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It is a step by step process that takes time and commitment from the coached individuals, as well as openness and continuity. Once you have rated each area, the Wheel of Life shows you which areas of your life are out of balance. What do I need from myself and my environment in order to improve the areas of my Wheel of Life? Personal coaching helps you get crystal clear on how to take control of your life, get un-stuck, and move forward.
Since working with Beth, I've slowly shifted my thinking and started seeing myself through the eyes of others. Most interesting is that it is now 78 months since we saw a change in interest rates and 72 months ago were we not being told ‘Interest rates are set to rise again soon’?
This highlights a key coaching principle that the coachee must want to change thereby realising some personal benefit. In the last year or so a number of friends and relatives have received diagnoses of conditions that have changed their lives forever.
These life-event examples serve to highlight the stark contrast that can exist between planning and reality in all aspects of our lives.
The importance of planning is that it gives us something to strive for, something that gives our lives purpose, fulfills our ambitions and most importantly creates focus for our actions. A few weeks on from the General Election in the UK there is still learning to be had from the fall out of 3 leaders having failed to create a following and resigning. Recently on Radio 4’s Today programme a potential future leader of the Lib- Dems struggled to explain what they had done wrong to produce such disastrous results and resorted to blaming the outcomes on the actions of other parties.
Shortly before the election I had listened to Nick Clegg being interviewed by John Humphries who was accusing him of being prepared to support whoever won the election (Not unfairly).
I was disappointed recently when the tenants in a local pub where I regularly play guitar at open mic nights told me that they were giving up the pub because they were losing money. Not to get help however is potentially fatal, like furiously bailing water to save a boat without repairing the hole. It was interesting to note that that within the grasp of the pub tenants was a resource that may have been able to help and advise them at little or no cost, their clientele. The current battle for leadership of the UK is providing us with some interesting perspectives on leadership per se as we watch a diverse group of individuals peddle their parties’ wares and indulge in political and sometimes personal tete-a-tetes. On radio 4 recently John Humphries talked about the apparent absence of a voter archetype to which political parties can appeal in the run up to the forthcoming election.
Of course there are exceptions to this; There are minority segments in our society who have more polarised views for a number of reasons but these people do not form the majority of the electorate and so receive acknowledgement rather than real consideration in the manifestos of the main political parties. Attract or find people who share your values and mission to work with you and continually share it with them. And finally, we have a couple more weeks of this live leadership case study before we make our decisions…watch and learn! In the run-up to a general election one must consider the motives behind any reports on a subject as emotive as the NHS however there is evidently data that shows this trend and fingers will be ready to point the blame at the softest targets. True leadership is based on trust and requires a vision and mission that are transmitted consistently throughout an organisation. As I picked up my watch to put it on this morning I noticed that the three watches on my bedside cabinet were all showing exactly the right time, the hand appearing like some sort of miniature formation team. When I was younger time was something that I spent doing things, checked when I had an appointment and generally passed by more or less unnoticed. With a holiday booked next week I’m sitting down to tie up loose ends before shutting the laptop lid for a week. In his book, Tracy recommends that we see these tasks as Frogs that we must eat, and that the most important tasks are the biggest and ugliest frogs as they are the ones likely to have the biggest impact on our lives. So today, like me, you might like to imagine your tasks as frogs, arrange them in order of size and ugliness and eat the biggest and ugliest one before you even open your e-mail!
If you take leadership in it’s simplest form, where someone chooses or takes the initiative to lead rather rather than taking a job where they are expected to do it, they firstly have a cause they wish to pursue and they tell people about it.
The coach’s role is to help individuals find their purpose to become more content, comfortable and at ease with their choices, circumstances and lifestyle.

We use a variety of creative tools and techniques to help you discover who you are and exactly what you need to get back to the real you: joyful, purpose-filled, and ALIVE!
So taking the case of interest rates, we know what we have so if we like it we might choose to remortgage or move house in order to fix that element of what we have with the intention of creating an element of predictability or stability for the future.
Coaching is after all about helping people to realise their own potential and not about making them into something that someone else wants them to be. The things they had planned, the dreams they had, their visions of the future have been thwarted by events that were unexpected and unplanned for. We make plans based on our experiences and recollections of the past and by making assumptions about the future. It is the actions in pursuit of the plan which define the realities of our lives; Our levels of satisfaction, achievement and ultimately, our happiness. The reality of course, in a business sense, is that they were not competitive and they were outplayed by the other parties. Mr Clegg, unusually, buckled under the relentless questioning and struggled to create a meaningful story as to why that might make sense and actually have a benefit to the population of Great Britain. Ensure that you have clear sense of purpose for your party, business, group, club or whatever it is you lead.
Focus relentlessly on what you do, and have done well, and communicate it frequently to your followers and potential followers.
The former may keep you afloat longer until the inevitable happens whereas the latter will solve the problem and enable you to make full use of your boat. Probably unbeknownst to them this group of people included business owners, consultants, media experts, retired directors and a variety of other people who would probably have been willing to offer free advice as they sat at the bar sipping their drinks! However, whatever the signs, the onus to take action is always on the person with the problem and I would encourage anyone whose business is under pressure for any reason to first of all look inward for solutions; What do your own employees and colleagues think of the challenge? This is creating a stalemate in the poles which is quite different to historical elections. Usually that means that nurses get it in the neck because they are most easily associated with care delivery but we would do well to remember that nurses are the coal face of a much bigger system and, in the modern NHS, constrained or empowered by numerous tiers of clinical and business management who call the shots on strategy, policy and implementation. You could argue that there’s nothing surprising about that because that was indeed the correct time however, all three watches are manually set by me.
As life has progressed, life events have made me aware that time is something to be treasured, something that once spent is gone forever so now I plan to use it in a way that gives me pleasure and guard against ever wasting it as some time in the not too distant my time, like everyone’s will run out! Time management is all about self-management; How we manage ourselves in order to make best use of the time available for any particular task, group of tasks or activities. The way to manage time best therefore is to eat the biggest and ugliest frogs first and, whether or not you find eating frogs distasteful, the metaphor serves to bring big ugly frogs to the front of the mind to be dealt with appropriately. Meanwhile the new doers want to be left to get on with it but feed back that communication in the growing organisation is poor. Next, they seek out others who buy in to the cause and they encourage them to spread the word. This, rather than a collection of hollow words on a glass plaque in the foyer, is your mission statement.
I realise that Mark Carney has to say something to satisfy the government, the press and the ever-present ‘markets’ but what does this mean? In other aspects of our lives our plan for the future will determine what we do today in pursuit of the plan and it is important to recognise that each step of the way can be celebrated as an achievement irrespective of whether the full plan ever comes to fruition. To some extent therefore it was him that needed the coaching on how to engage his team on a mission of effective leadership within the organisation. His personal lack of engagement with this cause was the main source of the problems he perceived and was responsible for the lack of leadership my coachees were experiencing. I have on more than one occasion terminated coaching relationships where the coachee is prepared to undertake extensive discussions about problems, usually caused by others’ actions in their eyes, who pay lip service to doing things differently but take no action between coaching conversations.
We may make contingency plans by taking out health, critical illness and life insurances, but we don’t ever plan for those insured events and nor should we when there are so many more enjoyable and satisfying things we can plan for. We plan contingencies based on different assumptions about the future, but of course none of us can predict the future. It is essential therefore that we plan what we really want to do, rather than what we feel we should do because at the point the plan is disrupted by some unplanned event, you would want to be happy and not planning to be happy at some point in the future which has now been spoiled.
The reality is of course that there probably is a cohort of people who think that having a moderating influence on the polar opposites of the two biggest parties is actually something they would subscribe to even if it means your party will never be outright winners.

Sometimes it is so easy to ignore what is right under your nose, especially if you’re not constantly scanning for new opportunities or help. Radio interviewees in a Birmingham suburb then talked about how complicated it is choosing given the proliferation of parties and the breadth of choice of personalities and opinions. We may indeed be seeing an element of this currently with the rise of the SNP who, having had their call for independence rebuffed, are now a sizable group of motivated individuals operating within the larger democratic machine in the UK. The lack of an archetype discussed by John Humpries is not applicable to the SNP; They have a following of Scots who would like their own say, supported by a group of women who would rather see a woman with a true sense of conviction (and who shares their dream) in charge than a male mouthpiece of one of a group of institutions who are fighting for territory on the same battleground.
We have also recently been informed that the standards in the NHS are in the worse decline since 1991.
I reflected on this for a moment and realised that this evidenced that time is important to me as I had made the effort to ensure that each of my watches showed the exact time even though I had adjusted them at different times after the last daylight saving change. Then, they listen (Another crucial leadership trait) to what they hear back and modify their message so that it resonates with more people. If you care enough about it, you will want to tell the World….the next step is to decide how!
We base our predictions of the future on our experiences of the past and as we’re apparently coming out of the longest period of recession in living memory, how reliable is anyone’s prediction likely to be? Having a plan makes achieving our desired future possible but of course does not guarantee it. Unfortunately, and this is a key point, he was unwilling to entertain the notion of even discussing his part in what he was experiencing in his team. How could those things be achieved and what would be the impact? Also, talk to other people outside and identify what help is available and at what cost. In all this there seemed to be no acknowledgement that, in comparison to historical elections, we now live in an increasingly multicultural and generally diverse society which is no longer polarised simply into workers, managers and housewives, all of them white Caucasian.
A motivated group who will turn out on election day and who will almost certainly make an impression on the whole of the UK.
Coaching and leadership work best together when there is a shared agenda for change which is co-owned by the leader and the potential coachee.
It should be no surprise that any individual political party has great difficulty meeting the needs of all the segments of such a society with it’s variety of aspirations and values. Like them or loathe them the SNP are demonstrating the power of a clearly defined mission in generating followers. They understand that it is an active process (Leadership is a verb not a noun) and that the key to effective leadership is skilled communication. Most important is that the reason they do all this is because they genuinely and wholeheartedly care about what happens next.
This applies not only to interest rates but to everything that we plan or imagine in our lives. Furthermore, now that their mission is being communicated by an articulate woman, and women are another group on a mission, the message has much wider appeal. In modern western civilisations many of the lowest level needs identified by Maslow require only a few things: A source of income, and policies and infrastructure to maintain security. Clinical staff who care need to feel cared for too if, they’re bullied, as we hear 25% of them are, this will be reflected in their work.
If management appear not to care about patient outcomes, just numbers, they will focus on what they are told in spite of their values and become demoralised…which we hear 40% of them are. Not managers, leaders who inspire people to follow, care about meaningful outcomes hold people accountable for achieving them at whatever level they are operating. I’d stake my life savings on the fact that removing all managers with no accountability for care outcomes in the NHS would pay for all the nurses and doctors the NHS says it needs!

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