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Numerous in my life who leadership lessons from abraham lincoln have and every individual considering employing a life several never will, but this.
Winning numbers have been published, it then shows conscious manifestation is a wonderful tool to understand a lot. And the movie—based on the same-name biography by Walter Isaacson—depicts Jobs as a pretty miserable guy.
Now, as I type this on my MacBook Air, only inches from my iPhone 6s, there’s no question that this was a brilliant man who made at least some of his desired effect on the world.
But the movie really made me consider one idea that is both remarkably subtle and powerfully shifting at the same time—the difference between ‘having to do’ something and ‘wanting to do’ something.
As a certified life coach, Lisa Marie helps clients merge their natural leadership abilities with their parenting skills in order to cultivate their fullest potential as parents and ultimately as individuals.
Ready to serve those in need of a Life Coach, Lisa Marie's passion is to guide parents in leadership roles who are deeply devoted to equipping their children for successful adult lives while perfecting the walk and balance of their own lives.
Summer is here San Diego and that means that our teens are with out school and with much time on their hands. Remember, your FREE Consultation includes a FREE Sample Session. Click Here to Request Now! Here is a creative way to maximize “counting to ten” to de-stress and regroup in a heated moment.
Life-Work Discovery succeeds because it is person (you)-driven, proactive, employs deep questioning and reliance on people, recognizes that each person is unique, turns fears into empowerment, and is multi-dimensional in serving those seeking jobs, establishing a consulting practice, or creating a business.

Deep Self-Exploration – You look inward to complete probing assignments geared to surfacing your unique talents and gifts. Life and Career Design – You identify and define several options for further, more detailed consideration.
Fears & Resistance – You confront and accept your fears as normal, part of the human condition, and work to transform your personal barriers into pathways to success. Research – You gather information and establish a resource network to identify people and resources that can help you achieve your goals. Action Plan – You define short- and long-term goals while formulating specific action steps to achieve them. Coaching – You employ a skilled coach to guide you and reinforce your commitment to working your plan.
In contrast, the comprehensive Life-Work Discovery model brings true clarity around the choice of careers, empowers clients to confront and work through their fears and resistance, and trains clients to identify, meet, and interview decision-makers who can help them. But last night I watched the movie Steve Jobs, Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin’s dramatic biopic of the tech genius’ life—or, more accurately, of the state of his life during three major product launches.
And I’m certainly not one to judge another person’s life—especially someone else’s interpretation of his life. Or because we feel like we should, given that our partner makes more money so we should do more around the house? Or because we are a whole person who chooses to be in a relationship with this other whole person?

Most career coaches treat only one or two of the key needs of their clients, offering personality and skill assessments that generate prescriptions of careers to pursue. Because any less than true success—getting back to Apple, turning the company around, making his mark on the world—meant that he didn’t matter. But there’s a big difference between a person knowing that they are whole, complete, and loved—not needing anything more—and then choosing from an empowered place to want to share work with the world because it would just be fun. And we’re the only ones who will ever know if we’re doing it because we want to or because we feel like we have to.
But the difference between ‘choosing to’ and ‘having to’ is really the difference between empowerment and disempowerment. We don’t need our beautiful house or fancy clothes or wonderful job or even loving relationship. I see many relationships out there that are out of convenience or loneliness or self-esteem-boosting or money or attention or control or sharing a child. And, most poignantly, a man obsessed with changing the world with his technology—bordering on an almost god complex. But there’s a big difference between one where people feel they ‘have to’ be together, they depend on each other, they need each other—and then relationships where people just feel whole and complete and choose each other because it’s fun and loving and the life they want.

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