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Judy is recognized in Hollywood for her unique gift of nurturing talent and helping actors succeed.
So I guess with that statement I mean, it is the path that is important, not the final arrival. Poverty thinking is talking about what you lack; it is saying statements like, “I can’t afford pictures, I have to put all my time in on my day job, I can’t find a teacher who is cheap enough, no one wants me,” etc. People in the world hate to hear complaints – yes you can find listeners but why not give your listeners stories about what you have been doing, not what is lacking. College is college and is not a training ground for professional actors – it isn’t meant to be. There is never a point in my opinion that you stop taking class unless you are working consistently on the set.
Sometimes I would work with a guest star on the show and I would be so disappointed with them if they didn’t throw their whole self into each moment.
In sports and other performing arts such as dance, the fundamentals are practiced every day.
In your experience, are “mass mailings” an effective way to get the attention of agents and casting directors?
Beyond “Acting is Everything”, do you have a recommended reading list for actors?
Randy Spelling, and check out Randy Spelling on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Randall Gene "Randy" Spelling (born October 9, 1978) is an American heir, actor and life coach. In 1995, when Spelling was 17 years old, he secured the role of Flipper Gage in the teen-oriented drama Malibu Shores.[3] The program was produced by his father, which helped him gain the part. In 2007, Spelling took part in his own reality television series, Sons of Hollywood, which aired on the A&E Network. Erich Nall is the Owner and Founder of Ultimate Transformations Training in Los Angeles, California.
Erich, known fondly as Coach E, has been a prominent figure in the Los Angeles community throughout his life as an educator and promoter of health, physical fitness and self-improvement. He has coached and trained many successful professional athletes, actors, models and others in the entertainment industry for the past 18 years. Erich is a regular guest and contributor to the radio program Front Page on 102.3 KJLH in Los Angeles and writer to Volleyball Magazine. Erich is also the President and Founder of Collegiate Search Youth Organization, which offers tutorial support and academic assistance to students in the successful matriculation from elementary through college graduation.
Description: Vocal training for all ages, styles and levels with Celebrity Vocal Coach Dot Todman. Coaching one-on-one with some of the top names in the business, Judy works to enhance the artistry and technical skills of actors while building their confidence so they deliver their best performance. In case there’s anyone left who hasn’t heard about it, can you describe the book and why it is so valuable for anyone who wants to build a successful career in Los Angeles? It speaks of what a person, who wants to be an actor, must do to get started where they live. What inspired you to create this incredible resource, and how do you keep it up to date year after year? More properly it is the process of mastering acting, it is the process of mastering our life that is everything.

The first agreement is “Be Impeccable With Your Word.” That means be careful what you say – act as if what you say will be your reality. How can actors satisfy the artist within their soul amidst the constant pressure to remain focused on the business of acting? But I often say if that isn’t available then take the leap and move and deal with it all when you get here.
There are many, many rejections and learning not to take them personally can build bravery and courage. You need graduate school, and that is what you come to Los Angeles for: a new area of expertise. Because the show was such a big hit and so much pressure, sometimes actors would be really scared. I think it’s smart to even wear the same outfit you wore for the pictures if it’s close to what you are being cast for. Should actors include a cover letter with every headshot they send, and what information should actors include? There is a place for comments and if you really have something to say, then put in a comment, but something very specific.
How often should actors do mailings, and is there anything specific they should consider before spending the time and money on that effort?
I think the people you mail to should be targeted, and you should have something specific to say. It seems like such a difficult life… What does it take to actually enjoy the process of being an actor? Justina Vail shares the personal and practical tools that have helped launch the careers of some of the world¹s most successful actors. Your coach Justina Vail will coach you in person and take you through the personal and practical steps to launch you into the future you want.
If the links are appropriate you may request whitelisting by following these instructions; otherwise consider removing or replacing them with more appropriate links. He is both a certified trainer and nutritionist who has spent the last 25 years learning from the best.
Voice Lessons for Singers, Actors and Professional Speakers, Professional Voice Lessons to take you to the next level in Los Angeles from beginners to advanced.
The knowledge, the path, the investigations, the failings, the successes are what is the joy. For most actors we never have enough “performance moments” but have many more “path moments” if that makes sense. Often times saying you can’t afford something is a way of not taking responsibility for your actions.
The information in the book or one of my traveling “Los Angeles Bound” workshops will give you the lay of the land, so to speak.
You need to get on the set, you need to deliver professional performances, you need to become worthy of them turning on the cameras. Each of the stars of the show cared so much about the performance they were giving and the quality of what they were doing.
It was my job to calm them down and help them enjoy the process and deliver the best performance they were capable of. If you like the way the photographer shoots the people who look like you then that person is a good bet for you.

For seasoned and new actors already in Los Angeles, it gives specific services that can be trusted to give them the most value for their dollar.
We all have nay-sayers in our lives, but we don’t want to hire them and pay them to work for us. Over and over again you will hear actors talk about how much they enjoy the rehearsal process.
Many, many people are creating their own realities and I say find a way to make the reality you want happen for yourself. For others it would take much more than what I have in my life for them to call their life successful.
That you are never done, you are always in development for the part, the next scene, the next audition. Then we have to be brave and stand up for ourselves when someone we love may look at our lives and judge them as not working out.
Are you worth being paid $20,000 a week to have a regular role on a series when you graduate from college?
I have a personal trainer twice a week to keep my body in shape; why wouldn’t my acting muscles have to stay in shape as well? When mailing, a post-it on the picture with the character’s name is enough or a short comment why this role is a good fit. I do think it helps to drop off headshots and resumes to casting offices for shows you are right for. I stand behind all of my resources and if any of my readers has a problem with a service they email me and I take care of it with the offending party. To be truthful, I don’t measure others’ success; we each have our own yardsticks and have to satisfy ourselves. If you are in NYC, Florida, Austin, Seattle or Chicago, chances are you can get great pictures, a demo reel, and a decent resume before you arrive.
If you can land the job, if you are “audition ready” from college then you will still need a class to get connected, to meet people, to hear of opportunities. I would tell someone to give up saying or believing life is difficult, I don’t see the payoff. Another way is by creating a gathering of friends in your living room and reading the plays or scripts that speak to you. All the actors always showed up on time and no matter what might be going on in their personal life, they strove to deliver. My resources are reliable, solid, and golden; I’ve only had about 4 complaints in 22 years. Sometimes you will learn something incredible about yourself while you are playing basketball at the park or looking at a painting in a museum. Cast your friends and maybe ask one of them to be the one to give notes and read it again the next week. Maybe stage one of the scenes between two of the characters and the rest of your friends are the audience to applaud you.
Doing anything else other than acting or working with actors has never worked out for me; it is way too painful.

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