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This training seminar helps participants identify their personality strengths, removes blind spot or negative leadership patterns and reveals productive and dysfunctional team dynamics. Participants complete the INSIGHT Inventory assessment and gain practicala€”often life-changinga€”insights about their personality and behavioral styles. We pride ourselves in our capacity to fully customize all of our programs to the unique needs, challenges, and culture of your organization. Every action we take has six fundamental dimensions that are critical to reaching high quality outcomes within your team. This workshop examines the four aspects of Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ). Change is a constant in business and in our personal lives yet change is often met with resistance. Physician Leadership Program Testimonials Apr 11, 16 07:44 PMThe testimonials below were offered by participants in one of our recent Physician Leadership programs.

Action Wheel Helped Our Clinic Make a Unanimous Decision Apr 06, 16 03:43 PMAt our last board meeting the board used the Action Wheel to help with a decision involving the future site of one of our clinics and its providers. Culture Trumps All Apr 01, 16 04:38 PMWhen working with a prospect, he asked how the Action Wheel would impact his start-up organization.
Handley has worked with thousands of organizations using personality assessments to develop leaders, build teams, and unleash talent and potential.
This interactive course introduces these six key dimensions through an easy-to-remember framework a€“ the Action Wheel Learning methodology. Participants will be guided through discussion activities and skill building exercises to immediately apply what they learn. You will explore how the Action Wheel integrates the six dimensions simply and intuitively into your personal and professional life, giving you a fresh leadership perspective. What you can do is learn the leadership skills that allow you to deal with these difficult people and approach your work with more enjoyment and satisfaction.

This interactive workshop includes engaging exercises designed to help you understand and apply EQ skills in your daily life. You will understand disconnects that change can bring about, discuss the change process, and learn a framework for successfully implementing change. This workshop will provide you with assessment tools, methodology, and proven strategies to confidently work with your difficult co-workers.

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