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But what makes Battlefield Seminars unique in the field of Leadership Development programs?
While the battlefields we offer have been specifically selected for their educational value in leader development, we will be happy to entertain requests for sites of specific interest a€“ or proximity a€“ to your organization. To write your federal resume, we strongly suggest using the Resume Builder available on USAJOBS.gov.
It is to your advantage to provide as much relevant information as possible in any of these optional sections.
A well-written resume allows you to highlight your accomplishments and display your competitive skills, which demonstrates to the employer your value and ultimately determines your pay level.
Include any classes, seminars, coursework, certifications, or trainings you have completed that relates to your professional development and the position description. In addition to your supervisors, you may choose to provide professional or personal references who can vouch for your character, work ethic and dependability. List any professional associations, societies, clubs or other organizations you are affiliated with.
Include any publications you have contributed to, along with the publication name and date. You can include any other relevant pieces of your resume in this section: skills, awards, leadership activities, public speaking engagements, volunteer experience or other items that may not fit in a section above. This training seminar gives participants insight into their personality strengths and how to use their strengths to improve their communication with co-workers, customers, and people in general.
Participants complete the INSIGHT Inventory assessment and identify their primary trait characteristics and learn style flexing; a powerful and effective communication skill.

We pride ourselves in our capacity to fully customize all of our programs to the unique needs, challenges, and culture of your organization.
The ability to communicate effectively is central to achieving business goals and maximizing results. No matter how brilliant and creative your ideas may be, you cannot lead others into helping manifest those ideas if you can't communicate well.
While you may find yourself summarizing your work history into a one-page document for a typical job application, your federal resume should be more detailed and run two-to-five pages in length for an entry-level job. It will guide you through the resume writing process, ensuring that you do not leave out important pieces of your application.
Only list degrees from accredited schools or programs that meet the Office of Personnel Management’s standards. A federal resume can range from two to five (or more) pages so you can expand your accomplishments and demonstrate why you are qualified for the position. Highlight any leadership role and volunteer experience you may have had, to the extent that it relates to the job description.
You may choose to list your availability, the type of work environment you seek and your desired location.
Participants will be guided through discussion activities and skill building exercises to immediately apply what they learn.
Handley has worked with thousands of organizations using personality assessments to develop leaders, build teams, and unleash talent and potential. A federal resume uses the same information from a typical resume, but goes into more depth about your skills, past duties and accomplishments.

It also allows you to store multiple resumes, so that you can tailor each one to a different position.
If you wish to substitute education for experience to qualify for a job, you must include the information about coursework in your resume. These items will not exclude your resume from consideration, but are simply used for recruiters to determine your interest. The Resume Builder will also eliminate decorative formatting by generating a template that looks the same for every applicant, ensuring a fair and equal process. You also need to identify whether you have ever worked for the federal government and whether you qualify for veteran's preference.
To ensure that you receive appropriate credit for your academic credentials, you should provide as much information as possible. If you have never served on active duty in the Armed Forces, then you are not eligible for veteran’s preference. Army War College in Carlisle, PA, as faculty members; the college educates senior military officers from all branches of service, Interagency executives from the federal government, and foreign representatives from over 70 countries in the art of strategic leadership.

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