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Deepen your understanding about exceeding your personal and professional goals with ease and learn how to get from where you are to where you want to be! In this transformational class, you will be able to implement your leadership skills and immediately begin to transform your earning potential!
Here’s an opportunity to connect with me and receive valuable information that will guide YOU into becoming the fullest expression of who you were created to be!
This and many more adages, perfectly sum up the quality of an ideal leader and how it the role of the leader to guide and take his followers in the path of success while keeping them motivated all along. The Mind Game of Leadership Workshop is a powerful, practical and purposeful leadership development training,which is backed with an assistance follow up program for around 90 days.

Hurry and take your leap towards becoming an effective leader by attending the two day workshop by renowned trainers like Pramoda Rao  (12+ years of Practical Experience in  leading people in the IT Industry), and  Srikanth K (20+ years experience in IT). Newsletter SubscriptionSubscribe to our newsletter for latest updates on events happening in your city. Development in leadership potential: an approach that integrates thinking, feeling, sensing and acting. However, it is also true that some are born leaders, while some are shaped into one, if you are among those that need to hone their leadership skills, then The Mind Game of Leadership Workshop is an ideal choice. The prime focus of the workshop is to accquaint the participants with the pragmatic leadership theories and philosophies.

The program has been structured to guide the participants into learning through 4 phases, which would  equip them to inculcate the behaviors of an effective leader.

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