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No matter what situation you are currently in and no matter what outcome you are hoping for, I can help you make the best and the most of your life and your relationships!
Jeff has a BBA in Management, graduated Cum Laude & excels at Management & Leadership Theories.
Jeff loves to teach relationship development & network building skills & attributes much of his own life's successes to them & has successfully taught these skills to many others.
He assesses individuals with diverse backgrounds & varying degrees of talents & skillsets to capitalize on the teams strong points & find areas for personal improvement.

He is spiritually in tune & draws on his many skills & talents acquired not only in his education but from hands on practice & 28 years of business sales, management, & ownership. Just describe your coaching goals and we'll send you a list of great coaches with the right fit for your specific needs.
He considers himself a lifelong learner & is constantly seeking better means & methods to help others more effectively & efficiently with their life goals.
While serving, he performed duties at the White House, traveled around the world on Air Force One, toured with the NATO Chiefs, & while at the Summit Peace Talks Jeff met & spoke candidly with Margaret Thatcher, their conversation and the Prime Minister's willingness to share her inspirational success story moved him to share & use his knowledge & experiences to help others.

Jeff always creates a very high level of success in his professional life which began after he graduated HS.

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