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Once you have rated each area, the Wheel of Life shows you which areas of your life are out of balance. What do I need from myself and my environment in order to improve the areas of my Wheel of Life? The coaching industry is an interesting industry and depending on who you talk to, there are some interesting and different perspectives you that might surprise you. Long term dedication: Most life and business coaches indicate that it takes quite a long time to build up a client list that’s reliable enough to generate a full income for them.
Some coach training companies state on their websites that paid clients are guaranteed after their training and that life coaching is a highly paid profession, but it clearly isn’t. In terms of demand for the services of a life coach, Google suggests there is actually a decrease in the demand for life coaching services as indicated in the graph below that shows a slight downward trend since 2004.
So the fact that thousands of new life coaches have set up businesses with the online demand remaining static, which is pretty amazing considering how online users have grown from 745 million in 2004 to over 2.1 billion in 2011. No Governing body for coaching: The coaching industry has no governing body to look out for the client, because there is no regulation. The International Coaching Federation is a sort of self-appointed body that tries to bring some standards and structure to the industry, but primarily in the U.S.
Harvard Business Review survey: The Harvard Business Review in 2009 conducted a survey of 140 leading coaches and got 5 experts to comment on the findings. Ten years ago, life coaching was all about helping to fix toxic behaviour but today it is more about developing the capabilities of high-potential performers. Survey results show that the industry is fraught with conflicts of interest, blurry lines between what is the province of coaches and what should be left to mental health professionals, and a lack of mechanisms for monitoring the effectiveness of coaching. Life Coaching Myth: some, but certainly not all coaches are able to help you reach your goals.
The purpose of this article is to bring to light what many business people don’t know – MOST life coaches and business coaches are worse off and less capable than the people who are hiring them! You may be wondering what exactly a life coach is or if life coaching is an answer to your problems?
If you’ve ever felt stuck or in a rut, this is exactly what that statement refers to. One of the beginning steps of Life Coaching is to help guide you so we can figure out why you are stuck.
To find out more, please refer to the one on one coaching and phone coaching options below! Way of Life Coaching, LLC (WOL)'s Business Coaching is ideal for the business professional seeking to sharpen skills, heighten professionalism, and increase their ability to adeptly handle real-world business scenarios in both a professional and Biblical way.
Our clients appreciate our coach approach based on biblical principals of integrity, honesty and true partnership where we work to 'under promise and over deliver' on our services every time. Our Business Coaching service offers you a confidential space in which to share your business-related challenges for the purpose of growth, empowerment and fulfillment - both for the business and for you, as an individual.
Your WOL coach will focus on your interests and goals throughout the coaching relationship, and through the use of creative, and thought-provoking questions, will help you uncover viable business solutions that support your professional objectives. Why Does Coaching Work?  Click here to see the ICF research on business coaching effectiveness. We look forward to helping you enter into a new way of life within your business! Contact us directly here. Whether starting or building a small business or building a life, I am all about growth.   My goal is to help you see your impediments to success and then apply my proven principles to effectively overcome them. Because I have lived a part of life without being focused on my purpose, I understand lack of clear focus.
I get a lot of service professionals and small business owners who reach out to me with one common problem that is how do I get more clients, customers or increase my sales. If business owners and professionals were really honest with themselves they would recognize the fact that they’re simply trying to avoid having real conversations with real people. So if you want get more clients you must increase your willingness to be an conversation with people. I’d like to share a story with you about two clients who took on a challenge to see who can get the most clients in 30 days. Learn to love the business of client acquisition as much as you do delivering your product or services.
In this video San Diego Business Coach Greg  shares 10 shifts to make that will help you increase your sales, income and value in the world.
If you are in a hurry and don’t want to listen to the whole video here are the top 10 shifts to make to start making more money.
I believe that much of the suffering in the world could be reduce if people would simply adhere to what I call, Rules of Engagement – The basics of effective communication.
I have put together the follow list of ways to show up in a conversation that allows for true understanding to occur.
San Diego Business Coach Greg Clowminzer shares some insights into what is means to practice active listening as a way of being a more effective listener for others. San Diego Business Coach Greg Clowminzer in response to a coaching client question shares some insight into something men either don’t understand or is overlooked.
San Diego Business Coach Greg Clowminzer shares a way to reprioritized your business model and thinking to avoid entrepreneurial burnout. Question #1: Do you ever struggle to come up with fresh new ideas for growing your business? Question #2: Have you ever been frustrated by the disappointing results of growing your business where you have invested a lot of time and money?
Question #3: Have you ever wished there were shortcuts for quickly growing your business and attracting new customers and prospects? Executive and leadership coaching is a powerful tool in the overall plan to achieve organizational excellence. Innolect has developed proven coaching protocols and cutting edge techniques to help leaders identify the perfect coaching match.
We view coaching as a developmental process that leads to individual growth and change, and even transformation. Senior level leaders seek out confidential consultative partnerships with Innolect’s strategic coaches to build individual leadership capability and to gain clarity about organizational issues. Innolect coaches have extensive experience in establishing coaching relationships with senior executives. Our coaches partner and develop clarity relationships with senior executives. Innolect’s Leadership Coaches assist with any and all aspects of their leadership effectiveness.
Starting from a place of collaboration, Innolect coaches align with the organization’s business vision, objectives, leadership competencies and values to create meaningful goals and assure sustainable results.

The breadth and depth of Innolect’s coaching community allows clients to make highly selective decisions about the best fit for their needs. Hold certifications in various assessment tools such as Lominger, The Leadership Circle, Birkman Method, Denison 360, Listener Preference Profile, Life Styles Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, etc. Some organizations are experienced with executive coaching and are simply seeking high-quality coaches. As leaders grow and achieve greater awareness and understanding about their aspirations, motivations, and abilities, they make better choices.  Working to build trust, we provide accurate perceptions of each leader’s strengths as well as areas for improvement. If coaching will be widespread, how do we establish a protocol for matching coaches with their leader partners? A recent study by the American Management Association discusses many of these questions in depth. As strong as our individual coaches are, it is the collective coaching talent that sets Innolect apart. Developmental Fit: Does the coach have a personal style, approach and developmental stage that matches the developmental needs of the coaching partner and the pressing business needs? Cost Effectiveness:  Are there costs related to travel and geographic area that might need to be considered?
Developed coaching protocols and systems.  Helped Fortune 100 company define selection strategies for coaching candidates, made recommendations for the evolution of the program, and considered how the initiative could evolve into a sustainable program the client could manage independently.
Designed Coaching Initiatives for High Potentials.  Worked to assess, identify, and build capacity of selected high potentials by implementing coaching throughout a telecommunications start-up. Offered transformational, developmental, performance and skills coaching:  Partnered with new CEO to identify and leverage strengths during health system reorganization. Provided Virtual Coaching.  Supplemented face-to-face coaching sessions with virtual coaching to help an organization cut the overall cost and also to accommodate client travel. While it may seem obvious that business coaching and life coaching are different, its important to understand both the differences AND similarities if you want to get a fix on what your client really needs.
Even as a business coach, you still have a responsibility to a client to understand ALL the factors that go into making his business successful or not.
As either a business coach or a life coach, you are involved with your client AND his or her business. The difference between the two is this: a business coach approaches the problem primarily as getting the business straight so as to positively affect the life of the client. What’s interesting about business coaching is that you will likely apply both life coaching skills and business coaching skills. At Life Playground Coaching, we meet with clients 45 minutes each fortnight by telephone or Skype, Google Hangout or Facetime.
Coaching is a investment in you, your life, your career, your business, those around you and those you are responsible for. Be held accountable to pushing you through blockages and taking action ie having your butt kicked! Know as the Kick-Butt Coach, Janet McNally of Life Playground Coaching has extensive senior executive management and leadership experience in a range of multinational organisations and behind number of start up companies. Janet’s exceptional skill and precision as a coach comes from years of experience in an industry where results, transformation and seeing dreams turned into reality are the linchpin of your career. Within 5 minutes of speaking with  people, Janet clearly sees their strengths that MUST be capitalised on for exceptional results. It’s assumed that coaches are supposed to be successful if they are to make (you) their clients successful, but that isn’t always the case. Some of them feel that having a main career at which they are successful will help lend some credibility to their claim of being a good life coach, while others say it only takes the focus away from the main goal of building up one’s practice.
An International Coach Federation (ICF) survey conducted in 2003 found that 70% of coaches earned less than $50,000 annually and 37% less than $10,000.
One coach claims that being on the front page of Google brings in 3 or 4 inquiries irregularly and 50% of those inquiries are either time wasters or people who need therapy as opposed to coaching. Mathematically, it shows a significant decrease in demand for life coaching services rather than growth. The Australian effort has been underway for more than four years, but presents a massive challenge to coaches who have paid little attention to the emerging definition of coaching—and the “benchmarks” that clients may quickly adopt as the standard. The commentators all had conflicting views as to where the field is heading and ought to be heading; this reflected the contradictions that came to light among the respondents. This in itself has created more fuzziness around issues such as how life coaches define the scope of their work, how they measure and report on progress and the credentials a company should use to select a coach.
The bottom line is that coaching continues to grow but the fundamentals of the industry are still in flux.
One of the main issues is that anyone can call themselves a professional coach, life coach, personal coach, etc.
Most people don’t realize that their own thinking and beliefs are the cause to their frustrations and eventually their negative thought and belief patterns block all good from coming to them. Offer individual sessions to your staff or make group coaching available. No matter how you choose to use Business Coaching, we are confident that our Biblical approach can help your business reach its fullest potential. Others attribute personal significance to you, it not something you seek – it is a consequence of how you behave. What I often see business owners doing is grasping at straws, looking for a magic pill or exercising a strategy called hope. So they hide behind a website, posting things on social media and never taking conversations off-line and getting to know their customers. The first client already had a large email list and sent out invitations to a webinar where they’re going to share some valuable information to the people who attended after which they would make an irresistible offer to experience there work. Although many of the skills seem obvious, it takes practice and a real commitment to adhere to them. He calls it making the shift from product and service based marketing to lifestyle based marketing.
When will you do the activities that are critical to your personal and professional success? As  business leaders actively engage coaching support, the selection process to determine external coach qualifications become critical to achieve a strong ROI.
Innolect offers video profiles of our coaches and a web-based selection tool.  Once a coach has been carefully selected, the Innolect approach to the coaching engagement is unique, powerful, and results related.
We recommend the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) as a validated tool to identify a leader’s current developmental stage. These engagements are driven by development goals derived from the results of profiling assessments.

We focus on inquiry rather than advocacy using questions to gain insight and self-awareness before establishing development goals and desired business outcomes. Other organizations may believe in the value of coaching, but do not have an experience base.
Using a strengths-based foundation, we partner to build on the skills and capabilities that have made each leader successful. The breadth and depth of our coaching community allows clients to make highly selective decisions about the best fit for their needs.
How well does the coach understand the culture, competitive environment, and structure of the company or industry? Co-developed integration coaching process for global pharmaceutical company going through acquisition and major change initiative.
Collaborated with a licensing client to select and administer assessment instruments to identify leadership strengths and areas for improvement.
Served as an objective voice to deliver feedback about strengths, blind spots, and areas for improvement to accelerate performance.
Created individual development plans with concrete actions and ongoing coaching support for Vice Presidents of multinational insurance company.  Innolect’s IDPs ensure a business focus.
Worked with top executive leadership team and their direct reports to implement an integrated change initiative.
Created an online tool for individuals within a Fortune 100 company to review coaching bios and find the best fit for their specific coaching needs. Deployed multiple consulting resources to develop a key leader critical to the success of the business.
This dual focus may sound difficult, but think about this: when you help your client to succeed, you will inevitably benefit the business as well. The life coach, on the other hand, approaches the same problem from the standpoint of getting the CLIENT straight so that the business will also prosper.
We work with people in corporate, small business owners to entrepreneurs, sport and entertainment professionals across the globe. While some coaches do well, the ICF study indicated that only 10% of them earned $100,000 and those were coaches to America’s Fortune 500. A governing and regulating body does not exist for Life coaching as it does for social workers and psychologists.
Coaching is not regulated and many ‘coaches’ have no idea what coaching really is because they haven’t been trained or haven’t been coached by a professionally trained and credentialed coach. However, most people don’t understand this statement or are clueless that they were even in their own way.
Whether that good be goals, desires, success, financial security, love or good health, most people hit a plateau and can’t get out of it. By recognizing them this will allow us to quickly come up with effective solutions in order to achieve whatever your goals and desires are. The second client had no email list, offered no webinars but simply reached out to people and made a generous offer to prospective clients to experience their services. A blueprint doesn’t happen by itself, so you actually have to carve out some planning time. We know from research conducted over the last several decades that there are predictable and understandable development stages that leaders go through personally and professionally. Using proprietary Innovative Intelligence approaches and tools, Innolect coaches work with executives to enhance organizational effectiveness and business results.  Our knowledge and understanding of both the demands and the opportunities of top leadership positions help inspire individuals to lead more effectively.
In either case, Innolect consultants have the expertise and acumen to guide leaders through the process. Our clients benefit from our ability to identify coaching needs, design coaching game plans, create proprietary protocols, and draw from industry best practices. At the same time, we address potential career derailers and identify developmental capabilities required for future success.
The criteria for selecting a coach can vary, but there are basic qualifications to consider when identifying potential coaches. Handled issues such as influencing more effectively, building collaborative work processes, identifying and handling destructive conflict, coaching others, etc. The intensive offered speed, specific and targeted development goals, and a compressed time frame for change when more traditional coaching methods failed to deliver sustained change in leader behavior. This study also showed that close to 100% of the survey respondents were primarily engaged in one-on-one coaching rather than group sessions.
Commercial exploitation of our website and its content is strictly prohibited, as is the the transmission or storage of such content in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. A Griff Coaching Experiencehelps you learn to know your purpose for the business or just for yourself. Real results take time, focus and a consistent, proven strategic approach to set and keep both personal and business growth in motion. Even though these terms are often put in the same category as coaching, they are not the same. At the end of the 30 days guess who had more clients, if you said person with the big email list and webinars you would be mistakenly wrong. Most people believe the best time to plan your week is Sunday evening or first thing Monday morning.
In various situations, we have partnered with clients with the goal of setting up an ongoing internal coaching system. Whilst these figures are dated, they provide a clear snapshot of the coaching industry revealing that in the coaching world, a minority of individuals enjoy the lion’s share of earnings.
Some people read a book or watch a TV program and decide “I’m a coach!” as a result the quality of coaches vary dramatically. What I have learned is that people often know what they need to do but lack the ability to focus on the issues involved in getting it done.
Clients experience positive results because I start your right where you are, focusing on what is most urgent to you, and, unlike a structured coaching program, I build an approach that uniquely fits you.
Howard Shultz, founder of Starbucks, relates, “A phrase used by one of the most organized and successful companies I ever worked for….Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance! A Griff Coaching Experience helps you get to and stay focused on the really important issues that will drive you to business success and personal significance.

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