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The Law of Attraction Mastery FREE eBook & Audio - The Secret to Use The Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams! The American Association of Christian Counselors and Light University have partnered with Dr. We want to train and equip individuals, just like you, who have a heart to help people in need with the necessary tools to be more effective in helping and coaching others. Instead of the regular tuition rate of $800 per course, you may enroll in any of the James C. Continuing Education credits are also available, if needed, for mental health professionals and ministry leaders. This course addresses the contemporary issues most common to both raising and counseling children and adolescents and provides appropriate treatment strategies for effective familial change.
This course equips students with the counseling knowledge and tools for helping parents raise emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially healthy children.
This course provides a biblical overview of marriage and family systems, specifically looking at the foundations, models, and techniques necessary for effective counseling with couples and families.
This course equips students with a biblical overview of relationships, romance and marriage, as well as providing the necessary counseling knowledge to assist couples in cultivating successful and full relationships.
This course addresses the biological and physiological implications of healthy, biblical sexuality while addressing contemporary issues, such as pregnancy and sexual difficulties, and abortion. This course provides the foundational psychological and theological perspectives needed for understanding core child and family development stages and dynamics. This course examines the psychological and spiritual foundations and strategies for understanding the meaning and significance of generational influence and its impact on family legacy. This course integrates the practical knowledge of child development experts, the physiological science of human development, and the enlightening wisdom of counselors to instruct learning participants on the human lifespan.
This course utilizes the knowledge and expertise of seasoned professionals to instruct learners on the difficult issues children may face physically, emotionally, psychologically and relationally.
This course addresses the biological and physiological implications of healthy, biblical sexuality, while additionally addressing contemporary issues, such as pregnancy, sexual difficulties, and abortion. This course compares and contrasts the cultural and biblical worldviews of both marriage and the family as core societal institutions and lays a theoretical foundation for future direction and advocacy. This course reviews public policy issues that threaten the Judeo-Christian heritage of America’s founding principles.
This course addresses concepts and interventions from experienced clinicians on how to approach the issues of divorce and the loss of a spouse in a broken reality.
This course delves into the difficulty of raising teenagers with problem behaviors; such as having a strong will, dealing with bullying, emotional issues, puberty, learning disabilities, emotional disorders, and the day-to-day pains of adolescent life. This course provides a unique learning experience as students are led through various marriage and family issues and challenges. The mission of our Premier NLP Coach certification training program is to provide you with the finest and most practical life and business coaching skills possible. This coach certification program combines traditional coaching practices with the clear how-to's of NLP. The coaching profession is quickly growing, because the business world has finally discovered what athletes have known for decades: coaches can help you have, be, and do your best. Our Coach Training can help you become an extraordinary life coach - regardless of who or how you'll be coaching - by going beyond the skills taught in traditional life coaching certification training schools. Pinpoint exactly what they want from life?and then tap the power of their mind to most easily and predictably achieve their dreams. NLP is the science of studying patterns of excellence in the world's most successful people?identifying the processes that produced such amazing results?and then "re?programming" the software of the human mind to replicate these successes.
This Premier NLP Coaching Certification Training Program is 160 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours ("ASCTH") by the International Coach Federation(ICF).
Note: We reserve the right to deny entry into this life coach certification training program.
The Premier NLP Coach is held in our training and conference centre The Dower House - a large country home, part of the Hexton Manor properties, deep in the heart of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. New Oceans Coach Academy is in the process of applying for accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).
When you connect with stillness, you also connect with a creative intelligence that is higher than analytical thinking. Erika is a fully qualified Spiritual Counsellor, Holistic Healing Practitioner, Soul Plan Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach. Let’s keep in touch — sign up for my newsletter and you will be automatically added to my free healing list! Because I am so passionate about helping coaches become more masterful, I love sharing my knowledge, experience, and wisdom.
Whether you are going for certification, wanting to improve your confidence and skills, or simply want to renew your ACC, PCC, or MCC credential, I have created several packages so you can choose the one that fits best for your style (and we can always customize depending upon your needs). Speak directly and lovingly to create awareness on the spot and often automatically design actions. During our discussions, Mariona€™s questions highlighted not only my strengths but also the greatest opportunities for growth. My time in Mariona€™s coaching has developed in me the ability to now look at situations through multiple perspectives I had not considered before.
She states the growth opportunity in a very loving and humorous way that enables great awareness and an instant shift in behavior. Furthermore, she provided me with written scripts of my coaching calls as well as the recording of our mentor sessions that helped me tremendously in retaining the knowledge. Even if you have taken some coach training or already have certification, this group offers tremendous value towards your becoming more competent and confident while honing skills.
ICF requires a minimum of 10 mentoring hours over a 3–month period for certification or renewal.
INCLUDES extensive feedback and teaching throughout; thorough understanding of the Core Competencies and what is expected at the ACC, PCC, and MCC level. Learn how to handle difficult coaching conversations and think critically about coaching situations. That's a direct quote from my ICF assessor after I completed (and nailed) my ACC oral exam.

Listen to an excerpt from Marion at the end of a Mentor Practicum providing feedback on the coaching while also teaching important points – especially leverage points and true direct communication. Marion is the most skilled coaching instructor that I have worked with - particularly her teaching and getting to the bottom line.
Her techniques for getting to the limiting belief and use of direct communication are the most effective that I have encountered.
Marion taught me that if I coach well, I can coach anyone or any situation; just bring my full presence , my curiosity , and direct communication. There is no question of being prepared for any level of ICF exam, because Marion only teaches you to coach at an MCC level. Marion Franklin is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) since 2006 and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) since 1998.
Throughout the experience it was evident that she was deeply invested in my success.A She is a coach who genuinely cares about the end results of the collaborative efforts that exist between a coach and client. Marion revolutionized my world and was the muse behind the Ready for Happiness Group and the mind shift that had to occur in me to believe owning and building my own business was possible. IA highlyA recommend Marion Franklin who specializes in those seeking or renewing ICF certification as I recently needed to renew my PCC status.
I am honored and pleased to say that working with her in getting those hours met was an unexpected gift for me. Marion, thank you for including me as a newcomer, for the opportunity to coach, and for your comments.
Thanks to Marion's smart way of structuring each call to provide practice and supportive feedback, I've been able, in a relatively short time, to expand my range as a coach and to coach more confidently and intuitively. Marion helped us all feel at ease and willing to share our ideas with her easy, graceful way of eliciting comments. If you're not feeling confident, afraid to ask for (more) money, or aren't prepared to handle some 'unexpected' situations, then this program is for you!
Karen Ann Cabrera is known for Run The Tide (Feature Film) directed by Soham Mehta, starring Taylor Lautner. As today’s generations work to build healthy marriages and strong families, many are sadly experiencing a pervasive sense of emptiness and brokenness. Dobson to create a nationally recognized and uniquely designed program of marriage and family education, intervention and advocacy. Our mission is to preserve and promote the institution of the family and the biblical principles on which it is based by training a generation of leaders to stand in the gap and help strengthen today’s marriages and families. Dobson, lectures from recognized mental health and educational leaders, 90-second video commentaries with Dr. Developmental stages, learning styles, personality factors and social influences are examined, as well as the efficacy of community counseling resources and programs. Proactive and effective child discipline strategies are examined from a developmental perspective and incorporate current research. Current trends, contemporary issues and growing threats to the faith-based family are all examined in greater detail. Current trends and issues in marriage are discussed while presenting effective, theoretical tools that all marriages to outlast the test of time.
Through a developmental perspective, students are provided the tools to instruct today’s parents on how to discuss sexuality with their children. Current trends, issues, and cultural norms are examined, as well as risk and protective factors that influence resiliency and coping mechanisms in children and teens. Lifestyle and cultural barriers to effective parenting are examined, as well as proactive parenting strategies, sound discipline and healthy communication patterns. Presenters share relevant personal experiences to provide realistic expectations related to raising children. Presentations are grouped to comprehensively discuss issues like bullying, learning disorders, abuse and trauma, and divorce. Students are provided helpful tools to instruct today’s parents on discussing sexuality with their children from a developmental perspective. Philosophical, theoretical and spiritual dynamics are examined from a Judeo-Christian perspective and in light with current social norms.
Effective argumentation and critical thinking skills and strategies are offered for advocating on behalf of marriages and families in the 21st century. Presentations cover issues ranging from the early emotions of separation and divorce to finding forgiveness throughout the process. Presenters discuss these issues from both a clinical and a practical, experiential perspective. Presenters address issues like singleness, crisis in marriage, and building a family legacy from a practical point of view. Participating in it offers you multi-level life coaching tools that will tremendously enhance your ability to assist others. It includes some of the latest innovations in the field of life coaching and personal consulting that take you well beyond the procedural methods offered in most life coaching certification training schools. And why, even if you're not or don't want to become a professional life coach, you're still expected to be one! Parents no longer take do-it-because-I-said-so-and-don't-ask-questions approaches; they're expected to coach. Without NLP, your coaching effectiveness will be limited by what our society believes is possible. The Approved Coach Specific Hours designation is awarded to programs that meet professional standards for the coach training programs established by the ICF. We also reserve the right to dismiss any participant who disrupts the educational flow of the training program. Based on ICF?s current process and projected timelines, we expect to be accredited in 2009. Graduates of the Integrated Certification Program apply for their credentials through the ICF?s Portfolio Application process.
Marion meticulously reviewed my coaching, provided detailed feedback on areas of strength,A areas where I might improve and provided an overall education on the competencies.
Her consistently clear, insightful and honest feedback was always well targeted and aligned to my most important goals for the session.

The CCE UnitsA may be used towards ICF certification (ACC, PCC, or MCC) OR towards renewalA of any current certification, as well as for supervision requirements. This facilitated small group experience uses participant's clients, case study discussion, and practice coaching with supervision as a basis for deepening the learning and increasing confidence.
Marion's vast knowledge of the ICF competencies and the process towards accreditation is a priceless gift for coaches seeking certification and wishing to provide greater value to their clients. Using Marion's approaches quickly improved my coaching skills and the impact and results with my clients has been immediate.
Her straight-forward approach and insistence on working at the highest competency level (MCC) will guide you to the next level with confidence. It took me a while to appreciate the simplicity of it; in the beginning I kept wondering about 'tools' that other people kept referring to and worrying that I didn't have these physical tools.
Passing the ACC was so easy that if I had the coaching hours, I'd be ready to attempt the PCC.A When the examiner asked who my mentor coach is, he enthusiastically commented that she is excellent!
Having worked with others coaches, Marion is one I would love to work with again.A It's important to note I met with her one time, took my exam the following week and passed. I especially loved the 'sidebars' she convened, when she stopped the practice coaching briefly and asked for comments from the observers–but unlike in court, the 'client' heard all of the comments as well and could respond to those that resonated.
An epidemic of Empty and Loveless Relationships, Divorce, Fatherlessness, Abuse, Domestic Violence, Teen Suicide and more. Dobson, relevant Family Talk radio broadcasts that engage content experts and topically oriented special reports authored by Dr.
The course is divided by stages of development, as well as gender, to provide a more comprehensive understanding of human life. The learner will be well informed on how to best help children and their parents with these significant life issues. Presenters offer biblical insights and clinical advice on sexual issues, pregnancy, and dealing with issues of miscarriage and infertility.
Learners are given practical advice on how individuals can rebuild their lives and relationships after divorce, including when children are involved. Students will have a much greater understanding on many of the behavioral issues parents may face with adolescents. Learners will also be provided strategies to work through current issues ailing today’s modern family, such as living a healthy digital life within the family, feminism, and overcoming divorce.
You will learn to help clients to gain clarity in their lives, and give them a deeper understanding of "what makes them tick." You'll know how to help them. You will gain skills necessary to build a professional coaching or a life coaching practice or enhance your current coaching practice. With this life coach training, though, you'll instinctively coach your "players" to success, regardless of whether they are your clients, your colleagues, your children, or your best friends.
Graduation from an ASCTH program will meet the ICF's requirements for individual coach certification for student contact learning hours for the number of hours of the program.
Not only did I come away with this solid foundation, I also gained tremendous confidence in my coaching skills. She started fencing in Freshman HS and during Sophomore year, she won 2nd place for the High School Girls Division. The course also discusses the difficulties and counsel needed after a couple is separated by death. Access the internal qualities they need to solve their problems and to develop the competency to fulfill their dreams.
ASCTH Approval does not warrant or guarantee the effectiveness of the training or the student's ability to build a successful coaching practice. Thanks to her generosity and commitment to my learning, I will carry these powerful coaching skills with me for life.
If you want clarity and practical, useful tips, techniques, scenarios, examples, AND confidence, then this extremely PRACTICAL program will meet your needs. After that success, she participated in the Cebu Fencing League under her mentor, professional fencer, Brian Esguerra. Now she trains regularly as a boxer under another mentor and known MMA Fighter, Tony Fryklund, in Los Angeles. Notably her mother, an active duty caregiver, has made tremendous sacrifices for her and her brothers.
In Grade 6, she won 1st place for a local singing contest in her school and 1st place again during freshman high school. When she was 15, she enhanced her dancing skills by attending Hollywood's Dance Millennium, where she trained with different professional choreographers from all over the world. Karen now 19 years old, is a Filipina-Australian actress, independent singer, rapper, and songwriter born on October 5, 1995 in Sydney Australia, the daughter of Albert Cabrera & Ingrid Susa both caregivers raising her as a Catholic. Because her parents were immigrants early 2000 in the United States, Karen lived in transit; sometimes in motels most of her life. In Cebu City, Karen attended Centre for International Education - British School for 10 years and graduated in 2013 with awards: Cambridge - ESOL Examination Certificate, Best in Performing Arts, Best Actress, Best Artwork, Best Artwork Concept & Loyalty Award.
When Karen was 4 years old, she was a grand finalist of the Little Miss Philippines in Eat Bulaga (GMA) and won Little Miss Friendship (that was her 1st appearance on live television). Karen quickly developed a love for acting at the age of 16 when her vocal coach, who was involved with theatre, encouraged her to audition in Manila for the role of Kim in Miss Saigon 2013 (produced by Cameron Mackintosh).
Although she was unsuccessful only reaching the 2nd day of callbacks, she enjoyed the experience so much that she told her parents she wanted to pursue a career of acting.
There, she opened up for the most famous rapper in the Philippines, Abra, during his first Grand Concert at the Makati Circuit.
With the looks of it, Karencitta hopped on the ABRA2013 Tour with famous rappers, Abra himself, LDP, Loonie, Ron Henley, Mike Swift, J-Hon, and many more.

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