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Note that Text A (which is carton based) can also be cut up and used as a sequencing activity for lower levels – not as easy as it looks! Having compared and discussed the features of a few celebrity interview articles from a range of magazines, learners choose a celebrity (or star) who they would like to interview. The print quality of this resource may be low as it is a cut, pasted and scanned (very useful) document. I used it by discussing each of the screens with learners and then having them work through the reading text and the accompanying exercises.
Designed with L1 Functional English students in mind, the lesson can lead in to further discussion about crime, security, safety etc.
Although we tend to view learning as an apparently unconscious process, most of what we learn involves a conscious effort to facilitate learning through the deliberate use of a learning style. A person’s learning style emerges primarily from the interplay of personality, genetics, perception bias and multiple intelligences. Without our ability to perceive things on a number of levels, we would not be able to process, comprehend and preserve important information in our brains.
For example, someone who prefers to learn something verbally rather than mathematically may take a complex equation and re-create the equation so that it resembles a word problem, with each step written out in words rather than just numbers and symbols. Good occupations for visual learners include architects, painters, sculptors, interior designers and engineers. Students possessing an auditory learning style have the ability to intuitively interpret and remember information by not only hearing sounds and speech but also picking up on the speed, voice and pitch of verbal and non-verbal sounds.
Auditory learners gains more understanding through directions that are provided orally rather than in written form. Visual and auditory learners will benefit from taking online school courses because of the ability to convert just about any information into a preferable platform through software that transforms text to speech or takes numerical information and adapts it to graphical form.
While most people lean towards a primary learning style, many will also use a combination of two learning styles. Be aware that having a tendency to use a certain learning style or brain hemisphere does not mean you can’t apply other methods that seem to facilitate your understanding and retention of course material.
Visual College of Art and Design Follow your passion at the Visual College of Art and Design. This post may contain affiliate links which helps us create quality content to share with you. As our children grow from toddlers to entering preschool, grade school, middle school and high school, we begin to feel more and more pressure as parents to ensure they are ready and prepared with the right tools and skills needed to help them reach their potential. For instance, when they begin learning their math facts, 2 + 2 = 4 and 5 x 7 = 35, they have no idea how to get those answers until they start following a certain set of rules taught to them either in school or at home with a lot of practice. Ironically enough, you may be surprised to know that the simple mechanics of writing also requires a special set of skills and muscle tone. The right amount of strength in your child’s hand could mean the difference in pencil grip, the quality of their handwriting and how well they can use hand-eye coordination to eventually track words on a page for reading. The best games and toys to use with your child are the ones that work on several different muscle groups at once.
A great place to begin is to let your child draw and color with pencils, pens, crayons and markers of all shapes and sizes. I love this Super Sorting Pie from Amazon and I use it in my center all the time with the kids that come to me for help with handwriting.

The Mini Muffin Match Up is another one of my favorites from Amazon because you receive all the benefits of hand-eye coordination and pencil grip with the extra bonus of math games too.
There are all sorts of activities kids can do with beads and stress balls to strengthen their hands and palms.
These are just a few activities you can try at home, but there are several that are great for your child’s development. Integrated Learning Strategies is a Utah-based center dedicated to helping mainstream children and children with learning disabilities achieve academic success. The PowerPoint presentation was used as a quiz to see if learners could recognise the flooded places and to encourage discussion leading onto the reading work. This can incorporate IT skills (Word template provided below) or can be done with paper, card and pens. The ability to absorb, understand and retain information is unique among humans, with each individual possessing his or her own exclusive learning style. We recognize and employ a certain learning style early in life that efficiently allows to remember, integrate and use information which facilitates our day to day lives and makes coping with unexpected tasks easier. However, people who are considered auditory or visual learners will encounter difficulty with this learning style. Immediate perceptions of images, diagrams, maps and videos facilitate their ability to understand and retain information. Information that is presented in written form may not be as quickly assimilated until it is heard. They also prefer lectures instead of reading from a textbook and may hum to themselves when bored or being forced to read something.
However, it is not impossible for a kinesthetic learner to succeed in an online degree program.
For example, some students say they must be wearing headphones and listening to their favorite music at loud volume before they can read, understand and remember course material. Specializing in creating useful education based websites that help to inform students about online degree programs while connecting them to the best online schools for their career.
Because learning happens at such a young age, kids are constantly curious, testing limits and exploring their surroundings, which is all part of learning. The same applies to other parts of our child’s learning ability that we may not even think is important. Why is that important and why start prepping a child for writing when they are only toddlers and too young to write?
You should try to help your child strengthen the eyes for reading while working on the hands, wrists and fingers.
You can start your child out with a fat marker that will help them grip it better and eventually help them work down to a small broken piece of crayon. Remember, an important piece of the puzzle is to not only help your child to write their letters, but to also help him or her hold their pencil correctly for better handwriting. Kids can use the Muffin Match Up for sorting, counting, and early math facts while they use their hands and fingers to place the muffins in the tin. If you have ever been in a hurry to write a report or have taken a typing test, you know your hands and wrists tend to get tired and even sore after long periods of time. Activities to help your child find a love early for writing and learning always lead to strong academic achievement.

Our services provide kids with non-traditional tutoring programs within the Davis County, Kaysville, Layton, Syracuse, Farmington, and Centerville areas. Visual learners also prefer writing notes over just simply reading a text to memorize information. Thus, they may read aloud to themselves or discuss an idea with others to seize on insights they cannot garner from simply reading about it.
In addition, students with a preference for auditory learning often do well as English or foreign language majors. People who tend to use the left side of their brain exhibit skills that emphasize logic, numbers, reasoning, language and critical thinking. As a parent, you have more than likely heard the saying, “you can’t see the forest from the trees.” This is typically the case for children because what we know as adults, our kids have not yet had the opportunity to learn.
While it may seem early when kids are only three or four, it’s the best time to start incorporating fun games and activities that will eventually allow them to write letters and form sentences. There are a number of objects you can use in your home or you can find some great toys online that accomplish the same exercise. Kids have a tendency in the beginning to grasp pencils and crayons with their whole palm like a knife, but activities that allow them to use their index finger and thumb will strengthen those muscles for writing. When your child has mastered the exercise of placing the muffins in the tin with the tongs, have them also categorize them by color. Eventually, as you build those muscles, writing and typing becomes easier, which is the same for children. Students with visual learning tendencies are often good with directions, exhibit artistic skills, benefit from colorized illustrations and tend to isolate themselves from kinesthetic or auditory distractions. Career paths for this type of learning style include journalist, lawyer, teacher or politician. Left-brainers, then, would be more likely to embrace the visual or auditory learning style. We sometimes take these simple skills for granted because they come so naturally for us, but for some children, they can really struggle and have a difficult time mastering the most basic techniques of writing because they lack the strength in their fingers and hands. Even if they already show signs of being right-handed or left-handed, using both hands is still important for brain development and higher learning. That is why the Super Sorting Pie works so well because it allows kids to grip the fruits and place them in the pie with tongs that are similar to tweezers.
This helps them concentrate more on recognizing colors (also good for recognizing letters) and sorting the muffins (also good for grouping to help with story problems). Helping children to grasp stress balls or flip beads and coins over with their fingers can strengthen the muscles needed for writing.
Right-brain users are good at remembering faces, interpreting emotions and presenting creative skills. If you find a certain environment, device or action seems to expedite study sessions, then by all means use it to help you succeed as an online student. Students with dominant right hemispheres may be more inclined to be kinesthetic and perhaps visual learners.

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