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Through my youth I spent all my time fishing for Carp in the summer and Pike in the winter, but a change in career with the Royal Navy meant less time for specimen angling so I started match fishing. All aspects of modern carp angling covered, from small commercial fisheries, to huge gravel pits.
The initial consultation is free and lasts 30 minutes during which time wea€™ll discuss what you want to achieve and how coaching can help. Wea€™ll then agree on the number of sessions, frequency and a structure that is appropriate for your needs. You may only need one session or several we will evaluate this in consultation together on your initial contact. Prior to the first coaching session (ie after our initial consultation), I will send you a life coaching package which includes a pre-coaching questionnaire to complete.
If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, then personal life coaching may be the perfect solution!
My Date coaching helps you step back, take time to reflect and think about what you want, need, and the kind of relationship youa€™d really like.
Using Life Coaching tips and techniques youa€™ll uncover what or who you are really looking for then get a plan to achieve it.

Date Coaching, like Life Coaching gives you a real opportunity to explore, and practice exactly what you want to do, and help build your personal confidence to enjoy meeting people and dating again. Her perceptive questions and tips improved my on-line dating profile, and how I decide who to date!
4 sessions based on life coaching principles, uncovering what you want then practical steps over 2-3 months to get dating! As a Life Coach I'm trained to help you move forward in alll aspects of your life where you feel stuck or where you are looking for improvement and change. Work life balance isna€™t usually on the radar until ita€™s too late and things are distinctly unbalanced.
Live Your Life After Cancer, a NEW initiative to help women move forward in life after cancer treatment. Recently added to my services is a€?Project Coachinga€? where coaching is used to get the most out of your projects in business. It will empower individuals, teams, leaders and their interactions to improve the performance of the project team, and so the results. At the same time studies show that we are distracted, preoccupied or forgetful 75% of the time we are listening.

Ia€™ll ensure you are aware of what I am committed to do as your coach - and also what commitments you are expected to make. There will also be exercises, activities or homework between sessions to move yourself forward and help you to achieve success. But by that time, the stress and burnout are running wild, and along with them health and retention bills. If you now don't want to stay at the level of a€?survivora€™ but want to use this life changing moment as a springboard to start living your best life, this is your chance! The mix of my personal extensive work with projects and my coaching skills have created this new service. You will be offered feedback throughout sessions and unlimited text and email support between sessions, you will be offered session review notes for your reference.
In this module, participants assess their own listening skills, practice active listening, and then apply skills to their organizations.

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