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A good leadership style is a way to establish a strategy for not only becoming a leader but also influencing them in a productive way.
Democratic: This is one type of leadership styles that allows a group of people to organize and direct their way through a problem.
Presidential: This type of leadership style has a leader who leads a team but is only required when a team requires someone to make a ruling on their actions or when there is a problem. By studying various leadership styles, a leader can identify areas that they may need to work on, or find new ways to solve persistent problems within a business or within life. Which is the type of leadership style that you would use in the majority of situations within your own life? Sign up to receive my blog posts via e-mail and get a FREE copy of my NEW e-book on creating the most productive version of you.

Like Me on FacebookAbout MeI am the Managing Director of Feltner Financial and an active Venture Capitalist in Austin, Texas. I was also the Vice President of Allied Equipment, the nation’s largest manufacturer of CNG storage spheres, and a gas treating equipment manufacturer and operator. About Me I am the Managing Director of Feltner Financial and an active Venture Capitalist in Austin, Texas. A Leadership style allows a person who is a leader to assess the needs and adapt to demands to properly create solutions to challenges.
A good visionary can share a dream and outline the steps that are needed from others to accomplish the same dream and see it through. Many people will give direct orders with little to no sharing, vision or praise for others involved. By allowing people to form an opinion and vote on an issue a consensus can be met and the crisis can be solved in a way that everyone can agree on.

The celebrity leader is more of a symbol and actually does not have much involvement in terms of leadership, but serves only as a symbol.
Quite often, people resort directly to a commanding leadership role and this can lead to very restrictive leadership that is not for the best in all scenarios. If you are a person in a place of leadership or a person who strives to help their business achieve great success, then this blog is for you.
Good leadership will be able to change their leadership style in order to adapt to a situation, or to fit into a certain type of leadership that a situation requires. Branching out and trying different forms of leadership styles can create the best and most influential leaders.

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