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On this site you’ll find free French lessons online to learn and practice French grammar. If you already know how to conjugate verbs in the present tense and now you want to learn how to speak in the past, you’re on the right page. Here, you can learn everything about the present perfect and enjoy my free French lessons online to learn how to speak French fast. For example, do you remember that 90% of the verbs (those whose infinitives finish in -er) are regular verbs?
The past participle must agree like an adjective with any direct object preceding the verb avoir. I began looking for an online French coach so that I could learn at my own pace rather than struggling to keep up with a class. Annette's sessions are on video too, so you can review these if you feel the need and I found that very useful. I was worried that I might not understand the webinar technology or that it might not work on my computer. I think the great thing about the service is that it is flexible to fit in with your time commitments and it is easy because you don't have to travel anywhere. I'm a full-time online French teacher and thrilled to be helping students all over the world learn to speak fluently and quickly through my Skype lessons. October 16, 2015 by david Leave a Comment One of the hardest aspects to learning French in the verbs.

So, in this article I’d like to help you by explaining which verb tenses you should focus on in your studies.
I recently came across this series of videos by Easy Languages on YouTube and was really impressed. In the French language one of the hardest areas for students speakers to master is the prepositions for places including cities, countries and states. This book covers all of the most important elements of french pronunciation for the new speaker. There were things that I was actually working on for several months before that on my own and I just was not getting it. If it were not a money issue and everything I have going on I would still have you as my coach,and who knows in the near future I may give you a call back when my situation is straightened out here, I appreciated you very much. I offer French lessons via Skype and have spent my entire life learning and mastering French.
My goal here is to show you some of the tricky aspects to learning French then offer some potential solutions which may help you. This is because there are lots of different verb tenses and learning to conjugate them can be a total nightmare for a lot of people.
In this video lesson I’m going to teach you the three single hardest sounds to pronounce in the language.
What they do is go around Paris and other major French cities interviewing mostly native speakers.

After doing several exercises with the question forms it finally started making sense to me. When I first faced French verbs in 1987 in junior high school I was baffled by this subject. Of course there are others but if you can get these three sounds down from the very start you’ll be well on your way!
They ask people questions about their impressions of the cities and various activities one can do in the cities. But which one you use depends on whether it’s a city or country and whether the the country is masculine or feminine.
I think my biggest struggle is the ER verbs which are starting to make more sense to me now as well. However, I now have several guidelines on when to use tu and when to use vous and would like to share them with you today. My mission is to help as many people as possible to learn how to speak this beautiful language that's brought me so much happiness in my life. I just need to speak it more and the listening part of it on the exercises was great because reading it and hearing it is two different things.

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