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The value of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) accreditation can be seen in the quality of the curriculum and the faculty who serve in the programs. It’s important that prospective business students consider business accreditation like ACBSP when researching schools. A multicultural and diverse student body is what Norwalk Community College prides itself on having. Though many may not favor the alternative online courses, there are many reasons why online classes can be just as helpful, if not better than tradition classroom courses. An obvious benefit of taking online courses is the amount of time that is saved from not having to physically be in a classroom. When taking a course online, a student has a much more flexible schedule and can avoid taking a necessary course at an inconvenient time or worse, not taking the course at all because of time restrants. Saved time can then be used to work full time, take more classes, or for extracurricular activities such as volunteering and internships.
Being in a classroom, whether it be a small classroom or big lecture, there are many other students involved in the ‘learning experience’. These distractions extend further than set classroom discussions or activities, to ‘discussions’ that students have with one another; specifically with students that interrupt class time to text or talk to each other. In an online class, each student can take time to carefully and eloquently think of responses to discussions and questions and those who fear public speaking can receive a good grade in participation despite being shy or having to subject themselves to something they are scared to do. It is a common misconception among those against online classes that the courses are ‘more work’ than classroom setting courses; it isn’t a greater workload, but rather a different style of work. The point that I personally find the most important is that having an online class can involve more will power than having to go to a class.
As a student at Norwalk Community College and other schools, I have taken both online and traditional classes. When I come to school, I physically remove myself from my immediate environment into one that is designed for learning. Another advantage of taking traditional classes is the multiple ways to gain perspective and make lifelong connections. Often, students who come to classes can be underestimated in their dedication, motivation and commitment.
Traditional classes may not be for everyone, and the degree of dedication required may not suit everyone either. One of the first bits of information you receive from the university is the course progression for your program. The reason COLL100 (Foundations of Online Learning) is recommended first is because it provides necessary information about how to interact and succeed in our online environment.
In 2008, The Economist Intelligence Unit published, The future of higher education: How technology will shape learning. Technological innovation, long a hallmark of academic research, may now be changing the very way that universities teach and students learn. Earning your education online may cause apprehension for some, but as the above quote suggests, the way we learn has changed forever. Government information is a fantastic resource for students to utilize when researching and crafting academic papers. Since APU is an online university, our students keep in touch with us and each other virtually and sometimes the best way to keep in touch with them is to have an established online relationship with them via social media tools. Chances are that if you’re taking a college course, you’ll need to make a choice about which scholarly database to use for a course assignment.
Online learning makes it possible to pursue higher education goals anywhere there is Internet access.
Even with the access and more flexible schedule of online learning, there can be challenges.

With the prevalence of Amazon and interlibrary loans being delivered to your doorstep, it may seem that used bookstores have run their lease on their purpose. If your goal is to find a specific book or even find a book at the right price, you are likely headed for disappointment. In his most recent work, The Future of History (2012), historian John Lukacs listed his predictions and concerns for history in the digital age.
There are entire “data banks” where important things, including the very existence of certain books or articles or other materials, are absent—and will continue being absent.
One of the more confusing aspects of filling out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is determining whether you are an independent or dependent student.
When you’re down and stressed from life and school do you find comfort in motivational posters? Granted, it may be all too easy to get sucked into Facebook when you should be doing your work, but studies have actually shown that a little brain break actually ups your efficiency. Not only does engaging in discussion via social media flex your brain muscle by beefing up your points and arguments for the paper that’s due next Sunday, it flexes your social muscle and opens you up to other points of view that you may have never even considered.
Use Twitter Search: Poke around a bit, find topics that interest you and engage in the conversation.
ACBSP is a specialized accrediting organization that reviews the quality and integrity of business degree programs. Accreditation ensures that faculty members have qualifying terminal degrees and have been reviewed for their professional contributions such as presentations, publications, and community service. Therefore, be sure to research every school’s accreditation to ensure that you’re being offered a quality education from an institution that is meeting high academic standards. Students’ ages range from 15 to 90; not every student at NCC fits into the 18-22 demographic.
The hour used in a classroom setting is often dramatically reduced in an online class simply because a student may go at a certain pace of learning and undertake activities which could not be taken in a classroom setting.
Though social settings can be a positive thing, the presence of a whole classroom of other students can be distracting and destructive to a student’s personal learning; both teachers and students can go off on tangents and the discussion can be swayed in a way that is completely irrelevant to the topic that is being taught.
When a discussion occurs in an online class there is  little room for irrelevant topics or classroom distractions. With an online class, if a student has a question, they can e-mail their teacher and get a direct response; in a classroom setting a student must raise their hand and wait to be called, if they are called at all. With online classes the weekly work may seem intimidating and excessive, but only because it is being viewed at one time. A student might miss a class or  an assignment because they couldn’t attend class a certain day and in the long run hurt their grade. I remove myself from distractions and temptations that linger at home to a place where I can focus. Through professors, classmates, clubs, and study groups, I have the opportunity to see things from endless viewpoints. In reality, for many students, coming to school is a testimony in itself of their will power and dedication to learning. This might be tutoring, recitation or staying after class; all of which provide clarity in subjects that may be difficult for students. Still, no matter how you go about your education, self-motivation and dedication are your keys to a great education. Taking courses in the recommended order helps you build a strong academic foundation, so you progress through your program with the academic knowledge you need to succeed in your classes.
You’re introduced to the classroom, library, and other basic university information that you’ll need to know as a university student. For academic institutions, charged with equipping graduates to compete in today’s knowledge economy, the possibilities are great (The Economist.

It is available in many places, and where you search depends on the type of information you’re seeking.
Social media is an increasingly important way for students and faculty to keep in touch with each other and also to connect with organizations in which they have an interest. They may not be actively thinking about the library or research when they check into Facebook, for example, but they will see our updates there when they do. Approximately one in three of all those in higher education are enrolled in an online class. It’s also ideal for students with time constraints, such as those with shift work or unpredictable family and caretaker obligations. When you are an online student and taking classes alone on your computer and you hit a roadblock, what do you do? However, it is important that students get away from the computer and find sources outside the Internet. Of this many (if not most) people using computers are ignorant (consider only students relying on texts or quotes or references from computers for stuffing these into their papers). Most teenagers fresh out of high school are probably dependent because they still depend on their parent(s) for financial support. You’ll receive a notification every time someone adds a comment to the thread you participated in – a great way to fuel conversation! ACBSP accreditation also creates opportunities for schools and students to align with business honor societies like Delta Mu Delta, which can be noted in resumes and used when pursuing scholarships. I was looking for an ACBSP accredited university that was not only known for academic quality, but one that was online so I could fit classes into my hectic work-life schedule,” said Jason Beaumier, MBA Finance student at American Military University (AMU).
This will give you the confidence in knowing that what you’re learning is academically rigorous and relevant to the business industry. With online classes, a student cannot blame missing work on not  knowing about an assignment or missing a class. By coming to school, I experienced an environmental change, new perspectives of every imaginable topic, connections that could last a lifetime, and a way to always get extra help if needed. When I come to school, I know I have a purpose and so there is a clear pathway to learning.
In our discussions and lectures, I can express and form my own opinions in a well-rounded way. To show up routinely when many students have jobs and other responsibilities is nothing short of dedication.
Coming to school doesn’t guarantee that you will get an education, but it definitely can motivate you to. Academic institutions, the professors, and the instructors must find new and perhaps enticing methods to reach out to students in order to optimize their online learning experience and maximize their future scholastic and career opportunities.
However, as we all know, 18 or 19 year old students do not make up the entire student body of a university. To do this for however long it takes to get a degree shows strength in their commitment and motivation. The libraries use these tools to communicate information and share news with our students, faculty, and other interested parties. In addition, some of these statements, which are either fact or fiction, will help you understand your dependency status better.

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