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While most Texas fans circled this Saturday's game with UCLA in Austin as a "W" on their calendars before moving on to more serious matters like their tailgate plans for Texas-Oklahoma the following week, Longhorns coach Mack Brown (pictured) insists he and his players will not be looking past the Bruins."It's a very dangerous game," Brown said on Monday.
The reaction was swift and sugary in the aftermath of the Lakers hiring Luke Walton, Twitter literally atwitter with loving anticipation. Walton’s father, Bill, posted an adorable photo of his son as a child and tagged it with a note of dreams-can-come-true congratulations.
The decision Friday to hire Walton was an instantly popular one, Lakers fans having fallen for the guy back in his playing days, when he parlayed a second-round draft selection into a 10-year career, all but 71 games of which came with the Lakers. Walton was known as a good teammate and a skilled passer, the latter a necessity when playing with Kobe Bryant.
The Lakers are sure they hired the right man, Walton reportedly the only candidate they interviewed face-to-face. It’s easy to see why great things are being forecast for Walton, who, at 36, is even younger than the player who led the Lakers in scoring in their most recent game. He, most certainly, isn’t Scott, a throwback type whose ways started out as delightfully old-school but quickly were being portrayed as bitter, curmudgeonly and no more dated than a dial-up connection.
It is interesting that a storied, championship-driven franchise like the Lakers just hired someone who never has been a head coach.
Another thing going in Walton’s favor is that the Lakers can’t possibly get any worse, right? Suddenly, given the respective salary-cap situations under which the teams are operating and the looming, lingering presence of Golden State in the Western Conference, the Lakers actually might be the local team with the more optimistic championship future. Hey, I’m being serious, otherwise why would I be writing something positive concerning the Lakers’ prospects?
See, the Warriors appear to be in position for at least another few seasons on top, during which time Chris Paul will be aging while the core of the Lakers will be maturing, the advancing of years meaning two entirely different things. In building for 2016-17, the Lakers figure to have close to $60 million to spend in free agency and a slightly better than 50-50 chance of keeping their top-three protected pick in the draft lottery. The Clippers, conversely, aren’t going to have much cap space, their best chance of notable improvement coming via trade, which means dealing Paul, Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan. Of course, as the Clippers and Stephen Curry’s knee just reminded us, an injury or two can change everything. Former major league pitcher Trevor Hoffman, who played at Savanna High School in Anaheim and Cypress College, is 45.FREDERICK M.
Huntington Beach-based car designer and reality TV personality Chip Foose ("Overhaulin'") is 49. Travis Heer, a running back at Huntington Beach High School, is the first high school football player in California to wear the Guardian helmet to football games, according to the company. Travis Heer, a running back at Huntington Beach High School, has good reviews of the Guardian helmet and intends to continue to wear it.
In spite of jeering, Travis Heer, a running back at Huntington Beach High School, is adamant about wearing the Guardian helmet to football games. Huntington Beach High School football head coach Eric Lo, right, describes the fit of helmets that his players wear.
Concussion is like a car accidentThe best comparison to concussive brain injuries in any sport featuring a helmet would be to a person in a car.

The first time you see the Huntington Beach High football team play, Travis Heer will undoubtedly catch your eye before he even plays a snap. From the stands, his helmet just looks oversized, but close up it appears textured, with a turtle shell-like skin. What's on Heer's head is called the Guardian Cap, a soft, three-quarter-inch thick urethane cover that is strapped over a normal football helmet with the intention of limiting the impact of blows to the head.
With head injuries, specifically concussions, in the spotlight across all levels of the sport, eight Orange County teams have employed the Guardian Cap in practices, but Heer is the only player in California to use it in games, according to Guardian, the company that manufactures the product.
Heer and his family, on the advice of doctors, made the decision in the offseason to use the Guardian Cap after he had three concussions in two seasons during his freshman and sophomore years. Experts believe that repeated concussions make every subsequent brain injury after the first cause more brain damage. Whether the Guardian Cap does anything to prevent long-term brain injuries has not been proved.
Huntington Beach High, with approval from the Huntington Beach Union School District, bought 10 of the protective caps from Georgia-based Guardian before the season and uses them primarily in practice.
Huntington Beach coach Eric Lo decided to buy the caps after some players suffered concussions in summer practices. Guardian, the company that sells the product, makes no claims that its cap is a panacea for concussions and makes that clear on its website. What the Guardian Cap does, the company says, is limit the force of impact from 8 percent to 33 percent when compared with hard-shelled helmets alone.
The intent of Guardian's device is to limit the effects of incremental collisions, specifically in repetitive practice environments, company officials said.
Hanson admits that the high-impact hits that cause catastrophic concussions will not be limited by the Guardian Cap.
Another common critique of the Guardian Cap, as well as any other protective headgear, is that it gives the player wearing the equipment a false sense of security, opening the player up to an increased probability of injury. Lo has also noticed players' apprehension to use the Guardian Cap in games is based on how the cap looks.
Heer's mother, Jeanine Moll-Heer, was nervous when she first saw her son take the field at Huntington Beach against Bakersfield Christian in late August, but she has been encouraged by the results. Without long-term scientific study, whether the Guardian Cap or similar products have a meaningful effect on head injuries is to be determined.
There's also a sense that this type of innovation will continue to be tried and tested with the aim to limit concussions, which some think could eventually sink the country's favorite sport. Shannon Zettler will give a chalk talk for women before Friday night's Syracuse Crunch game at the War Memorial. Shannon Zettler and her husband, Syracuse Crunch head coach Rob Zettler, have teamed up to make hockey a driving force in the lives of themselves and their three children. The priceless part of the deal was an opportunity to meet the woman who would eventually become his wife, Shannon.
Almost 21 years of marriage and three children later, they are entrenched members of a mutual admiration society.
Shannon, who works as a teacher's aide at an area preschool, said she's game for questions about strategy, or just hockey life in general.

Shannon Zettler, wife of Syracuse Crunch coach Rob Zettler, discusses her participation in the team's "Hockey & Heels: A Night of Women's Health'' event Friday night at the War Memorial. 8, 2016, file photo, Golden State Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton gestures during the first half of the team's NBA basketball game against the Portland Trail Blazers in Portland, Ore. Walton was a dependable sub, though, when he comes off the bench now, it will mean something completely different. It took nearly three months for the Lakers to officially christen Byron Scott, time that, in retrospect, probably could have been used a little more wisely. Rather than a postseason NBA game, the 2015-16 team was more likely to win the Boca Raton Bowl.
I am sure, however, that the opportunity for the Lakers to improve is not only there but that improvement could come sooner than perhaps expected. One ill-fated reach and one poorly timed tweak cost them their two top players and any chance of advancing in the playoffs.
Let’s see the Lakers, for once, not finish with the worst record in franchise history and then go from there.
During a collision, the car will stop, but the body, without a seatbelt, will continue to move forward because of transitional forces until it hits something else to stop it. Recent research at Boston University's Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy has found that retired NFL players have an increased likelihood of brain damage – specifically a condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. Experts have doubts that any known preventative measures, other than not playing football, would be effective in limiting those injuries in the game. The football program purchased only 10 because the athletic budget was set before the football season. The company says its claims are based on the principles of physics: When the force of impact is decreased, the transitional forces that cause most concussions from the brain colliding with the inside of the skull should also decrease. Some scientists and doctors have said the incremental collisions could lead to long-term brain injuries.
If they're beneficial enough to use in practice, why wouldn't everyone want to extend that safety to games? But the overall sentiment from players, coaches, trainers and doctors is that the extra protection probably won't hurt, other than the anecdotal problems of players having a false sense of security.
Shannon was fresh out of UCLA and working in the men's clothing department in a Nordstrom in Hillsdale, Calif.
Shannon estimates they've moved 10 times as a couple, from San Jose to Philadelphia, Toronto to Utah, making the three seasons they've spent in Syracuse feel like a family touchstone. But I think for the kids the best thing to do for them is (explain) it is a part of this lifestyle.
And I think that if you cook for your family, and not taking everything out of a package, I think you can do yourself a lot of favors in your personal health.
They can put his mind on something else so maybe he can think about something else for a few minutes.

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