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Pharmacy is a communication-based profession, and communication competencies are assessed in all four years of the Bachelor of Pharmacy program. The program is co-curricular and skills based, using pharmacy-specific exercises aligned with assessment tasks. The initiative has demonstrated positive outcomes in terms of participants’ academic performance and engagement since its introduction.
With the advent of technological advances we have today, communication in person to person seemed unnecessary for some people thinking that technology can replace how an effective communication can bring to whatever type of human relationship. Over the years, there seems to be different methods on how to have better communication skills that are necessary in our day-to-day dealings with our peers. Thus, it is best to revisit things that people already knew about improving their individual relationships and relearn them once again. Communication is often overlooked, until it fails people tend to address issues in their relationship right at the moment it collapsed or about to collapse. If you need to know about the basic things that must be learned, there are countless of communication articles out there that will surely help you get familiar with a few tips in improving your communication skills and have a better relationship.

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Evidence of the academic and social challenges faced by culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) students prompted the implementation of a contextualised English Language Support Program for first-year pharmacy students in 2008. This innovative approach is the result of multi-disciplinary collaboration between pharmacy academics and language and higher education experts. Further, reflective data from the student participants, teachers and placement supervisors indicate the value of the program. There are thousands of communication articles that deal with the topic of communication and how it impacted the human relation, both in a positive and a negative way. However, despite these helpful resources, problems in relationship in different ways continue to surface that have something to do with communication. This would mean that people need to relearn the basic things they though they already knew in order to have a better and working relationship. Some would even question what went wrong or what they did wrong to reach to that point not knowing that also contributed to the demise of that relationship.

The outcomes have been presented in at national and international academic forums, including one full reviewed paper and an award-winning presentation.
Despite the fact that there are enough information and educative materials that can help people build a better relationship or improve their existing relationship, many conflicts that tend to destroy relationship still exist.
From the best way to convey one’s feelings to the proper way to give feedbacks, these basic things are essential in attaining a harmonious relationship or enhance and existing relationship that works even better. Improved communication enable people to express their ideas in a clearly and direct to the point manner, one of the good way to learn this quality is to learn it from other people whom you think mastered this quality and have appropriately applied them to their respective relationship. By doing this, you will be able to create a better life and resolve existing issues that are possible to be resolved.

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