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This training will walk delegates through to the various types of leadership styles and they fit the 21st century business environment, given the influx of Generation Y's employees.
Leadership Style Questionnaires (To be submitted online to the Facilitator 2 weeks before the training).
Applying his knowledge and experience from a variety of industries including construction(as CEO), project management, general trading, shares and options trading, unit trusts and real estate, Vince is able to connect with individuals from all walks of life. In his strive to develop excellence in his endeavors, he underwent various life-changing and powerful programs such as Born To Be Free by IHK (Institute of Hard Knocks), Leadership Program (AsiaWorks Training), Memory Techniques, Born Rich (Robert Proctor), Metaphysics, Master Class Train The Trainer (Result Asia), Hypnosis & NLP Practitioner and MIM Certified Professional Trainer, approved by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF). Vince is also very active in Toastmasters (a public speaking club ) and won the humorous contest twice consecutively at club level. He strongly believes that training should be practical which is then followed-up with coaching to make the training sessions more effective.
Bank in and then scan the Bank-in slip and email to us before the course commence to confirm your seat.
Kevin Dunn – American Income Life Director of New SGA Development talks about using momentum in order to keep moving forward. It’s strange that when you research the topic of Leadership there is no clear definition.
Keep practicing Leadership in every little task you perform and many of these qualities will be yours to enjoy. About Mark TingMark Ting is a Staff Writer at Torchmark Corporation, writing about American Income Life and National Income Life Insurance Companies.
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Four teams are asked to nominate leaders who are then briefed, each on a different style of leadership, and given details of a task for the team – which they will be leading! We used the activity in an auto-manufacturing company to show how different leadership styles can influence a team's motivation, performance and success. I used 'Leadership Style' with three teams of five - each having a leader with a different style. Challenges a number of myths about leaders - and it could awaken your organisation’s dormant leaders!

Quickly gets groups interacting and exploring some basic ideas about leadership, leadership traits and situational leadership. Ideal starter activity which identifies those with leadership potential and those who understand the benefits of cooperative working. Training activities and business simulations to enrich your courses and enthuse your delegates. Sign up to the Northgate mailing list to receive latest offers, free icebreakers and our annual Catalogue. You will also learn how to project the behaviour of a leader and to communicate effectively as a leader.
Constantly seeking to show others how to be more self-aware and get more out of life, he has made training and coaching his life ambition.
His creativity coupled with his sense of humour, versatility and passion to make a difference in the lives of others have compelled him to become a Master Trainer and Coach and work towards building a world where people live to contribute their best.
Today, being a trainer and coach allows him to share a different perspective of the world with others and to connect with them at a very personal level. After the course, I feel that I can apply the useful knowledge learnt back at the workplace. Telegraphic Transfer- You can also opt to use GIRO or telegraphic transfer of payment via international banks. True leaders have new objectives waiting in the wings that they immediately begin to pursue, the moment the present objective is complete. Keep moving forward to provide growth for you and your team in character, in strengths and virtues.
Discipline and perseverance are a lot like the principle of compound interest – the more committed you are towards your objectives, the greater the momentum you will build. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, we operate a no-quibble returns policy on unused goods. The VAT will show in the cart summary and will be cancelled where applicable during the secure checkout process. While the leaders are briefed their team members complete a handout that points them to ideas and creates discussion about how they view effective leadership.Leaders then return to their teams with the task.

The results were slightly unexpected and led to a great debate on the difference between leaders and managers.
The next section builds a road map for supervisors to assess the needs of their people, compile a simple development plan, and provide the necessary training. Each participant learns what makes and breaks leaders and forms a custom plan to implement these lessons. Through this work, we help you how to stop managing and start leading and, as a result, making you a vital part to your organization's future and you a better leader. Peer Group Sharing of Cases will be used as case studies, videos, and mini lectures will be used in this training. I also learned about how I perceive myself and my surroundings and the reasons for my tendency to respond in the way I do.
In the beginning your progress may seem small, but as one success gets stacked upon another, the momentum you generate will make you a force to be reckoned with. There are a number of words that describe the qualities that many leaders possess, I believe that many of these qualities you too can’t help but possess. With the resources supplied, leaders must motivate their teams to construct a tower that is scored on both height and creative design. Every day you need to devote yourself to the perfection of the path you have chosen to peruse. Teams then review their own and their leader’s performance and compare leadership styles by way of a series of review forms and questionnaires. We also used the activity in a petroleum company for a Motivation workshop and it was successful there too. Discipline is about developing powerful habits and at one point those habits will become your identity.

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