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A leader has to address those often unconscious and unexpressed fears along the way in order to help people keep them under control. Leading your people through change and managing the whole messy business By convention we speak of change a€?managementa€? but the reality is that change involves leadership as well as management. This negative feedback system is only as good as the procedures and standards that underlie it. There are three major barriers to double-loop learning: budgets, bureaucracy and accountability. After fleshing out these princples, Morgan concludes this chapter with listing the strengths and limitations of the brain metaphor. I have for some time believed that the brain metaphor makes a lot of sense, especially in knowledge industries where economies of scale take a back seat to economies of flow (primarily of information).
But the magnitude of change for an organization, much less a big one, to transform itself from a machine into a brain seems insurmountable to most business leaders.
That said, the time will come when adopting a new type of organization will become a matter of life or death, at which point leaders will be willing to risk it all to make the change. Of course, Morgan would not advise every company in every industry adopt the Holographic organization model.

There is a statement that we regularly hear about the role that change managers play in projects. Organizational Development ArticlesIntra-team dynamics – Why do we eat our own during organizational change?
Leadership styles matter, as the primary causes of failure in change initiatives are all people related, and to do with emotions. The fundamental organization really rests int eh complex informaiton system that coordinates the activites of all the people and firms involves rather then the discrete organizations contributing different elements  to the process. So long as the action defined by these procedures and standards is appropriate dealing with the changes encountered, everything is fine. One of the most famous examples of double-loop learning and organization being thwarted by these three barriers came with the US Challenger space shuttle explosion.
The analogy he makes with the role of antibodies in fighting off new ideas is particularly interesting.
Look at the difficulty Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is having transforming an organization that was far closer to this model than almost any other.
He is clear to caution that the machine model remains appropriate for certain industries and organizations.

So change leadership requires some very special qualities in the person[s] leading the change. This is more to do with a€?beinga€? than a€?doinga€?. That is to say error-detection and correction happens automatically to maintain a course towards a desired goal.
It is the responsibility of the director leading the change to supply an infusion of positive energy.
What you do, and how you do it will be largely determined by how you are as a person. Change is an emotional business. A top-down approach to management leads to single-loop learning and therefore is the opposite of such a model of emergence.
The failure to address the human impacts of change is at the root of most failed change initiatives.
Unfortunately, unlike many of my classmates, I wasn’t then at a time where I could use this knowledge being then only just finished my second year of teaching.

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