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A session at the 2013 AIChE Spring Meeting in San Antonio, TX, entitled "Career Game-Changers," presented by Alaina Levine of Quantum Success Solutions, equipped its attendees with the tools to effectively network to access the perfect job, interview to seal the deal, and negotiate the best possible salary. In this session, career consultant Alaina Levine spoke about the power of networking and the mutually beneficial relationships that it can create over time.
AIChE's 2013 Spring Meeting offered many opportunities for networking, such as the Keynote Reception shown here. In order to make meaningful connections while networking at an event, the first step is to bring and ask for business cards. If you are looking for a job, remember that the interview begins the moment you first interact with the interviewer, the company, and the industry.
After you land an interview through extensive networking or a strong cover letter and r?sum?, it is extremely important to prepare before the interview.
At the interview bring with you extra copies of your r?sum?, copies of your reference sheet, and a plain paper-pad and pen. As you leave the interview, let them know how enthusiastic and motivated you are for the position, ask for their business cards, and give them yours. If you are offered the job after the interview, in order to receive the best possible salary and compensation package from the company, you must negotiate.
No matter how well a person negotiates, the company may have tight budget restrictions and may not be able to negotiate much higher than the original offer. Achieving success in your new job may require some skills that you did not learn in college. Green Building & Sustainable Strategies magazine is looking for local publishers across Canada and USA. This is an opportunity for experienced, self-motivated entrepreneurs to earn above average. We provide the layout and design of the magazine, national editorial content, training and support, distribution, invoicing and collection. Your responsibility is to sell local advertising, generate local editorial content and promote the magazine in your professional community.
This is mostly a sales role since the revenue of the magazine and therefore publisher’s commission is based on display ad sales, sponsored editorial, feature stories reprints and web banner ads.

Networking is absolutely necessary to advance your career, as it opens hidden opportunities that cannot be found on job websites and company career pages. Although many view self-promotion in a negative way, Levine counters that in order to advance your career, you must promote yourself. Keep in mind that the job search process should be about what you can provide the employer and how you can help them -- not about what the employer can give you.
If you are applying for a job you found through a company or job website, research the organization you are applying for.
You can also bring a list of questions you would like to ask about the job, your own personal business cards, and your thesis or portfolio just in case the hiring manager is interested in seeing it.
It is typically okay to ask about the timeline for hearing back about the job -- just so you know when to check in if too much time elapses without a yay or nay from the company. Therefore, it is important to do all salary research and understand your needs, wants, and limits before beginning negotiations.
Self-promotion has many advantages; not only does it establish your credibility and expertise in your field, it also keeps your name fresh in the minds of the public and decision makers. The purpose at the heart of any job anywhere is to solve a problem; therefore, companies are looking for candidates that are problem solvers. Collect data on their annual reports, and perform Google and Google News searches; reference these products, services, divisions, and issues in your cover letter. Levine suggests that you have reliable answers prepared for some of the typical interview questions. After the interview, send a thank-you note as soon as possible to everyone that interviewed you. Remember that you won't ever have all of the information from the other party -- so don't ever reveal the end-salary you want to receive -- instead, if pushed, give an acceptable salary range. When you reach a favorable resolution, express gratitude -- but make sure you have everything in writing. If you have experience in selling print advertising and you’re looking to be in business by yourself with no up-front franchising or licensing fee associated with it, Independent Contractor Publisher is the right opportunity for you.
Don't be afraid to introduce yourself, especially to others who may have come alone to the networking event.

The candidate that is hired will be required to solve problems, add value quickly, and make the boss look good, states Levine. Remember that those in hiring positions would rather hire someone that they know than sort through thousands of r?sum?s. Be creative in your initial letter of interest in order to show how you will solve their problems and fit into their culture. Discuss their needs in terms of your experience in order to translate your diverse skills into the language of the job. Sending a thank-you to the administrative assistant who provided coffee or water is also a nice touch, says Levine. The salary range that you provide should be valued based on total compensation, and include the value of insurance, retirement package, equipment, days off, etc. Focus on promoting your expertise, value to the customer, uniqueness, enthusiasm, skills, and positive attitude. After the initial introductions, Levine suggests that you come up with a question to get people talking about themselves, such as "What is the best part of what you do?" Keep the person's interest for around ten minutes, but know when to excuse yourself and move on. By establishing connections through networking, you are more likely to get an interview than someone who submitted their r?sum? All of these things are what create your "brand" -- your promise of value and how you deliver that value. If you are actively job-hunting, never ask someone at an event for a job -- instead, ask if you can follow up with him or her. After any networking event, it is crucial to follow up with a quick email to keep the connection alive; otherwise you have wasted your time. Putting time into the cover letter lets the company know that you are serious about the job and you know what the company is all about.

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