge and use of the tools. From candidate assessments, executive 360 reviews, behavioral interview training, and employee development we have evolved significantly thanks to this partnership. They spent a lot of time listening to our needs and really figuring out what the most impactful solutions would be for our leadership team. The goal is to integrate these areas harmoniously instead of thinking only in terms of trade-offs. Strong Point then helps to create the assessment tools that test, measure and scale the Leadership, Technical & Professional and Advanced Interpersonal effectiveness of the organization as a whole.
As a good leader you have excellent planning skills but because planning is highly fluid you are able to adapt and change.
Leadership assessments and capability profiles can also be created for Business Units, Regions, Business Functions and Cross-Functional Organizations. Yes, the lowest ten competencies exhibited by managers and executives encompass a significant number of key leadership skills like motivating others, conflict management, and developing direct reports.  It just so happens that, when you look at what is most important for success in managerial and executive roles, many of those bottom 10 skills also make that list.

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