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A great way to learn Spanish while in Ecuador is through one of the many language schools throughout the country.
The better schools offer a student-to-teacher ratio of approximately one teacher to two students.
Costs for top-notch schools can be surprisingly low – starting around $120 for the week per person, at four hours per afternoon.
After a few introductory classes in your home country then more intensive study in Ecuador, the best way to learn Spanish is through immersion.
Personally, I’ve found Rosetta Stone is a good way to learn before traveling to Ecuador. So don’t be that gringo who expects Ecuadorians to speak English — LEARN SPANISH TODAY! Yanapuma Spanish School (02-228-7084; Calle Guayaquil N9-159, Quito) has two schools in Ecuador and also runs a variety of “Study and Travel” programs that offer the opportunity to study in the Amazon, the Andes, at the Pacific coast and on the Galapagos. Ecuadorian Spanish is clear and precise, similar to Mexican and Central American Spanish, and the costs of study are among the lowest in South America. Accommodations with local families can also be arranged to help provide immersion in the language.
Noted by many as one of the better Ecuadorian cities to study Spanish, in part because the locals talk at a slower pace, Cuenca is a hub for foreigners studying Spanish. It is a great way to contribute to the development of Ecuador while learning a new language.
Most Spanish schools catering to foreigners are based Quito and Cuenca; both cities have a plethora of schools to choose from. Classes are designed to move along at the student’s pace, with instructors being able to spend more time on small details and skipping over familiar parts, something that is often not possible in larger classes.

A member of the professional association of Spanish schools in Ecuador (AECEE), Yanapuma provides top quality Spanish immersion in individual and group classes for students of all ages and at all levels, using the most modern methods to provide the optimum learning experience. Their teachers are certificated to teach Spanish and principally give private lessons (one-on-one). Amazonas N26-59 and Santa Maria, Quito) This school in Quito provides one-on-one lessons, intensive and semi-intensive courses, and can arrange accommodations with Ecuadorian host families. Counting in Spanish: On this page you will be able to learn how to form Spanish numbers from 1-100. Craigslist and Ecuadorian classified ad websites such as Adoos and Evisos are good sources for finding private tutors and native Spanish teachers.
There are also Spanish schools in Banos and Otavalo if you want a more small-town experience. This rate is fairly typical, although the costs will be significantly higher if your teacher travels to your home. Volunteering or working with Ecuadorians on a daily basis can lead to a surprising level of comprehension and ability to communicate, even after a short time. They can also provide homestays with welcoming host families, or can recommend hotels and hostels according to your budget and preferences. Special activities include cooking and salsa lessons, and visits to museums and historical sites in Quito. Individual classes for Your Escape to Ecuador readers are $10 per hour and group classes $7.00 per hour.
If you don’t want one-on-one lessons, they also offer mini-group lessons (no more than 3 students per class) matched up by Spanish level. The school also has several volunteer programs in the central highlands, jungle and Galapagos.

The school can arrange weekly accommodations at a local hotel which run approximately $90 a private room with bath.
Just make sure you order Latin American Spanish – otherwise you’ll arrive talking like you’re from the “old country” (Spain) and although you will probably be understood, you’ll also raise a few eyebrows. The $25 registration fee is a donation to a fund for scholarships for disadvantaged children, and profits support the sustainable development work of the Yanapuma Foundation. One-on-one lessons will run you about $160 per week (20 hours of lessons over four days). Group lessons are $120 per person per week.
Special discounts are available for students and members of the South American Explorers Club. While the full set is a bit pricey ($325 thru Amazon), this course helps thousands of people learn Spanish each year.
Specialized programs, such as the Travelling Classroom and Surf & Spanish have additional costs. Multimedia lesson, designed to run on any platform without the need of installing new software, to help users learn Spanish from home. Try our 1st lesson with many free chapters, locked chapters need a purchased key for only US $7.00. A final QuizThe multimedia learning environment is easy and intuitiveButtons help you navigate back or forward anytime.
It includes audio, graphics, buttons and quizzes that will help you to evaluate yourself after each lesson rather than just reading the content.

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