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I have a pretty straightforward philosophy on the types of head honchos that are out there. I think the biggest misconception about leadership is that being a leader and being a manager are mutually inclusive, that one can’t exist without the other. When I was fresh out of college working at my first full-time job, I constantly ran across the managing types: the people who preferred control over motivation and directives over questions.
On the flipside, I’ve known plenty of junior web designers and developers who I would readily consider leaders. To be a leader, you have to tear down those walls of secrecy and share with your employees. As a business owner, I would readily hire someone who had little experience—but a passion to learn—than someone with more experience but is stuck in his or her ways. In over ten years as a business owner, I know the most successful people are the ones who show personal investment in the success of his or her team.
Not only is this mutually beneficial, but you, as a business owner, get the very cool opportunity to watch as your teammates grow organically within the business. Let me preface this: there is nothing wrong with being concerned with your business’s bottom line.
Leaders have a vision for long-term success beyond simply making money; those things are the effects of your cause, if you will.
But vision isn’t just for you—a true leader can take a vision and inspire his or her team to want to accomplish it as well.
Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes and these three principles have guided me through many ups and downs in the business world.
We often hear the term leader being thrown around so casually, it’s as if anyone can be considered a leader.
Now I am not naive to think that just by creating a safe environment all of our business issues would be fixed, but I do agree that when a leader is willing to roll up their sleeves or even sacrifice for their team first, then it does come back to them from their team in production and willingness to deliver and go beyond.

Glenn Pasch is the current CEO of PCG Digital Marketing as well as a writer, National Speaker and part of the Educational staff for the Automotive Digital Marketing Certification courses. In modern days, specifically people in corporate world depend on authority and very few have leadership quality. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Sure, the head honcho of your company can definitely be a leader if he or she can motivate, communicate, and encourage his or her team. They might have been efficient employers, but if that style had clicked for me I wouldn’t have jumped ship and started a business from scratch. They may not have had titles, but their insight for vision, innovation, and constant learning always impressed me.
When I’m thinking of a new agency direction or a different service we could provide, they are the first to know. With the exception of business calls, my door is always open for suggestions, questions, and rants. While a manager would rather hire a perfect candidate with resume-overload, a leader will search for roughed up potential that, with training and molding, can turn into a diamond.
Vision requires that you, as a leader, have a clear sense of what you want to achieve and have the necessary steps for achieving that goal. Good leadership is a combination of trial and error, but if you stay committed to your business and your team, expect great things.
Many employees assume that those in charge of a project or a department or even the whole company are a leader just because they have authority. Many fell short of attaining true leadership skills, because they were more interested in the authority the role took on and the power they could wield.

I hear stories of layoffs or job cuts when times get rough only to rehire back new people a few months later.
Leaders understand the weight of their decisions and take time to look at data and consult with their teams to make sure they are making the best decisions.
Leaders are firm and demanding, but they do not let the title or the position cloud their judgment.
Finally authority limits are framed to organization job requirements, it is the very person need to harness leadership quality with diplomacy to prove them self and process in the corporate ladder successfully .. A great way to harm your business is to stifle collaboration—your team is not your competition, and you won’t win by keeping them in the dark. When I first started my business, I had a vision to create a premier full-service design and development agency, but I also wanted to create a workplace where clients were paramount and company culture was vital.
You have to listen to me, because I am in charge.” Funny when we hear kids say that it seems odd, but in many companies that is the prevalent way management runs the business. If done correctly the team will help each other, because they feel safe because of actions of their leaders.
Every step I take, from the clients I seek to the people I hire, continues to help my agency reach that vision. Authority figures make their team follow their orders, but with true leadership, teams will choose to follow a leader. The willingness to do their part, the willingness to put the good of team in front of the good of the individual, especially that individual themself. Do not get me wrong, teams need structure teams need direction, but successful teams need consistent action to match the message they hear.

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