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At My People Life Coach Institute, Inc., we understand personal development is a lifelong process.
We are confident you will be satisfied with the 2-day training you will receive at My People Life Coach Institute, Inc.
Your life coaching skills will help your clients build stronger relationships with family, friends, co-workers, business associates and more. You will acquire many skills at My People Life Coach Institute, Inc., all to help your clients. Offered in an 8 week series that is based on Duke Integrative Medicine's Wheel of Health, participants explore options and develop a comprehensive health plan that takes into account current and future needs and conditions. Offered for individuals and groups, the coaching process is a dynamic experience of exploring change for health's sake.

Research has demonstrated integrative health coaching - characterized by a process of self-discovery - informs goal setting and builds internal motivation by linking clients' goals to their values and sense of purpose. With high self-confidence, your clients will step out of their comfort zones and into a life filled with promises of success. You will be trained to teach them how to take inventory of what they need out of each of their relationships. You will learn anger management techniques, career coaching, academic advising and much more. It is a process of envisioning life in all areas of the wheel of health and focusing on what needs attention and what can wait. No reproduction or retransmission is permitted without expressed written consent of Bruce D Schneider and iPEC.

By defining their needs, and learning how to compromise with others, your clients will experience healthier relationships. Your clients will have a variety of needs and we ensure we properly train you to assist them. Often it isn't until we take a good look at what is, that we can adjust to what can be, must be, will be - when change is set in motion. With your life coaching skills, many will become bold enough to do what’s necessary to enter their next stage in life.

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