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December 8, 2014 by Cheryl Hunter 1 Comment First of all, you're worth more than your salary; you're worth more than your relationships, and you're definitely worth more than the job you do.
Even though that's the case, it's essential to know your worth in the workplace if you're going to attempt to negotiate successfully on your own behalf. September 1, 2014 by Cheryl Hunter Leave a Comment How is the passage of time affecting you?
August 8, 2014 by Cheryl Hunter Leave a Comment Virtually every day people come to me with a common question: "How do I fulfill my calling?" It seems as though most everyone was born with some deep mission, purpose, or calling that they long to fulfill, but getting there is not always an easy task. July 7, 2014 by Cheryl Hunter Leave a Comment From time to time, we all experience adversity. Acompanar momentos criticos tales como procesos de fusion, reubicacion, reestructuracion, etc. This post has been viewed 519 timesOne of the many gifts I’ve had in Life Coaching at OPI is the opportunity to look outside of myself and into the experiences of another person, to help them to improve their quality of life. In working with ADHD for coaching, I help my clients figure out what “tools” help them to be successful. We were so impressed with the OPI program when we visited; the commitment that everyone we met had to helping our son and all of the OPI patients learn how to live a happy and productive life shone through. We can’t thank you enough for taking a really hard (and honestly sometimes we worried impossible) case and turning her around.

The Optimum Performance Institute (OPI) is accredited by the national Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations because of the quality of its care and programs. Mike D'Antoni, a former head coach in Los Angeles, Phoenix and New York, is a leading candidate for the Rockets' job. Resilience gives us the capability to limit impact, minimize disruption, and bounce back rapidly in the face of difficulty. One of my favorite concepts in working with clients is the idea of creating a “tool belt” of skills that work for them.
For ADHD clients who want to improve time management, we may create daily to-do lists, schedules for the week, a morning and night routine, set the alarm, and so on. Eliminating as much room for ambiguity as possible helps distinguish the purpose and stay on task. There needs to be an internal sense of motivation as well as short term rewards along the way to keep going. I believe you have saved her life and we just want you to know how immeasurably grateful we are for all your hard work.  Read the full testimonial HERE.
I can feel it, I can see it, there is a list of my own goals, and you know, this time I know I am not going to the hospital again and putting my life on hold. Click through the gallery to see the likely candidates for the Rockets' head-coaching vacancy.

The start of the year can be an optimal time to reassess your career and decide whether you'd like to move in a different direction. It’s something we all use in our daily lives, we just don’t necessarily think of it as that. For ADHD clients who want to increase their focus, we create clear objectives as to the tasks at hand. She is very bright and always has ideas, but every time she tried and failed, it just made things worse for her and ratcheted up her symptoms even more. No such language as “I’ll try and finish a few things at some point.” No way, not on my watch. The journey is about finding out what tools on the belt are specifically effective for each individual.

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