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You're always bounced back to your natural well-being - Amy Johnson, PhD Psychologist. After the 3 month Intensive Program I can honestly say that it was the best decision I’ve made for myself. I have met with numerous coaches in the past, none of which came close to the results I had from working with Amy. However, you and I also know that these medicines can have side-effects.Even taking daily minor dosages of tranquilizers can make a person dependent on them which can then lead to addiction.

If I have to take something, I make sure my physician and I have carefully laid out a plan to start and stop without sudden withdrawal. We also know that I should contact her if any strange side effects should present themselves.However, I am so grateful to have discovered other "medicines" that work in dealing with anxiety and stress. Norman Cousin's memoir, Anatomy of an Illness (Norman was diagnosed with a painful spine condition) focuses on the benefits of laughter. After a diet of comedies, like the Marx Brothers films and episodes of Candid-Camera, he felt better.

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